Shagufta Ejaz is a famous actress, and she’s also known for sharing her life on social media. Her family, including her daughter Anya and son-in-law Ali Hamza, makes videos called Vlogs that lots of people watch on YouTube.

Anya and Ali Hamza were on vacation in Dubai, and they shared their fun moments with their fans like always. But this time, there was a big problem. Anya bought a super expensive designer bag from Louis Vuitton, and it cost $3,000. She showed the whole shopping trip and her new bag in her Vlog, thinking her fans would like it.

Sadly, many people got really upset about it. They said Anya shouldn’t have bought such an expensive bag when many people are struggling with money. Sometimes, when famous people show off fancy things they buy, it can make people feel bad or angry. Anya’s Vlog made lots of people argue and talk about whether it was right or wrong to do this.

This situation shows that it’s not easy for famous people and their families. When they share their lives online, they have to be careful because people might react in different ways. Anya’s Vlog reminds us that sharing our lives on the internet can be tricky, and we need to think about how it might make others feel. As more and more people use social media, it’s important to be mindful of these things.
If you also want to see pictures of Anya’s branded bag, take a look below!