GROHE brand part of LIXIL, a global leader in complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, has expanded its offerings to Kuwait through its premium sub-brand GROHE SPA and GROHE Blue Pure, enabling a new level of individual expression in the bathroom and kitchen environment. Dedicated to progressive designs, fused with carefully selected colours, materials and finishes, the collection of GROHE SPA offers versatile customization options.

Mr. Alexy Bykov, Leader, Middle East, LIXIL EMENA said: “We are absolutely delighted to bring this signature range of world-class products and smart solutions to our clients in Kuwait. Transforming the bathroom into a home spa is all about creating holistic experiences that embrace the positive effects of water on the body and mind. Driven by redefining solutions, the GROHE SPA range features premium quality, cutting-edge technology, unrivalled precision, and progressive design.”

The GROHE SPA portfolio ranges from elaborate faucet collections, customizable ceiling showers and intricate ceramics to complementary accessories. It was launched at the GROHE Digital X Summit held in mid-March this year and it was presented with a water-inspired installation concept of ‘Health through Water’ in the Pinacoteca di Brera at Milan Design Week in April this year.

GROHE is also introducing GROHE Blue Pure to the market, the perfect solution for those who appreciate the natural taste of still water. The unique GROHE Blue filter technology transforms ordinary tap water into fresh clean drinking water, removing the substances that can impair the taste and quality of the water like chlorine, biocides, pesticides, limescale, microplastics, bacteria or heavy metals. Separate internal waterways keep filtered and unfiltered water separate at all times. And there is another plus: The days of lugging around heavy bottles of water are finally over.

With GROHE Blue Pure, consumers need zero plastic bottles. This is not only refreshingly easy and convenient but also helps the environment. The different GROHE Blue Pure filtration sets fit easily under the sink, and the faucets, available in different designs and finishes, still offer all the usual functions of a standard kitchen mixer, including a pull-out option.
GROHE Blue water systems is one of the GROHE product categories that showcase the commitment of the brand to saving water for a more sustainable future.
GROHE launched GROHE SPA and GROHE Blue Pure in a private industry event held at Radisson Blu in Kuwait. The event was attended by regional brand representatives including designers, architects and project developers. GROHE Blue Pure and GROHE SPA collections in limited colours are available across official retailers in Kuwait City.