An up and coming TV serial Doar and its star studded line-up — featuring Sania Saeed, Ali Abbas, Hina Altaf, Asfar Rehman, Iffat Raheem, Nayyar Ejaz and Saleem Mairaj among others — has got us excited.

The announcement came in as screenwriter Sajjad 'Saji' Gul uploaded an exciting new picture to his Instagram on Saturday, saying that his new drama Doar will be hitting our screens soon. No dates, just a 'soon'.

The photo features Sang-e-Mar Mar star Saeed standing as a puppeteer, above and seemingly controlling two puppets, Fitrat leading man Abbas, and Dil-e-Gumshuda sensation Altaf. All three are seen wearing black outfits, in what appears to be the set for a dark, gloomy cover shoot.



In addition to those in the picture, Gul told Images the show also features Saza-e-Ishq actor Asfar Rehman. He also hinted that Rehman and Saeed might be the antagonists of the show.

As Gul's upload indicates, the show's story is on the darker side.

"When one finds themselves threatened and backed into a corner, bringing their survival into question, they lash out at others in retaliation," Gul said of his story. "The philosophy is that at certain times in one's life, if one does not become unjust, injustice is done to them," he told Images.

The show explores the themes of how one becomes a puppet in someone else's play if they refuse (or fail) to take responsibility of their own story, or life.