KUWAIT CITY: The Criminal Court adjourned cases filed against some 67 expatriates accused of falsifying university degrees to obtain drivers license for hearing until Oct 8.

The Public Prosecution charged the expatriates who are from Syria, Jordan and Egypt and entered the country on family visas for securing driver’s license with forged documents, as they didn’t meet the criteria of KD 400 salary and university degree.

They are also charged for helping six other expatriates to obtain fake certificates for KD 300-KD 500 after they were able to use their forged certificates to serve their purpose. The Interior Ministry officials who discovered the disloyalty referred them for Public Prosecution.

‘Driving school paper mandatory’ 

Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Major General Abdul Fattah Al-Ali declared that a certificate from the driving school is a mandatory requirement in order to apply for the driving test, reports Al-Rai daily. He stressed that no applicant can take the driving test without submitting a certificate from the driving school where he obtained driving skills as well as learnt the rules to follow while driving on the roads in the country. He insisted that the certificate must include the skill level of the applicant, number of classes he took, the details of the driving school where he took the classes from and the name of his trainer.

Major General Al-Ali explained that the applicants will undergo a practical driving test on the street to test their level of driving skill as well as a theory test on the computer system to test their understanding of the driving rules of the country. He indicated that the General Traffic Department will supervise the driving schools and evaluate the ability of the trainers to ensure they are committed in following the schools’ work regulations. Meanwhile, Major General Al-Ali revealed the department’s intention to set up new buildings for the departments of driving tests in Farwaniya and Mubarak Al-Kabeer this year as well as launch online tests based on instructions from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Khalid Al-Sabah and the Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior Lt Ghazi Al-Omar