Islamic Name Meanings
ID Name Gender Meanings
1 Aaban Male Name of the Angel.
2 Aabid Male Worshiper.
3 Aabidah Female Worshipper.
4 Aabirah Female Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral.
5 Aabish Female Daughter of Sa'd who was a queen of Iran (AN).
6 Aadab Female Hope, need.
7 Aadil Male Just, Upright.
8 Aadila Female Just, Honest, Equal, Upright.
9 Aaeedah Female Visiting, Returning, Reward.
10 Aaeesha Female Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
11 Aafia Female Good health.
12 Aafiya Male Good Health.
13 Aafreeda Female Created, Produced.
14 Aafreen Female Brave, Acclaim.
15 Aahil Male Prince.
16 Aa'idah Female Name of a narrator of hadith.
17 Aairah Female Noble, respectful.
18 Aakifah Female Devoted, Dedicated.
19 Aala Female Bounties.
20 Aalam Male World.
21 Aalee Male Sublime, high.
22 Aaleyah Female Exalted, Highest social standing.
23 Aalia Female Exhalted, Noble.
24 Aalim Male Religious Scholar.
25 Aalimah Female Scholar, Authority.
26 Aaliyah Female Tall, Towering.
27 Aamaal Female Hopes, Aspirations, Wishes.
28 Aamanee Female Good wish.
29 Aamil Male Doer, Work man.
30 Aamilah Female Doer of (good) deeds, Righteous.
31 Aaminah Female Secured, Safe.
32 Aamir Male Civilised.
33 Aamira Female Imperial, Abundant, Inhabited.
34 Aamirah Male Inhabitant
35 Aani Fatimah Khatoon Female She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastaniniyah.
36 Aanisah Female Young lady, Maiden.
37 Aaqib Male Follower.
38 Aaqil Male Intelligent.
39 Aaqilah Female Intelligent.
40 Aara Female Adoring
41 Aarif Male Knowing, aware.
42 Aarifah Female Knowing, Women who recognises Islam.
43 Aariz Male Respectable man.
44 Aaryan Male Of Utmost strength.
45 Aashif Male Bold, courageous.
46 Aashir Male Living.
47 Aasia Female Hope.
48 Aasif Male An able minister.
49 Aasim Male Person who keeps away from sins.
50 Aasimah Female Protector, defendant, central.
51 Aatif Male Kind Affectionate.
52 Aatifa Female Affection, Sympathy.
53 Aatikah Female Generous.
54 Aatiqah Female Shoulder (support) old.
55 Aatirah Female Fragrant.
56 Aaus Male Name of a tree.
57 Aayan Male God's gift.
58 Aazeen Female Beauty.
59 Aazim Male Determined.
60 Abaan Male Old Arabic name
61 Abasah Female Daughter of al-Mahdi.
62 Abbas Male Gloomy look.
63 Abd Al-Ala Male Slave of the High.
64 Abda Female Worshipper.
65 Abdia Female Slave of Allah.
66 Abdul Aalee Male Servant of the Most High.
67 Abdul Adl Male Slave of the just.
68 Abdul Afuw Male Slave of the one who pardons.
69 Abdul Ahad Male Slave of he who is one (Allah).
70 Abdul Aleem Male Servant of the Omniscient.
71 Abdul Ali Male Slave of the High one.
72 Abdul Alim Male Slave of the All knowing.
73 Abdul Awwal Male Slave of the First One.
74 Abdul Azeez Male The servant of the most powerful.
75 Abdul Azim Male Slave of the great.
76 Abdul Aziz Male Servant of the powerful one.
77 Abdul Baari Male Servant of the Creator.
78 Abdul Baasit Male Servant of the Extender and Creator.
79 Abdul Badee Male Slave of the originator.
80 Abdul Baith Male Slave of the one who raises death.
81 Abdul Baqi Male Slave of the Eternal.
82 Abdul Bari Male Slave of the creator.
83 Abdul Baseer Male Slave of the All-seeing.
84 Abdul Basit Female Slave of the enlarger.
85 Abdul Batin Male Slave of the unseen.
86 Abdul Fattah Male Slave of the opener, slave of the giver of victory.
87 Abdul Ghafaar Male Servant of the Forgiver
88 Abdul Ghafoor Male Servant of the Forgiver
89 Abdul Hafeez Male Slave of the Protector.
90 Abdul Hafiz Male Slave of the Guardian.
91 Abdul Hakam Male Servant of the Arbitrator
92 Abdul Hakeem Male Servant of the Wise
93 Abdul Haleem Male Servant of the Mild and Patient
94 Abdul Halim Male Slave of the Wise.
95 Abdul Hameed Male Servant of the Praiseworthy and the Ever-Praised
96 Abdul Hamid Male Slave of the Praiseworthy.
97 Abdul Hannan Male Slave of the Merciful.
98 Abdul Haq Male Servant of the Truth
99 Abdul Haseeb Male Servant of the Respected and Esteemed
100 Abdul Hasib Male Slave of the Reckoner.
101 Abdul Hayy Male Slave of the Living.
102 Abdul Jabaar Male Servant of the Mighty.
103 Abdul Jaleel Male Servant of the Great and Revered
104 Abdul Jawwad Male Slave of the Bountiful.
105 Abdul Kabir Male Slave of the Great.
106 Abdul Kareem Male Servant of the Noble and Generous
107 Abdul Karim Male Slave of the Gracious.
108 Abdul Khabir Male Slave of the one who is aware.
109 Abdul Lateef Male Servant of the Kind
110 Abdul Maajid Male Slave of the Excellence.
111 Abdul Maalik Male Slave of the Master, the Lord.
112 Abdul Majeed Male Servant of the Glorious
113 Abdul Mani Male Slave of one who prevents.
114 Abdul Mannan Male Slave of the Benefactor.
115 Abdul Mateen Male Slave of the Firm.
116 Abdul Mubdee Male Slave of the Originator.
117 Abdul Mueed Male Slave of the Restorer, the Reproducer.
118 Abdul Muhaimin Male Servant of the Supervising, the Guardian and the Protector
119 Abdul Muhaymin Male Slave of the Protector.
120 Abdul Muhsin Male Slave of the Benefactor.
121 Abdul Muhyee Male Slave of the one who gives life and sustains it.
122 Abdul Muiz Male Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory
123 Abdul Mujeeb Male Servant of the Responder
124 Abdul Munim Male Slave of the Generous.
125 Abdul Muntaqim Male Slave of him who punishes wrongdoings and seizes retribution.
126 Abdul Muqeet Male Slave of the Sustainer.
127 Abdul Muqsit Male Slave of the Just.
128 Abdul Musawwir Male Slave of the Fashioner.
129 Abdul Mutaal Male Servant of the Most High
130 Abdul Muti Male Slave of the Giver.
131 Abdul Muzanni Male He was a narrator of Hadith.
132 Abdul Nafi Male Slave of the Propitious.
133 Abdul Naseer Male Slave of the Helper.
134 Abdul Noor Male Slave of the one who is Light.
135 Abdul Qaadir Male Servant of the Capable
136 Abdul Qadeer Male Slave of the Powerful.
137 Abdul Qadir Male Slave of the Powerful.
138 Abdul Qahaar Male Servant of the Subduer and the Almighty
139 Abdul Qayyum Male Slave of the Self-Subsistent.
140 Abdul Qudoos Male Servant of the Most Holy
141 Abdul Raafi Male Servant of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem), One who Elevates
142 Abdul Rabb Male Slave of the Lord.
143 Abdul Rafi Male Slave of the Exalter.
144 Abdul Raheem Male Servant of the Most Compassionate
145 Abdul Rahim Male Slave of the Compassionate.
146 Abdul Rahman Male Servant of the merciful one.
147 Abdul Raqib Male Slave of the Vigilant.
148 Abdul Rauf Male Servent of the merciful.
149 Abdul Tawwab Male Slave of the Acceptor of repentance, the relenting.
150 Abdul Waali Male Slave of the Governor.
151 Abdul Wahid Male Slave of the Unique. Some of the prominent men with this name include ibn-Zayd a disciple of Hasan al-Basri, he was a preacher and ascetic who died at Basrah in 745.
