Kuwait Pakistan Friendship Association (KPFA) Delegates met with Mr. Abdullah Mohammad AlShehab the Head of Program & Project Sector, Al Najat Charity Kuwait.
KUWAIT: (Muhammad Tahir Bashir Report) Today on 5th September 2022, the Kuwait Pakistan Friendship Association (KPFA) delegation held a meeting with His excellency Abdullah Mohammad AlShehab, the Head of Program & Project Sector, Al Najat Charity Kuwait, on the situation of human catastrophe in Pakistan due to recent floods affected about 33 million people.
The delegation of KPFA is led by Mr. Rana Ijaz Ahmed (President KPFA) and Mr. Muhammad Tahir Bashir (Executive member KPFA). Mr. Abdullah Salem Al Obaidli (Project Management & Development Department Manager) also joined the meeting and Mr. Omar AlShegra attended the meeting too. Mr. Rana recorded his video message and shed light on the current situation and damages that occurred in Pakistan due to floods and the assistance needed. In his video message, he invited people to come forward and donate to help flood-affected people in Pakistan.
Mr. Muhammad Tahir Bashir (Ex-President PBFPK) also recorded a video message for the general public and appealed for donations during the fundraising campaign to be organized by Al Najat Charity. He expressed in his video message the details of the situation and effects of the torrential rains which caused flooding in three of the provinces of Pakistan, due to which hundreds of thousands of people were displaced, and more than one thousand people died. Mr. Rana Ijaz in his message highlighted the immediate assistance which can be provided to the needy.
The fundraising campaign which is to be held is very crucial and may bring fruition In Sha Allah.