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Humidity: 16%

Wind: 9.66 km/h


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PIK News

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News Highlights

Free Legal Advice for all nationalities

Get Free Legal advice by expert lawyers of Embassy of Pakistan Mr. Othman Abdul Latif Al Saif and Mr. Rajab Khan Abasi Specially for Traffic, Death insurance, Accidental Cases, Labor, Criminal, Civil, Family suit, Commercial, Company agreements and all Legal…

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Free Legal Advice for all nationalities

301,000 departures, 266,000 arrivals in 26 days

KUWAIT: With the end of the summer vacation that most people spent abroad, travelers have returned to Kuwait – be them citizens spending the summer in cooler places or teachers returning from home countries to resume work today. Preparations were…

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301,000 departures, 266,000 arrivals in 26 days

Ansar Burney requested Kuwait Government to open Kuwait Visa for Pakistani Families

PAKISTAN: The Chairman of 'Ansar Burney Trust International' and the United Nations former Expert Adviser on Human Rights, Ansar Burney in his letters to the Kuwait Government has requested with the Amir of Kuwait, HH Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah,…

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Ansar Burney requested Kuwait Government to open Kuwait Visa for Pakistani Families

China targets Uighurs with beards, burqas

AKSU, China: Outside a mosque in China’s restive west, a government-appointed Muslim cleric was dodging a foreign reporter’s question about why young men of the Uighur ethnic minority don’t have beards when one such youth interrupted. “Why don’t you just…

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China targets Uighurs with beards, burqas

Ministry confirms jewelry thieves’ arrest

KUWAIT: Criminal investigations and criminal evidence departments arrested two Egyptian men on charges of carrying out a robbery at a jewelry store in the Avenues Mall, the Interior Ministry confirmed yesterday. Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security, Major General…

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Ministry confirms jewelry thieves’ arrest

Co-ops to implement uniform prices

KUWAIT: The Union of Cooperative Societies issued a circular requiring all cooperatives to implement uniform prices in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. The Union of Cooperative Societies has started…

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Co-ops to implement uniform prices

Pakistan News

KARACHI: Pakistan’s exports of cement to South Africa may face serious problems as the International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa has accepted an application in which it is alleged ...
2014-08-24 21:47:26
RIYADH: A Pakistani national was beheaded by sword in the south west of Saudi Arabia on Wednesday for the murder of an Afghan, the interior ministry said. Mohammed Ayub Ajab Khan was convicted of ...
2014-08-20 20:43:31
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has termed Indian accusations coming from the neighbouring country’s highest political levels as most unfortunate. "It would be in the larger interest of regional peace that ...
2014-08-14 00:27:50
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday night paid tribute to soldiers who have laid down their lives for Pakistan and in particular those who have died in Operation Zarb-i-Azb. During ...
2014-08-14 00:23:39

International News

AKSU, China: Outside a mosque in China’s restive west, a government-appointed Muslim cleric was dodging a foreign reporter’s question about why young men of the Uighur ethnic minority don’t have ...
2014-08-24 21:57:51
TEHRAN: Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards said it has brought down an Israeli stealth drone above the Natanz uranium enrichment site in the centre of the country. “A spy drone of the Zionist ...
2014-08-24 21:40:05
BAGHDAD: Militants released a video apparently showing the beheading of an American journalist kidnapped in Syria, in the most direct retaliation yet to US air strikes against them in Iraq. The ...
2014-08-20 20:36:47
RIYADH: Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah broke his silence on Friday over the three-week-old conflict in Gaza, condemning what he saw as international silence over Israel's offensive and describing this ...
2014-08-02 20:30:40

Sports News

ISLAMABAD: The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Sunday said Pakistan ace off-spinner Saeed Ajmal's test will be conducted using the same testing protocol that were earlier followed for the ...
2014-08-24 21:43:05
BANGALORE: Pakistan pulled off a surprise 2-0 win over India Wednesday, with a late goal from Saddam Hussain ensuring them a share of the spoils in the first football series between the arch ...
2014-08-20 20:50:01
KARACHI: Pakistan will do whatever it takes to win the two-Test series in Sri Lanka even if it means spoiling senior batsman Mahela Jayawardene's farewell party, captain Misbah-ul-Haq said on ...
2014-08-02 20:36:14

Cooking Recipies

My cousin was a cadet at the Kimari Naval Base, and most of his weekends were spent at our home. The best part of his visit was the drop off to the Kimari Naval Base in the night, for on the way back ...
2014-03-18 09:14:05
If you are a true Karachiite, you’ll know about a Botal gali. I was a frequent visitor of the street, for as a child I suffered from a nursemaid’s elbow and any tug or play of my arm would result in ...
2014-02-04 15:31:45
Sometimes a season, a picture, a memory can bring the taste of a particular food with it. One can almost taste it, smell it, savour it and the understanding that the only thing standing between me ...
2014-01-05 20:31:56

Science / Technology / Health

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اب آپ کے فون سے گاڑیاں بھی چلیں گی  بیجنگ(پاكستانيز ان كويت ٹيم) : اب اسمارٹ فون سے گاڑیاں بھی چلیں گی، جی ہاں چین میں مستقبل کی... Read more
Microsoft rushes to fix browser after attacks; no fix for XP BOSTON: Microsoft Corp is rushing to fix a bug in its widely used Internet Explorer web browser... Read more
انسان خوشبو کی ایک لاکھ کروڑ اقسام میں فرق کرسکتا ہے واشنگٹن: امریکی سائنسدانوں نے انکشاف کیا ہے کہ انسانی ناک کم از کم ایک لاکھ کروڑ بُو یا مہک میں... Read more
Apple, Samsung trade barbs as $2bn patent trial opens SAN JOSE (United States): Lawyers for Apple and Samsung exchanged barbs as a major new patent... Read more
Fight tummy troubles with fish Indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases...if your belly always seems... Read more
Chase away joint and headache pain with cherries Latest studies show that at least one in four women is struggling with arthritis, gout or... Read more
Erase earaches with garlic Painful ear infections drive millions of Americans to doctors' offices every year. To cure one... Read more
Heal heartburn with cider vinegar Sip 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with 8 ounces of water before every meal, and... Read more
Cure a toothache with cloves Got a toothache and can't get to the dentist? Gently chewing on a clove can ease tooth pain and... Read more
Make muscle pain a memory with ginger When Danish researchers asked achy people to jazz up their diets with ginger, it eased muscle... Read more
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