152 Abdul Wajid Male Slave of the Finder, the Perceiver.
153 Abdul Wakil Male Slave of the Trustee.
154 Abdul Waliy Male Slave of the Protecting Friend.
155 Abdul Wasi Male Slave of the All Embracing.
156 Abdul-Aalee Male Servant of the Most High.
157 Abdul-Adheem Male Servant of the Most Great.
158 Abdul-Aleem Male Servant of the All-Knowing.
159 Abdul-Baaqi Male Servant of the Everlasting.
160 Abdul-Baari Male Servant of the Evolver.
161 Abdul-Baasit Male Servant of the Expander.
162 Abdul-Barr Male Servant of the source of Goodness.
163 Abdul-Dhahir Male Servant of the Manifest.
164 Abdul-Ghaffar Male Servant of the forgiver.
165 Abdul-Ghafur Male Servant of the All-Forgiving.
166 Abdul-Ghani Male Servant of the Self-Sufficient.
167 Abdul-Hadi Male Servant of the Guide.
168 Abdul-Hafeedh Male Servant of the Preserver.
169 Abdul-Hakeem Male Servant of the Wise.
170 Abdul-Haleem Male Servant of the Forbearing One.
171 Abdul-Hameed Male Servant of the Praiseworthy.
172 Abdul-Haqq Male Servant of the Truth.
173 Abdul-Haseeb Male Servant of the Reckoner.
174 Abdul-Jabbar Male Servant of the Compeller.
175 Abdul-Jaleel Male Servant of the Sublime One.
176 Abdul-Kareem Male Servant of the Most Generous.
177 Abdul-Khaliq Male Servant of the Creator.
178 Abdullah Male Servant of Allah.
179 Abdul-Lateef Male Servant of the Subtle One.
180 Abdul-Majeed Male Servant of the Most Glorious.
181 Abdul-Majid Male Servant of the Noble.
182 Abdul-Malik Male Servant of the Sovereign Lord.
183 Abdul-Mu'eid Male Servant of the Restorer.
184 Abdul-Mughni Male Servant of the Enricher.
185 Abdul-Mu'izz Male Servant of the Honourer.
186 Abdul-Mujeeb Male Servant of the Responsive.
187 Abdul-Mumin Male Servant of the Guardian of Faith.
188 Abdul-Muqtadir Male Servant of the Powerful.
189 Abdul-Muta'alee Male Servant of the Most Exalted.
190 Abdul-Nur Male Servant of the Light.
191 Abdul-Qaadir Male Servant of the Able.
192 Abdul-Qahhar Male Servant of the Subduer.
193 Abdul-Qaiyoum Male Servant of the Self-Sustaining.
194 Abdul-Quddus Male Servant of the Holy.
195 Abdul-Rasheed Male Servant of the rightly guided.
196 Abdul-Rashid Male Servant of the rightly guided.
197 Abdul-Waajid Male Servant of the Finder.
198 Abdul-Wadood Male Servant of the Loving.
199 Abdul-Wahhab Male Servant of the Best-ower.
200 Abdul-Warith Male Servant of the Supreme Inheritor.
201 Abdur Rahman Male Slave of Allah.
202 Abdur Rashid Male Slave of the Guide.
203 Abdur Razzaq Male Slave of the provider; Ibn Hammam was one of those prominent people with this name.
204 Abdur-Raheem Male Servant of the Most Merciful.
205 Abdur-Rahman Male Servant of the Most Gracious.
206 Abdur-Raqeeb Male Servant of the Watchful.
207 Abdur-Rasheed Male Servant of the Guide to Right Path.
208 Abdur-Rauf Male Servant of the Compassionate.
209 Abdur-Razzaq Male Servant of the Provider.
210 Abdus Male Name of the narrator of one of the hadith.
211 Abdus Sabur Male Slave of the Forbearing.
212 Abdus Salaam Male Slave of the Giver of Peace.
213 Abdus Samad Male Slave of the Eternal, The Independent.
214 Abdus Sami Male Slave of the All Hearing.
215 Abdus Sattar Male Slave of the one who conceals faults.
216 Abdus Shafi Male Slave of the Healer.
217 Abdus Subbooh Male Slave of the Extremely pure.
218 Abdush Shahid Male Slave of the Witness.
219 Abdus-Sabour Male Servant of the Patient.
220 Abdus-Salaam Male Servant of the Source of Peace.
221 Abdus-Samad Male Servant of the Eternal.
222 Abdus-Sameei Male Servant of the All-Hearing.
223 Abdus-Shaheed Male Servant of the Witness.
224 Abdus-Shakur Male Servant of the Appreciative.
225 Abeedah Female Worshipper.
226 Abeela Female To be beautiful.
227 Abeer Female Fragrance.
228 Abeera Female The mixture of the smell of the petals of Rose and Sundal.
229 Abeerah Female Rose, Sandal Saffron mixed together in fragrance.
230 Abia Female Great.
231 Abid Male Worshipper.
232 Abida Female Worshipper.
233 Abir Female Serious, beautiful.
234 Abisali Male Warrior in Islam.
235 Ablaa Female Perfectly formed.
236 Ablah Female Perfectly formed.
237 Abqurah Female Genius.
238 Abra Female Example, Lesson.
239 Abrad Male Hail, Mail.
240 Abrar Male Peity.
241 Abrash Male Spotted, Speckled.
242 Absi Male Probably from ABASA to frown; this was the name of Abdullah ibn-Musa, a scholar and reciter of the Quran, died 828/829.
243 Abt'hi Male One who lives in Abtah, a place near Makkah.
244 Abul-Hassan Male The Son Of Ali.
245 Abyad Male A narrator of hadith was so named.
246 Abyan Male Elequent
247 Abzari Male Seeds, spice, seedsman, one who sows; the Persian scribe and memoriser of tradition, Abu-Ishaq Ibrahim had this name.
