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KUWAIT: Kuwait yesterday banned Friday prayers and asked worshippers to pray all five times at home, practically closing mosques, in unprecedented measures as the country fights to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Government officials and the Manpower Authority meanwhile denied reports that Kuwait plans to send millions of expatriates to their home countries as part of minimizing risks of the killer disease spreading.

Government spokesman Tareq Al-Mazrem yesterday denied reports that curfew has been imposed after authorities closed public beaches and parks and police patrols were seen asking people to leave beaches and stay home. The traffic department used drones to make public announcements that gatherings are prohibited.

The health ministry reported 20 new coronavirus cases, raising the number to 100. As many as 15 of the new cases are for Kuwaitis who had returned from Iran, two citizens who had returned from Britain and the United States, one for a Spanish national and two Egyptians who came in contact with an Egyptian man found to be infected with the disease several days ago after returning from Azerbaijan via Dubai.

Health Minister Sheikh Basel Al-Sabah said on Twitter that banning Friday prayers came after some people who showed signs of infection after returning 10 days ago from countries that were not listed to be infected like the United States, Spain and Britain.

The ministry is now testing people who had come in contact with them, Sheikh Basel said.

In a televised statement, the minister appealed to the people to remain at home and not to venture out to protect themselves from the disease.

Of the 100 cases tested positive, five were cured and discharged and 95 under observation including four at the intensive care unit, one of them in critical condition. The ministry said as many as 71 people have been discharged from the ministry quarantines after tests showed they were not infected.

The health ministry meanwhile continued to test expatriates who had returned to the country from February 27 onward from a number of countries. Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah inspected the testing centers at the International Fair Ground in Meshrif.

Authorities yesterday closed the Friday market and stopped auction at the Fish market from today until further notice.

Kuwait had already declared a public holiday shutting down government offices and many private establishments for two weeks and halted all commercial flights to the country.

Source: Kuwait Times

KUWAIT (13-Mar-2020): The Kuwaiti Ministry of Information on Friday called on all citizens and residents to remain at home and avoid unessential rips.


KUWAIT CITY, Feb 10: Customs officers at the T4 and the T5 airport terminals have arrested an Indian and a Kuwaiti for attempting to smuggle drugs into the country, reports Al-Anba daily.

Cannabis sachets found in the Indian’s baggage

In the baggage of the Kuwaiti, who arrived from an European country, found a piece of hashish, which he said was for personal use, while in the baggage of the Indian, police found 259 sachets weighing about 1,500 grams. Both men with the contraband have been referred to the authorities.

Source: Arab Times

KUWAIT CITY, Feb, 10: Severe cold wave began yesterday and weather experts warned of temperature to decrease significantly, amid expectations that today it will be sever cold, and will continue until next Thursday reports Al Rai

Weather forecast expert Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi said that the weather expected in the next few hours and days will be very cold, especially in the evening and night, where the minimum temperature is expected to reach the dawn of Tuesday and Wednesday at 2 to below zero degrees Celsius in desert areas. While astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun indicated that the temperature in these areas may reach two degrees below zero.

Meteorologist Mohammed Karam expected the continued impact of the cold air mass on the country until next Thursday, because the air elevation was centered over the Caspian Sea, pointing out that the temperature expected to be recorded tomorrow (Wednesday) will range from two to four degrees in the interior regions, to touch zero in the desert areas.

Everyone started feeling, since yesterday afternoon, the impact of the cold air mass accompanied by northwest winds that were active at intervals, sometimes reaching a speed of 40 kilometers per hour, causing the maximum temperature to be lowered to 14 degrees Celsius.

Karam further stated that the effect of the cold air mass will continue until Thursday, before the weather begins to moderate on Friday, when the maximum temperature is 18 degrees Celsius and the lowest is 8 degrees Celsius.

Source: Arab Times

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 30: Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have referred for extensive investigations a gang of Asians for allegedly forging driving licenses, reports Al-Rai daily. Those who dealt with the suspect gang are being sought by the police in a prelude to arrest them, confiscate the licenses and deport them from the country.

Until yesterday, one Arab man was referred to the Deportation Center after investigations revealed he ‘bought’ the driving license from the gang for 400 dinars, a charge admitted by the gang members. Speaking of the forgery of the driving licenses, a reliable CID source said if it is proved any people from the General Traffic Department are involved in the scam, they will be severely punished.

The arrest of the Arab expatriate came after an unidentified person informed the CID that the former had acquired the driving licence although he does not fulfill the conditions required for obtaining the licence as mentioned in the ministerial decision. Moreover, the issuance of the licence was not registered in the computer system of the GTD.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 28: The preventive measures taken by many countries of the world in confronting deadly Corona virus to it imposed the question about what would happen if Kuwait decided to raise its preparations to the maximum level in ports and airports, and imposed restrictions that included a partial or total ban on Chinese goods?

In principle, official data reveal that China ranks first as the largest trading partner for Kuwait in 2018, by reaching the total value of bilateral trade according to official statements about $ 18.7 billion (including joint ventures between the two sides), while the value of Kuwaiti imports from China is about 5.9 billion Dollars, and it was exported to 951 million other than oil exports and derivatives reports Al Rai

Sources said that the Kuwaiti Ports Corporation circulated instructions to it on all its relevant agencies, in addition to transferring health inspection on Chinese ships and goods to the hook, a inspection area in the middle of the sea, where ships were waiting to conduct health checks on them first.

Nutritionally, the sources pointed out that the fear of “corona” transmission through food is less as the new virus does not live for long on hard surfaces, noting that the ration card is free of any Chinese food commodity, which reduces the hypothesis affected by reducing imports from China.

The sources stressed that “trade” will intensify its control campaigns on the markets to counter any artificial and unjustified increase, without completely excluding the hypothesis that there are limited increases not exceeding 10 percent, on the basis that Chinese products enter the manufacture of many commodities.

As for imported clothes, according to the excitement, scientifically, they do not cause corona transmission, and therefore are not supposed to be exposed to altitudes that affect consumers.

The sources pointed out that the Kuwaiti market “depends to a large extent on many of the Chinese construction commodities, and here the move will be on the basis of opening new markets that guarantee compensation for any expected deficiency.”

In Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed that his country was waging a dangerous battle against the emerging corona virus, which he described as a “demon” and pledged transparency in the government’s efforts to contain the disease.

“The epidemic is a demon, and we cannot let it hide,” Xi said in an interview with WHO Director Tidros Adhanum Gabriusos.
For his part, Gabriesus expressed his confidence in China’s ability to contain the virus that has killed 106 people, calling for calm.

Source: Arab times

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 28: MP Al-Saleh revealed that the number of Kuwaitis waiting for the job in the office has decreased to 6000 only and they will be distributed to government agencies during the coming period, stressing that “there is a tendency to end the services of 25,000 expatriates in the government sector and replace Kuwaitis instead of them during the coming period.”

In his statement to reporters, Al-Saleh affirmed that according to the replacement policy, 3,140 expatriates were terminated from their services in 2017 and 1500 expats in 2018, according to the representatives of the Diwan at the meeting that reviewed the parliamentary proposals presented and the majority of which are in the civil service laws related to employment in addition to employing Kuwaitis and the need to exclude them from the policy of replacement and promising to employ 1500 Kuwaitis in the banking sector in the coming days, Al-Saleh criticized the absence of a government strategy to employ Kuwaitis in the private sector, and the lack of encouragement for those wishing to study nursing, despite the need for this profession.

Source: Arab Times


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