Kuwait’s Ministry of Health announced Monday that a new update is available for ‘Immune’ application that allows users to add their vaccine information, COVID-19 test results for one or six companions. Management Information System Director at the Ministry of Health, Ahmad Al-Ghareeb said in a press release that this update helps accessibility in transportation and travelling, especially for civilians and residents, and those who do not own a smart phone, whether they were children or domestic workers. Al-Ghareeb expressed his appreciation to all the workers in the MIS department for their efforts in providing originated solutions during the coronavirus pandemic.


He went on to urge nationals and expatriates alike that abiding by health precautions, mainly, following social distancing rules, is the only way to halt the spread of the virus. The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced on Sunday, the granting of about 95,000 vaccination appointments against COVID-19, 90 percent of which are for residents of the country from different target groups, in addition to starting to vaccinate the age group from 12 to 15 years in preparation for the new school year. Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Affairs Dr. Buthaina Al-Mudhaf said in an interview with Kuwait State TV that the national vaccination campaign is continuing its work and that the Ministry of Health is ready to provide vaccinations in various designated centers.

Al-Mudhaf confirmed that if vaccines are available from the manufacturers, the Ministry of Health will continue to provide this service in order to achieve the goals of the vaccination campaign and eradicate this epidemic in the State of Kuwait. She added that the number of vaccine doses provided exceeded two million, while the mobile field vaccination campaigns provided 161,000 doses, the majority of which were for residents and vaccination of bedridden patients was completed.


She stated that the age group from 12 to 15 years receives vaccination in health centers distributed in all regions, indicating that the demand for vaccination was excellent, and she hoped that everyone would take the initiative to register in the platform designated for vaccination. On the other hand, the Ministry of Health stressed in a press statement the need to adhere to the location and timing of the date set in advance for receiving the vaccination, as “it will not be allowed to receive vaccines except for those who have prior appointments according to the text message sent to prevent the occurrence of large gatherings inside and outside the vaccination centers as well as to ensure the course of the vaccination process with all ease.

Source: Arab Times