248 Ada Female Grace, Expression.
249 Adab Female Hope, Need.
250 Adam Male A Prophet's Name.
251 Adawi Male Grandson of Sayyindina Umer.
252 Adbul-Qawi Male Servant of the Most Powerful.
253 Adeeb Male A literary Person.
254 Adeeba Female Cultured, Polite
255 Adeel Male Just.
256 Adeela Female Equal
257 Adeelah Female Just.
258 Adeem Male Rare.
259 Adeena Female Pious, good luck.
260 Adeeva Female Pleasant, Gentle
261 Adel Male Honorable Judge, One who Jugdes Fairly.
262 Adham Male Black.
263 Adheem Male The most great.
264 Adib Male Cultured.
265 Ad'ifaah Female Smart, talented.
266 Adil Male Just, Honest.
267 Adila Female Justice.
268 Adiy Male A companion of the Prophet; also the name of the son of Hatim Tiay known for his generosity; also the son of Thabit had this name.
269 Adl Male Justice.
270 Adla Female Just, fair woman.
271 Adnan Male A tribal ancestor of the Quraysh, the Prophet (S.A.W) was from this tribe; there were other noted men too later in history who had this name; for instance, word bin Hakim, a scholar of Basrah.
272 Aduz Zahir Male Slave of the Manifest.
273 Adyan Male A nabee was named by this name.
274 Afaaq Male The place where Earth & Sky meet.
275 Afaf Female Chaste, virtuous, decent, pure.
276 Afeef Male Pure, Chaste, Pious.
277 Afeefa Female Chaste
278 Afeerah Female Covered with soil or dust.
279 Affan Male Forgiving person.
280 Afham Male Loving.
281 Afia Female Away from all Problems.
282 Afif Male Chaste, Modest.
283 Afifa Female Neat lady.
284 Afifah Female Chaste, modest.
285 Afiq Male Honest.
286 Afiyah Female 'Health', free from illness and grief.
287 Afizah Female A person who knows the recital of the qur'an.
288 Aflah Male Gaining success-but the Prophet (S.A.W) has discouraged us from giving such names to our children; according to Sayyidina Jab (R.A), The Prophet (S.A.W) intended to forbid such names as Yala, Barakah, Aflah, Yasar Nafi and the like but he said nothing abo
289 Afra Female Dust-coloured.
290 Afraa Female White.
291 Afrah Female Happiness.
292 Afraz Male Standing tall like a mountain,ability to withstand all that is thrushed upon it.
293 Afreen Female Friendly.
294 Afroza Female Light from fire.
295 Afroze Female Enlightening.
296 Afsa Female Prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) wife.
297 Afsana Female Story.
298 Afshan Female Adornment aids.
299 Afsheen Female Shine like a star.
300 Aftab Male Sun.
301 Afzal Male Best, top most.
302 Agharr Male Hansome, beautiful, distinguished illustrious, noble, Magnanimous. Name of a companion of the Prophet, bin al-Muzan; he transmitted a hadith: My heart is invaded by unmindfulness and I ask Allah's forgiveness a hundred times a day.", 303,Ahab,Male,Strong., 304,Ahad,Male,The one., 305,Ahd,Female,Pledge, knowledge.
306 Ahdia Female Unique, The One.
307 Ahlam Female Dreams.
308 Ahmad Male Most highly adored.
309 Ahmar Male Red Coloured.
310 Ahnaf Male Name of one of the narrators of hadith.
311 Ahsan Male The best of all.
312 Ahwas Male Having narrow, contracted or squinting eye; he reported his father quoting a hadith from Prophet; Do not ask me about evil, but ask me about good; the worst evil consists in learned me who are evil and the best good in learned men who are good.", 313,Ahyan,Male,Gift of God., 314,Ahzab,Male,Name of one of the narrators of Hadith., 315,Aida,Female,Visiting, returning.
316 Aidah Female Visiting, Returning, Reward, Present.
317 A'idah Female Guest, the one who's returning.
318 Aidan Male Help, intelligent.
319 Aidh Male Name of a reciter of the Holy Quran.
320 Aighar Female She was a religious, righteous woman.
321 Aijaz Male Blessing.
322 Aila Female Noble.
323 Aimal Female Hope.
324 Aiman Male Fearless.
325 Aimen Female Most Congratulated.
326 Ain Female Eye, Thus Precious"
327 Ain alsaba Female Treasure of the eye.
328 Aini Female Spring, Flower, Source, Choice
329 Aisha Female Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
330 Aishah Male Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
331 A'ishah Female Wife of the Prophet (SAW).
332 Aiya Female Miracle, verses in the Qur'an.
333 Aiyla Female Moonlight.
334 Aiza Female Noble.
335 Aizah Female The daughter of Hazrat Ali (A.S).
336 Aizat Male Sweetness.
337 Ajeebah Female A narrator of hadith.
338 Ajer Male Reward.
339 Ajlah Male A narrator of hadith had this name.
340 Ajlal Female Beautiful, stubborn, young princess.
341 Ajmal Male Beautiful.
342 Ajradah Female Al-Ameeh, was a great worshipper who worshipped long in the night sometimes right up to dawn (A.N).
343 Ajwa Female Name of a date in Saudia Arabia. Tree planted by Holy Prohpet (PBUH).
344 Akbar Male Great.
345 Akdas Male Most holy book.
346 Akeem Male Wise.
347 Akhas Male A narrator of hadith.
348 Akhdan Male Best Friend.
349 Akhfash Male There have been several men of this name; there were grammarians of this name in the 8th / 9th century.
350 Akhlaq Male Behavion.
351 Akhtar Male A Star, good man.
352 Akia Female Sister.
353 Akif Male Attached, Intent.
354 Akifah Female Intent, busy.
355 Akilah Female Intelligent one who reasons.
356 Akleema Female Beautiful. One of the daughters of Adam (A.S).
357 Akmal Male Lion.
358 Akram Male More Generous.
359 Al Batra'a Female A historical area in jordan.
360 Al hakeem Male The Wise.
361 Ala' Male Nobility.
362 Al-Adur al-Karimah Female A pious, righteous and intelligent woman of Egypt. She respected the Ulama and built religious schools (Madrasah) and mosques, She died in 762.
363 Alaia Female Virtuous.
364 Alayna Female Princess (Iranian) Upon (Arabic) Light (From the Greek word Helena)
365 Aleemah Female Knowing, Knowledgeable.
366 Aleena Female Silk of heaven.
367 Aleesa Female Joy.
368 Aleeza Female Joy.
369 Alesha Female Protected by god.
370 Ali Male Noble, sublime.
371 Alia Female Beautiful.
372 Aliah Female Exalted, noble, highest social standing.
373 Alika Female Love
374 Alima Female Wise
375 Alina Female Beautiful.
376 Alishaba Female Beautiful sunshine.
377 Alishba Female Pretty.
378 Aliyah Female Exalted, noble.
379 Aliza Female The Daughter of Ali (RA).
380 Al-Kareem Male Educator, teacher.
381 Alleyah Female Leader.
382 Alma Female Apple.
383 Alman Male Kind, willing and wiseman.
384 Almas Female Diamond.
385 Almir Male Prince.
386 Alraaz Female Mystery.
387 Altamash Male Name of a famous king.
388 Alvina Female Highest, Height.
389 Alzubra Female A star in the constellation Leo
390 Amaan Male The most lovelable.
391 Amaar Male One who prays 5 times and fasts.
392 Amah Female Slave (Female); Daughter of Khalid bin Saeed, a female companion, daughter of companion, had this name. She was born in Habshah, and was married to Az-Zubayr bin Al-Awwam.
