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A Kuwait Airport security operation resulted in the arrest of an Asian expat who was attempting to smuggle a substantial quantity of gold jewelry out of the country. During the standard airport inspection procedure, the expatriate displayed agitated and confused behavior that raised concerns among the security personnel, including signs of confusion and nervousness.

In response to these suspicions, the security team launched a thorough investigation, leading to the discovery of a concealed stash of gold jewelry valued at approximately 10,000 dinars. Notably, the jewelry collection featured a variety of gold shapes, suggesting a deliberate attempt to conceal the items.

Subsequent questioning of the expatriate revealed that he had admitted to stealing the jewelry from his sponsor. Consequently, the authorities summoned the sponsor to directly confront the accused, and legal actions were set in motion.

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Interior has successfully arrested two individuals engaged in vehicle theft. Additionally, they arrested an individual in the act of attempting to steal a vehicle parked in an open area. Furthermore, a vehicle with a reported theft case was recovered during these operations. The suspects involved in these incidents are now in the process of being referred to the appropriate authorities for the initiation of necessary legal actions against them.

KUWAIT: On Friday, a heartbreaking incident unfolded in Al-Omariya, where a twenty-year-old woman lost her life at the hands of her husband, reports Al-Anba daily. The Public Prosecution has ordered the detention of the husband, on the charges of killing his Arab wife using an electric cord inside their home. Additionally, he was found to be in possession of narcotic and psychotropic substances with the intent of using them.

The Public Prosecution swiftly responded to the news by dispatching teams to the crime scene and engaging the Forensic Medicine Department. The accused has confessed to the accusations, and further investigative procedures are underway. The husband attempted to escape but was apprehended after colliding with several police vehicles in an abnormal state within the Al-Omariya area. According to reports, the woman was rushed to the Farwaniya Hospital but the doctors’ valiant attempts failed to revive her, and she succumbed to her injuries.

Sheikh Fahad Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Kuwait Olympic Committee Chairman. KUWAIT CITY, Sept 18: Sheikh Fahd Al-Nasser, the President of the Kuwaiti Olympic Committee, has confirmed that Kuwait’s extensive preparations for its participation in the 19th Asian Games, hosted by the People’s Republic of China in Hangzhou from September 23rd to October 8th, are now complete. This thorough preparation involved the establishment of a dedicated team within the Olympic Committee, as well as close coordination with the Games’ organizing committee.
These efforts encompassed tasks such as registering participating delegations, arranging accommodations and transportation, and addressing other crucial logistics required for participation in such a prestigious event. Sheikh Al-Nasser elaborated that the Olympic Committee, working in collaboration with sports federations, specialized sports clubs, and sports committees, will compete in a total of 25 individual and team sports.
These sports include athletics, rowing, shooting, boxing, football, archery, handball, squash, rhythmic gymnastics, cycling, karate, swimming, judo, tennis, fencing, e-sports, triathlon, judo, tennis, fencing, horseback riding, wrestling, climbing, taekwondo, and golf, with a total of 141 participants. The Asian Games, often referred to as “The Masters,” represent a multisport spectacle that unites athletes from across Asia. This event is organized every four years by the Asian Olympic Council, with Asian athletes earning the privilege to participate through nomination by their respective National Olympic Committees. Sheikh Al-Nasser further emphasized that the Kuwaiti Olympic Committee’s objective in this endeavor is to attain exceptional results and secure a substantial number of medals. This accomplishment will not only elevate the standing of Kuwaiti sports within the Asian continent but also underscores the remarkable journey of Kuwaiti sports in the realm of Asian Games.

KUWAIT: The Commander of the U.S. Air Forces Central Command Lieutenant General Alexus G. Grynkewich says Kuwait has a special place in his heart. In a press conference held yesterday morning on the occasion of his visit to the country, Lt. Gen. Grynkewich explained that the first time the U.S. forces were deployed in the Middle East was in the 1990s in Kuwait after the Gulf War and after Operation Desert Storm when the forces were enforcing the no-fly zone over southern Iraq. The relationship between Kuwait and the United States dates back 62 years, “which means it is older than my age”. The United States was one of the first countries to recognize Kuwait’s independence.

Lt. Gen. Grynkewich He said, “Kuwait is a major ally of the USA outside of NATO, and therefore it is key to our work. We are committed to the security and stability of Kuwait, and we will continue to be committed to its security and stability for years to come.” Lt. Gen. Grynkewich revealed that he had previously visited Kuwait several times and that he met yesterday with the Commander of the Kuwaiti Air Force and the Commander of the Kuwaiti Air Defense, adding, “We discussed opportunities for cooperation between us and the security issues in the region. The two sides sometimes carry out some joint exercises.”

Regarding regional security and the missile defense system, he stressed that the United States is focusing on this aspect, saying, “Our main focus with Kuwait relates to those relations between us.” When asked about the security challenges facing the region, Lt. Gen. Grynkewich said, “We are constantly communic

KUWAIT CITY: Chairman of the Council of Nuclear Medicine Departments and Head of the Nuclear Medicine Department at the Kuwait Cancer Control Center, Dr. Abdul-Rida Abbas, confirmed that Kuwait is the first in Asia to use radioisotopes to treat prostate cancer and nerve tumors since their global adoption, reports Al-Rai daily.
This came during the regional training course on treatment using radioactive materials for patients with prostate cancer and neurohormonal tumors, which was launched yesterday, and is being held by the Kuwait Cancer Control Center in cooperation with the Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), with the participation of 40 specialists from Arab countries in Asia, including Gulf countries, Iraq and Yemen. In addition to the participation of four international and six local experts who will give a number of lectures.
Abbas stated that prostate cancer is the most common among men, but the world is currently witnessing a remarkable development in treatment methods using radioisotopes, which have proven their effectiveness and achieved tangible positive results.
He explained that treatments in the past were limited to hormonal and chemical treatments, but in the last three years there has been international adoption of the use of radioactive isotopes in treating cases of prostate cancer and nerve tumors, “and this is what the current session is based on to discuss and expand the benefit at the local and Arab levels in Asia.”

KUWAIT CITY, The latest statistics from the Ministry of Justice revealed that 40,413 travel bans were imposed on citizens and expatriates from Jan 1 to Sept 14 this year, reports Al-Qabas daily.
The daily obtained a copy of the statistics; indicating that 29,463 travel bans were lifted within the same period. The travel ban requests totaled 57,432 for various reasons such as non-payment of expenses, alimony, installments, electricity and telephone bills, and traffic fines.
The statistics stated that the number of files opened to modify expenses reached 669, car reservation requests reached 42,866 and single trip requests reached 2,586.

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