Hadiqa Kiani is a highly accomplished artist known for her impressive vocal & acting abilities. She embarked on her career at a tender age, captivating audiences with her beautiful singing voice that transcends boundaries. Her immense talent has made her one of the most successful female musicians in Pakistan, and her fans appreciate her not only for her vocal prowess but also for her kind-heartedness and down-to-earth qualities.

After making a name for herself as a singer, Hadiqa Kiani stepped into the world of acting, making her debut in the drama Raqeeb Se, where she delivered a powerful performance that left everyone impressed. She has continued to take on significant roles in dramas such as Dobara and Pinjra, showcasing her versatility & commitment to the craft.

In recent months, Hadiqa has been heavily involved in supporting flood victims through her charitable organization, Vaseelah e Rah. Her tireless efforts have resulted in the construction of 1000 houses for those who lost everything in the devastating floods of 2022. Her philanthropic work has garnered widespread recognition both in Pakistan and beyond, earning her well-deserved praise for her selfless contributions to society.
Following her recent philanthropic endeavors, Hadiqa is now taking a well-deserved break and has flown to Barcelona, Spain for a vacation with her adopted son, Nad-e-Ali. The mother-son duo are exploring scenic areas and Hadiqa has been sharing their memorable moments with her fans on social media, who are thoroughly impressed. Hadiqa’s love for her son is apparent in her frequent posts, showcasing their close bond with the world.