393 Amal Female Hope, aspiration.
394 Amala Female Hopes, Aspirations
395 Amalia Female Aspirations.
396 Amam Male Safety, Protection.
397 Aman Female Peace.
398 Amana Female Faithful, to believe.
399 Amani Female Wishes, aspirations.
400 Amany Female A Wish.
401 Amara Female Eternal beauty, urgent news.
402 Amatullah Female Slave of Allah.
403 Amaya Female Night Rain.
404 Amayr Male Crown.
405 Ambar Female Ambergris.
406 Ambareen Female Good smell.
407 Amber Female Responsible.
408 Ambereen Female Fragarance, amber, sky.
409 Ambreen Female Sky.
410 Ameenah Female Trustworthy.
411 Ameer Male Commander, Prince, Khalifah.
412 Ameera Female Noble lady, princess.
413 Ameerah Female Princess.
414 Amelia Female Trustworthy, beautiful.
415 Amena Female Trustworthy, faithful, peaceful, honest.
416 Amer Male Rich
417 Amilah Female Hopeful.
418 Amin Male Faithful, trustworthy, custodian.
419 Amina Female Honest.
420 Aminah Female Trustworthy, faithful.
421 Amir Male Prosperous.
422 Amira Female Princess.
423 Amirah Female Royal lady, Princess.
424 Amjad Male More glorious, more illustrious.
425 Ammaar Male One with strong Imaan. Also a Sahabi , one of the early muslims, son of Yasir and Sumaya Rad.
426 Ammar Male Long of age.
427 Ammara Female Shining star.
428 Ammarah Female An inhabitant.
429 Amna Female Peace.
430 Amr Male "By my life A famous companion had this name, ibn al-Aas who conquered Egypt; also Ibn al-Ala called Zabban, was one of the seven readers of the Quran and an eminent Scholar.", 431,Amra,Female,Princess., 432,Amrah,Female,Headgear., 433,Amreen,Female,Sky., 434,Amtullah,Female,Female servant of Allah, 435,Ana,Female,Prestige, self respect.
436 Anah Female Patience, perseverence.
437 Anam Female Present.
438 Anan Female Clouds.
439 Anas Male Love, affection.
440 Anasah Male The freed slave of the Prophet had this name.
441 Anaum Female The blessing of Allah.
442 Anbar Female Perfume, ambergris.
443 Andaleeb Female Nightingale.
444 Andalib Female Nightingale.
445 Andlib Female A bird, one who is always happy.
446 Aneeq Male Valueable.
447 Aneeqa Female Beautiful.
448 Anees Male Intimate, friendly.
449 Aneesa Female Close, intimate, friendly.
450 Aneesah Female Generous, loyal.
451 Aneezah Female She-Goat.
452 Angbin Female Honey.
453 Anida Female Obstinate.
454 Anika Female Very unique.
455 Anila Female Beautiful.
456 Aniq Male Elegant.
457 Anis Male Close friend, companion.
458 Anisa Female Friendly.
459 Anisah Female Close, intimate, friendly.
460 Anisha Female Deep thinker, sensitive, high.
461 Aniya Male Concern, Loving
462 Anja Female Beauty.
463 Anjam Male Stars.
464 Anjum Female Stars.
465 Annam Female God's Blessing.
466 Anniyah Female Concern, loving.
467 Anousha Female Sweet, joy, fortunate.
468 Ansar Male The first people who converted to the religion of Islam were the people of Ansar.
469 Antarah Male This was the name of the freed slave of Sulaym.
470 Anum Female Blessing of god, gods gift.
471 Anwaar Male Light, glow, gleam.
472 Anwar Male More radiant.
473 Anwara Female Ray of Light.
474 Anzar Male Angel of paradise.
475 Aqdas Male Holy, pure.
476 Aqeel Male Wise, Intelligent There have been several prominent men with this name; Abu Aqeel was a transcriber of the Quran; ibn abu Talib was one of Abu Talibs Family; Ibn Bilal was a granson of the poet Jarir.
477 Aqeela Female Intelligent.
478 Aqeelah Female Wise, Sensible.
479 Aqeil Male Knowledgable.
480 Aqsa Female Name of a mosque.
481 Ara Female Opinions
482 Arbaaz Male Eagle.
483 Arbab Male Who looks after someone or takes care.
484 Areeb Male Skillful, Adroit.
485 Areebah Female Witty, Smart.
486 Areej Female The fragrance of a flower from an orange tree.
487 Aresha Female Under an umbrella.
488 Arfa Female Greatness
489 Arfan Male Gratefulness.
490 Arham Male Merciful.
491 Ariana Female Full of life.
492 Aribah Female Wise.
493 Arif Male Acquainted, knowledgeable.
494 Arij Female Sweet Smell.
495 Arish Male A brave soldier.
496 Arisha Female Highness.
497 Arissa Female Bright.
498 Arjumand Female Noble, Honourable.
499 Armaan Male Desire, hope.
500 Arman Male Army man.
501 Aroob Female Loving to her husband
502 Aroosa Female Bride.
503 Aroush Female Angel of paradise.
504 Arqam Male Pen, Speckled snake; Acompanion and an early convert to Islam, had this name, (he was) Arqam bin Abi Arqam at whose house the Prophet offered prayers with his companions to avoid clashes with the idolets of Makkah and his house which became the first cent
505 Arsal Male The one who was sent.
506 Arsala Female Lioness.
507 Arsalaan Male Lion.
508 Arsh Male Dominion , Crown
509 Arshad Male Better guided, honest.
510 Arshaq Male Handsome, well proportioned.
511 Arslan Male Loin.
512 Artah Male A narrator of the hadith.
513 Arub Female Loving (to husband).
514 Arva Female Fertile, bountiful.
515 Arwa Female Mountain gazelle.
516 Arya Female Noble.
517 Aryan Male Of utmost strength.
518 Aryisha Female Under tree/umberalla.
519 Arzo Female Hope.
520 Arzoo Female Hope.
521 Arzu Female Wish, hope, love.
522 Asad Male Lion.
523 As'ad Male Happier.
524 Asalah Female Purity.
525 Asar Male Fourth Prayer of the day.
526 Asbagh Male Coloured animal, huge flood, dyer.
527 Asbah Female Pure (as water).
528 Asbat Male A narrator of hadith.
529 Aseed Male A narrator of Hadeeth.
530 Asfa Female Protector, guardian.
531 Asfar Male The morning's light.
532 Asfia Female Great.
533 Asgar Male Devoted.
534 Asghar Male Shorter, Smaller, Junior.
535 Asha'ath Male Scattered, Spread about, humble.
536 A'shadieeyah Female Princess, cute, perfect.
537 Ashalina Female Sweet, always living, shy, loving.
538 Ashar Male One who has wisdom.
539 Ashaz Male One in a million, name of a sahabi during the time of prophet. There is a hadith praising his virtue of patience and obedience to parents
540 Ashbah Female Pearl.
541 Asheeyana Female House, nest.
542 Asher Male Wise, knowledgable.
543 Ashfaq Male Compassionate friend.
544 Ashik Male Lover, Love.
545 Ashika Female Love.
546 Ashim Male Generous.
547 Ashmaan Male Heaven.
548 Ashmath Male Correct path, Straight path.
549 Ashraf Male Honorable.
550 Asifa Female Organiser.
551 Asili Female Original.
552 Asim Male Protector
553 Asima Female Protector.
554 Asiya Female The Muslim wife of Pharaoh.
555 Asiyah Female She was the wife of the Farao in Moesa's time. She turned muslima and died a shahieda because she refused to obey her husband and say that he (farao) was her God.
556 Aslam Male Peace.
557 Asli Female Pure, original.
558 Asma Female Loftier, more eminent.
559 Asmara Female Beautiful butterfly.
560 Asmat Female Pure, Clean.
561 Asna Female The one to be acknowledged or praised.
562 Asra Female River of Paradise.
563 Asrar Male Secret/Sacred relating to Islam.
564 Ata Male Gift, Present.
565 Ataubaq Male Handsome, beautiful, helpful, generous and got a lot of love to share.
566 Ateeb Male Very pious.
567 Ateefa Female Affection, Sympathy.
568 Ateeqah Female Old Ancient.
569 Ateeyah Female A gift.
570 Athar Male Neat, Clean.
571 Athazaz Male Unknown, Mystery, Maze.
572 Athier Male Lion hearted.
573 Athilah Female Deep-rooted, firmly established.
574 Athmah Female A narrator of Hadith.
575 Atia Female Gift.
576 Atif Male United, Joined, Together.
577 Atifa Female Affectionate, sympathetic.
578 Atik Male The black cloth of the kaaba.
579 Atika Female Flower, good smell.
580 Atiq Male Ancient, Noble.
581 Atiqah Female Beautiful, charitable, loving.
582 Atiya Female Gift
583 Attiq Male Old.
584 Awa Female Beautiful angel, night.
585 Awad Male Reward, Compensation
586 Awatif Female Emotions.
587 Awf Male Guest, fragrance, lion; Name of ibn-Maalik, Al-Ashjat a companion of the Prophet who has narrated some ahadith from the prophet, including this one transmitted by Abu Dawood. Only a ruler, or one put in charge or one who is presumptuos (or hypocrite) gi", 588,Awn,Male,To help, assist.
589 Aws Male To give.
590 Aya Female Phrase from the holy Quran.
591 Ayaan Male God's gift.
592 Ayaana Female Lucky, good day, day of judgement.
593 Ayaat Female Many signs & proofs, verses in the Quran.
594 Ayaaz Male Slave.
595 Ayah Female A verse from Quran or a sign from God.
596 Ayan Female Luck.
597 Ayana Female Lucky, good day, day of judgement.
598 Ayat Female Verses (pl. of Aya), signs, lessons, proofs.
599 Ayaz Male A sincere slave of mehmood the king once upon a time.
600 Aybak Male Ibn-Aybak was a leading historian.
601 Aydin Male Brilliant, Enlightened, Intelligent, Light of the moon.
602 Ayesha Female Well of.
603 Aymaan Male Lucky.
604 Ayman Male Right Hand.
605 Aymen Female Sacred, Brave, Old name of Arabia.
606 Ayra Female Respectable.
607 Aysha Female The name of wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
608 Ayshah Female Wife of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W).
609 Ayub Male A prophet of Allah (swt).
610 Ayyash Male Bread seller.
611 Ayyub Male Ayyub was a Prophet of Allah known for his patience in the face of severity and hardship. There have been other noted men by this name, for instance Ibn Tamim was a reciter of the Quran, Al-Sakhtiyani was a learned ascetic; both had this name.
612 Azaan Male Call for the prayer.
613 Azad Male Freedom.
614 Azadeh Female Princess.
615 Azeem Male Great, greater.
616 Azeemah Female Great.
617 Azeeza Female Esteemed, precious, cherished.
618 Azfer Male Leader.
619 Azhaar Female Flowers.
620 Azhar Male Famous.
621 Azim Male Greatest.
622 Aziman Female Sky, heaven.
623 Aziz Female Friendship.
624 Azizah Female Esteemed, precious, cherished.
625 Azka Female Pious.
626 Azlan Male Lion.
627 Azma Female Blessing of Allah.
628 Azmat Male Respect, honor.
629 Azra Female Maiden, Pious, Woman.
630 Azraa Female Unpierced pearl.
631 Azraq Male Blue, name of a companion of the Prophet.
632 Azraqi Male He was an authority on the history and geography of Makkah.
633 Azzah Female Young, female gazelle.
634 Az-zahra Female Excellent and smart.
635 Azzam Male Determined, resolved.
636 Baahir Male Dazzling, Brilliant
637 Baasim Male Smiling
638 Babar Male Origin: Hindi. Literal Meaning: Lion. Contextual meaning: King of Jungle; Lion hearted, brave, courageous and exemplary leadership qualities. Highly, powerful and influential, very charsimatic and bold with splendor and positive radiance.
639 Baber Male Courageous, Lion.
640 Badia Female Unprecedented, Admirable, Unique
641 Badiyah Female Desert.
642 Badra Female Full moon
643 Badriyah Female Resembling the full moon.
644 Baha Female Value, Worth.
645 Bahaa Male Beauty, shining.
646 Bahar Female Spring, Prime (of life), Bloom (of youth).
647 Bahij Female Splendid.
648 Bahira Female Dazzling, brilliant.
649 Bahiya Female Beautiful, Radiant
650 Bahiyyah Female Radiant, beautiful.
651 Bahriyah al-Aabidah Female She was a devoted worshipper and ascetic of Basrah. She used to say, If the heart gives up the passions (evil desires), it will then demosticate knowledge. (A.N).", 652,Bakht,Female,Lot, Fate, Portion.
653 Bakhtawar Female Fortunate, Lucky.
654 Balqees Female She was the daughter of Ahmad bin Mishqar, and a distinguished woman of her times; she was the wife of Sayfud-din al- Hanafi. (A.N).
655 Balqis Female Name of the queen of Shiba
656 Banafsha Female Daughter of Abdullah al-Rumiyah; was a very pious and generous woman who gave much in charity (A.N).
657 Banan Female Delicate, finger tips.
658 Banujah Female The daughter of al-Mahdi.
659 Baqar Male Inevitable, lion, powerful.
660 Baqir Male Beloved one, Close to heart.
661 Barakah Female Blessing; The nursemaid of the Prophet (S.A.W), she had this name the kuniyah, Umm Ayman (R.A) she was the mother of Usamah bin Zayd and she died in the era of Sayyidina Uthman (R.A).
662 Bareerah Female Pious; The female freed slave of Sayyidina Ayshah (R.A) a well-known female companion, she lived upto the times of Khalifah Yazid bin Muawiyah (R.A).
663 Bariah Female Excelling
664 Barika Female Bloom, Be successful
665 Barkat Male Growth
666 Barr Male Just, Pious.
667 Barrah Female She was the wunt of the Prophet (S.A.W), daughter of Abdul Muttalib and mother of Abi Salamah (R.A) also the name of the daughter of Abi Tijarah al-Abdariyah who narrated from the Prophet (S.A.W) (A.N).
668 Barraq Male Shining.
669 Barzah Female She was a narrator of hadith.
670 Basaaria Female Beautiful, Prior
671 Basbas Female She was a slave girl of Ibn Nafees; she was beautiful and had a melodeons voice.
672 Baseema Female Smiling
673 Basel Male Brave
674 Basem Male Smiling.
675 Bashaar Male Bringer of glad tidings
676 Bashar Male Bringer of glad tidings.
677 Basharat Male Good news.
678 Basheera Female Bringer of good tidings, Joy
679 Bashirah Female Bringer of good tidings, joy.
680 Basil Male Brave.
681 Basilah Female Brave, fearless.
682 Basim Male Smiling, Happy.
683 Basimah Female Smiling.
684 Basir Male Bringer of glad tidings.
685 Basmah Female A smile.
686 Basoos Female She was the daughter of Munziq at-Tamimah (A.N).
687 Bassam Male Smiling.
688 Batal Male Champion.
689 Batinah Female Hidden, Inner.
690 Batool Female A true devotee woman of Allah.
691 Batrisyia Female Intelligent.
692 Bazam Male It was the name of the Tabiee, Abu Salih.
693 Bazilah Female Clever, intelligent.
694 Beena Female Seeing, clear sighted.
695 Beenish Female Vision, sight; the faculty of seeing.
696 Behzad Male Honest and caring.
697 Benazir Female Unique.
698 Benzair Female Incomparable.
699 Bilal Male Name of the Prophet's Muezzin.
700 Bilqis Female Queen of Sheeba.
701 Binesh Female Clever.
702 Binish Female Clever, Intelligent
703 Birrah Female Good Deed.
704 Bisharah Female A narrator of Hadith.
705 Bishr Male Joy, solved.
706 Bisma Female Smile
707 Buhaysah Female A narrator of hadith.
708 Buhayyah Female The name of a freed female slave.
709 Bulhut Male A narrator of hadith had this name.
710 Bunanah Female Yazid al-Abshamiyah's daughter.
711 Buqayrah Female A narrator of Hadith.
712 Burak Male Horse like animal that carried the Prophet (PBUH) during mehraj and will carry those that are selected on resurrection day.
713 Burayd Male Cold, Mind.
714 Burdah Female She was al-Suraymiyah, and a very dutiful worshipper. She wept often so she finally lost her eye sight. When every thing was quiet and motionless, she used to call out in a melancholy voice, O! Habib (O loved one!) A.N.
715 Burhaan Male Proof.
716 Burhan Male Proof
717 Busayrah Female She was a female companion (R.A) and also a muhajirah, who migrated to Madinah; she also narrated a Hadith quoting the Prophet; Apply yourself to glorifying Allah, saying there is not God but He and declaring His Holiness; and count them in your fingures", 718,Bushra,Female,Glad, tidings, good news.
719 Busrah Female She was a companion who lived until the era of Muawiyah.
720 Buthaynah Female Of beautiful and tender body.
721 Chaman Female Garden, from Urdu Language.
722 Chanda Female Moon light
723 Chandni Female The moon's light
724 Daamin Male Guarantor, Surety.
725 Daania Female Beautiful.
726 Daanish Male Wisdom, Learning, Science.
727 Daanya Female Gift of god, beautiful.
728 Dabbah Male Latch, door lock.
729 Dabir Male Judge.
730 Dafiyah Female Narrator of Hadith.
731 Daghfal Male Name of first Islamic geologist.
732 Dahab Female Gold
733 Dahma Female She was a scholar of religion and had learnt from her brother al-Imam al-Mahdi; she excelled in grammer and literature and possessed knowledge of other sciences and arts. (A.N.).
734 Dakhil Male Foreigner, stranger.
735 Daleela Female Guide, Proof.
736 Daliya Female Dahlia.
737 Dameer Male Heart, Conscience.
738 Damurah Male Sparkle of light, fire.
739 Daneen Female Princess.
740 Daniel Male Intelligent.
741 Danish Male Intelligent.
742 Daniya Female Near, close.
743 Daniyal Male Intelligent.
744 Darakhshaan Female Shinning.
745 Darakhshan Female Shinning.
746 Daria Female Learned, knowing.
747 Darim Male Name of a narrator of hadith.
748 Dawid Male Prince.
749 Dawlah Male Riches, happiness.
750 Dawlat Khatoon Female She was from a ruling family.
751 Dawoud Male A Prophet's name
752 Da'wud Male A Prophet's Name.
753 Dayyan Male A mighty Ruler.
754 Dean Male Religion.
755 Deeba Female Obedience.
756 Deema Female Rainy Cloud.
757 Deen Male Religion.
758 Dema Female The Rainy Cloud.
759 Dhakiyah Female Bright, intelligent.
760 Dhiya Male Light, splendour.
761 Dhul Fiqar Male Name of the Prophet's sword.
762 Dilawar Male Brave, Courageous.
763 Dildar Male Charming, beloved.
764 Dilshad Khatoon Female She lived between 730-750.
765 Dina Female Love.
766 Dinar Male Name of the grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit.
767 Diqrah Female A narrator of hadith.
768 Diya Male Light (Also pronounced Ziya).
769 Diyanah Female Religion.
770 Diyari Male A gift, or a present.
771 Dizhwar Male Mean, strong.
772 Doaa Female Pray, a voice of heart, request to All-mighty Allah, a source of connection with God and Human.
773 Duaa Female Prayer.
774 Duba'ah Female Daughter of az-Zubayr and a female companion (R.A) she said to the Prophet (S.A.W) that she intended to perform the pilgrimage but was suffering from pain. The Prophet (S.A.W) instructed her to assume the Ihram with the proviso saying, O Allah, the place", 775,Duha,Male,Fore noon., 776,Dujanah,Female,Rain., 777,Dunia,Female,The world., 778,Durdanah,Female,Pearl., 779,Durrah,Female,Pearl., 780,Ehan,Male,Full moon., 781,Ehsaas,Male,Feel., 782,Ehsan,Male,Powerful., 783,Eijaz,Male,Miracle., 784,Eiliyah,Female,The beautiful one to grow in peace and love with God., 785,Eimaan,Female,Faith., 786,Eiman,Female,Faith., 787,Ejaz,Male,To do something which others cannot do; a miracle; inimitability., 788,El-Amin,Male,Trustworthy., 789,Eliza,Female,Unique, precious.
790 Elma Female Apple.
791 Eman Female Faith.
792 Emran Male Progress, Achievement.
793 Enisa Female Good friend.
794 Eraj Female Morning light.
795 Erina Female Beautiful lady.
796 Ermina Female Friendly.
797 Erum Female Heaven
798 Esha'al Female Protected by god.
799 Eshal Female The name of flower in the heaven.
800 Eshan Male In God Grace, Worthy.
801 Eshmaal Female Bunch of red roses.
802 Ezzah Female A person who gives the honour, respect.
803 Faaiz Male Successful, Prosperous, Victories.
804 Faakhir Male Proud, Excellent
805 Faaris Male Horseman, Knight.
806 Faaz Male Victorius, successful.
807 Fadeelah Female Superiority.
808 Fadi Male Redeemer.
809 Fadil Male Honourable, outstanding.
810 Fadila Female Good looking, attractive.
811 Fadilah Female Distinguished, learned.
812 Fadl Male Reward, favour.
813 Fadwah Female Name derived from self-sacrifice.
814 Fadyaa Female Sacrificing.
815 Faeezah Female Leader
816 Faekah Female Wise.
817 Faeq Male Surpassing, excellent.
818 Fahad Male Lynx, wild cat.
819 Fahd Male Lynx.
820 Faheem Male Intelligent.
821 Faheemah Female Intelligent.
822 Fahim Male U ndrestanding, clever, wise.
823 Fahima Female Intelligent
824 Fahmi Male Understanding.
825 Fahmida Female Intelligent and Wise.
826 Fahyim Male Very Clever.
827 Faiha Female Good smell from heaven.
828 Faik Male Surpassing, excellent, leader.
829 Faiq Male Superior, Ascendant, Outstanding.
830 Faiqa Female Superior, Outstanding
831 Fairuzah Female A precious gem
832 Faisal Male Strong, handsome.
833 Faiyaz Male Artistic.
834 Faiz Male Grace, favour.
835 Faiza Female Gain.
836 Faizaan Male Grace, Favour.
837 Faizah Female Successful.
838 Faizan Male Ruler.
839 Fajaruddin Male The First.
840 Fajer Male Morning.
841 Fajr Female The dawn, name of the morning prayer.
842 Fakeeh Male Cheerful.
843 Fakeehah Female Cheerful.
844 Fakhirah Female Splendid, Elegant.
845 Fakhr Male Pride, Something to feel proud about.
846 Fakhra Female Good, new.
847 Fakhri Male Honorary, glorious, proud.
848 Fakhrul Male Proud.
849 Fakhtah Female A dove.
850 Fakih Male Humorous.
851 Fakihah Female Fruit.
852 Falah Male Success.
853 Falak Female Breeze.
854 Falaknaz Female Sky.
855 Falaq Female Break of dawn.
856 Falisha Female Happiness.
857 Faqeeh Male Jurist, Scholar of religious laws.
858 Farafisa Male Name of a companion, bin Umayr al-Hanafi.
859 Faraj Male There have been men with this name.
860 Farasat Male Perception, sagacity.
861 Faraz Male Ascent, height.
862 Fardeen Male Radiant.
863 Fareed Male Unique, incomparable.
864 Farees Male Braverer.
865 Farhan Male Glad, happy, joyful.
866 Farid Male Unique.
867 Faris Male Horseman, rider, knight.
868 Farooq Male Comely, One who distinguishes truth from falsehood.
869 Farrukh Male Happy, Auspicious.
870 Faruq Male One who distinguishes truth from falsehood.
871 Farwah Male Name of a few of the companions.
872 Fasahat Male Eloquence.
873 Faseeh Male Eloquent (Suggested name FASEEUDDIN).
874 Fateen Male Clever, Smart
875 Fateenah Male Intelligent.
876 Fateh Male Victory.
877 Fatih Male Victor, conquerer, the opener (eg: surah al-Fath).", 878,Fatiha,Male,Opening., 879,Fatik,Male,Deadly, Lethal.
880 Fattah Male One who attains victory.
881 Fawad Male Heart
882 Fawwaz Male Successful.
883 Fawz Male Success, Salvation.
884 Fawzan Male Successful, Salvation.
885 Fawzi Male Successful.
886 Fayaaz Male Kind & Generous; Gracious.
887 Fayd Male Abundance.
888 Fayek Male Surpassing, excellent, superior, outstanding
889 Faysal Male Decisive.
890 Fayzan Male Beneficence.
891 Fazal Male Grace.
892 Fazan Male Ruler.
893 Feroz Male Shinning.
894 Fida Male Sacrifice.
895 Fiddah Male Silver.
896 Fidyan Male Person who makes sacrifice.
897 Firas Male Perspicacious.
898 Firoz Male Gift.
899 Fizan Male Breeze.
900 Fuad Male Heart.
901 Fudail Male Excellent in character.
902 Fujai Male Name of Prophets (S.A.W) companion.
903 Furozh Male Light.
904 Fuwad Male Heart.
905 Fuzail Male An accomplished person.
906 Gazala Female Intelligent, charming
907 Ghadah Female Beautiful.
908 Ghaith Male Rain.
909 Ghalib Male Victor.
910 Ghalibah Female Dominant.
911 Ghaliyah Female Fragrant, beloved, valuable.
912 Ghaneemah Female Spoils, booty.
913 Ghanem Male Successful.
914 Ghania Female Beautiful
915 Ghaniyah Female A daughter of Afeef bin Amr Abdul Qays had this name; she was a very generous, philanthorpic woman.", 916,Ghannam,Male,Shepherd., 917,Ghareebah,Female,Strange, foreign.
918 Ghasaan Male Old Arabic name
919 Ghauth Male Helper, Defender.
920 Ghawth Male Help, succour.
921 Ghayda Female Young and delicate.
922 Ghayoor Male Self-respecting.
923 Ghazal Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
924 Ghazala Female Deer, like a deer.
925 Ghazalan Male Spinner.
926 Ghazanfar Male Lion
927 Ghazawan Male Warrior, companion of Prophet (S.A.W).
928 Ghazi Male Conqueror, warrior.
929 Ghaziyah Female Female Warrior.
930 Ghazzal Male Name of a reciter of Quran.
931 Ghitbah Female She was a narrator of hadith.
932 Ghiyath Male Aid, Succourer.
933 Ghizlan Female From gazzalle.
934 Ghufayrah Female This was the name of a very pious woman who kept vigil in the night.
935 Ghufran Male Forgiving, to conceal.
936 Ghulam Male Slave, Servant.
937 Ghumaysa Female Her kuniyah was Umm Sulaym; she was a front-rank companion (R.A) and narrated ahadith; she died in the times of Sayyidina Uthman (R.A).
938 Ghunayn Male One who collects booty.
939 Ghusharib Male Brave.
940 Ghusoon Female Branches of a tree
941 Ghusun Male Branches of tree.
942 Ghutayf Male Affluent.
943 Ghuzayyah Female She was a narrator of hadith.
944 Gohar Male Diamond, precious stone.
945 Gulab Male Rose.
946 Gulbano Female Rose.
947 Gul-e-Rana Female Sweet-smelling rose.
948 Gulfam Male Rose faced.
949 Gulshan Male A flower Garden.
950 Gulzar Male A Garden, an inhabited town.
951 Haajar Female Hard as a rock.
952 Haaris Male Friend.
953 Haashir Male Gatherer.
954 Haaziq Male Intelligent, Skillfull.
955 Hababah Female A daughter of Ajlan; She was a narrator of Hadith.
956 Habeebullah Male Beloved of Allah.
957 Habib Male Beloved.
958 Habiba Female Beloved, Sweetheart, Darling
959 Habibah Female Beloved, sweetheart, darling.
960 Habis Male A narrator of Hadith.
961 Haboos Female Name of a kind and benevolent noble lady who lived in Lebanon.
962 Hadee Male Director, guide.
963 Hadeeqa Female Gorgeus.
964 Hadeeqah Female Garden.
965 Hadhirah Female Sweet smelling, smart, leader.
966 Hadi Male Guide.
967 Hadil Female Is the voice of a dove.
968 Hadiyah Female Guide to righteousness.
969 Hafeezah Female Keeper of the sacred book.
970 Hafid Male The wise one.
971 Hafiz Male Protector, guardian.
972 Hafs Male Lion, Young of Lion.
973 Hafsa Female Moon, Beautiful.
974 Hafsa Female Baby lion, young lioness.
975 Hafsa/Ucha Female The name of wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
976 Hafsah Female A wife of the Prophet (S.A.W).
977 Hafthah Female Preserved, Protected
978 Haider Male Lion.
979 Haifa Female Slender, Of beautiful body
980 Haikal Male Tale.
981 Haitham Male Eagle.
982 Haiza Female Royalty.
983 Hajar Female Wife of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S).
984 Haji Male Pilgrim.
985 Hajib Male Doorman, janitor, bailiff, eyebrow, edge, covering.
986 Hajjah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
987 Hajjaj Male Orbit, eye socket, Orgument, debate.
988 Hajna Female Daughter of Nusayb, she was a poetess.
989 Hajrah Female The wife of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S).
990 Hakim Male Brother.
991 Hakimah Female Wise, judicious.
992 Halah Female Aureole.
993 Haleef Male Ally, confederate.
994 Haleem Male Patient.
995 Haleema Female Gentle, patient.
996 Haleema Female Gentle, patient.
997 Halima Female Foster mother of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
998 Halimah Female Gentle, patient, mild-tempered.
999 Hallaj Male Cotton ginner.
1000 Halwani Male Confectioner.
1001 Hamamah Female This was the name of a female slave who suffered much punishment for the sake of Allah but Sayyidina Abu Bakr (R.A) bought her and emancipated her.
1002 Hamd Male Praise, lauding.
1003 Hamdan Male The one who lauds, extols.
1004 Hamdhy Male Sympathy, blessing.
1005 Hamdi Male Of praise, commendable.
1006 Hameeda Female Praiseworthy
1007 Hameem Male Friend.
1008 Hami Male Protector, Patron, Supporter, defender.
1009 Hamid Male Praising, Allah, commendable.
1010 Hamidah Female Praising Allah, appreciative.
1011 Hamiz Male Brave, strong.
1012 Hammad Male Praising (Allah).
1013 Hammam Male A great man, a chief, a hero.
1014 Hamnah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
1015 Hamood Male One who praises Allah.
1016 Hamra Female Red.
1017 Hamza Male Lion.
1018 Hamzah Male Lion.
1019 Hana Female Bliss, felicity.
1020 Hanan Female Mercy.
1021 Hanash Male A hadith was narrated by a man with the same name.
1022 Haneef Male Upright, true.
1023 Haneefah Female True Believer.
1024 Hanfa Female Name of the wife of Sayyidina Ismail (A.S).
1025 Hani Male Delighted, content.
1026 Haniah Female Pleasant, agreeable.
1027 Hanif Male True believer.
1028 Hanifa Female Pure Muslim.
1029 Hanifah Male Upright.
1030 Hanin Female Longing, yearning.
1031 Haniyah Female Pleasant.
1032 Hannah Female Affection.
1033 Hannan Female Mercy.
1034 Haq Male Power.
1035 Hareem Female Walls of House of Kabba
1036 Haris Male Vigilant guardian.
1037 Harisah Male Guardian, protector.
1038 Harith Male Ploughman, cultivator.
1039 Haroon Male A Prophet's name.
1040 Hasan Male Handsome, good.
1041 Haseeb Male Respected, esteemed.
1042 Haseen Male Beautiful, Smart.
1043 Haseena Female Welfare.
1044 Hasham Male Servant.
1045 Hashid Male One who rallies people, crowded, gathered.
1046 Hashim Male Generous (Great grandfather of the Prophet).
1047 Hashir Male One who assembles.
1048 Hashmat Male Dignity, Glory.
1049 Hasib Male The reckoner.
1050 Hasinah Female Pretty, beautiful.
1051 Hasna Female Pretty.
1052 Hassan Male Really beautiful or one who beautifies.
1053 Hatib Male A wood collector.
1054 Hatim Male Judge.
1055 Hawshab Male A son of Iama Muslim had this name.
1056 Hawwa Female Eve.
1057 Hayaat Male Life.
1058 Hayah Female Life.
1059 Hayam Female Deliriously in love
1060 Hayat Female Life.
1061 Hayder Male Means lion in Arabic. This was another name of Ali, the husband of Fatima - daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).", 1062,Hayfa,Female,Slender, of beautiful body.
1063 Hayrah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
1064 Haytham Male Young hawk.
1065 Hayyam Male Loving.
1066 Hazim Male Discreet, prudent.
1067 Hazimah Female A female companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
1068 Haziq Male Intelligent, skillful.
1069 Haziqah Female Clever, intelligent, beautiful.
1070 Hazirah Female Clean.
1071 Heba Female Gift.
1072 Heela Female Hope.
1073 Hena Female Someone who is polite.
1074 Henna Female Blessed.
1075 Hesam Male A sharp sword.
1076 Hessa Female Destiny
1077 Heyam Female One of the many levels or degrees of love.
1078 Hiba Female Gift.
1079 Hibah Male Grant, donation.
1080 Hibatullah Female Gift of Allah.
1081 Hibba Female Gift from Allah.
1082 Hibbaan Male Fleshy.
1083 Hibbah Female Gift of God.
1084 Hidayah Female Guidance.
1085 Hidayat Male Instruction.
1086 Hidiyah Female As One.
1087 Hifza Female Protective angel.
1088 Hijab Female Daughter of a Scholar from Baghdad.
1089 Hijrah Female The journey the Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) made from Mecca to Madinah.
1090 Hilal Male Crescent.
1091 Hilwana Female Lovely, beautiful.
1092 Himayat Male Protection, Support.
1093 Hind Female India.
1094 Hindah Female Wife of Abu Sufyan.
1095 Hira Female Darkness.
1096 Hirah Female Mount Hirah, named after the mountain where the Holy Qur'an was delivered to Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).
1097 Hisham Male Generosity.
1098 Hissan Male Generous.
1099 Hoda Female Wealth.
1100 Hodan Female Guidance.
1101 Hooman Male Good soul, good natured.
1102 Hoor Female A virgin maiden of Paradise for its dwellers.
1103 Hooria Female Angel of Heaven.
1104 Hooriya Female Angel
1105 Hooriyah Female Name comes from hoor of heaven.
1106 Horia Female Angel.
1107 Hosaam Male Sword.
1108 Houda Male Guided.
1109 Hubaab Male Bubble of Water.
1110 Hubayshah Female She was a poetess.
1111 Hubba Female Daughter of Maalik bin Amr al-Adwaniyah.
1112 Hud Male A Prophet's name.
1113 Huda Female Right guidance.
1114 Hujaymah Female Attack; This was the name of Huyama al-Awsabiyah al-Danishqiyah; she was a jurist of great rank and a very pious woman; however, another greater woman, wife of Abu Darda, was known as Umm Darda, she had this name and she was a narrator of Hadith.
1115 Hujayrah Female She was a narrator of hadith.
1116 Hujayyah Male The father of Ajlah bin Abdullah was so called.
1117 Hujjat Male Argument, reasoning, proof.
1118 Hukaymah Female She was the daughter of Umaymah daughter of Ruqayqah (R.A) a companion; another woman by this name, daughter of Mahmood bin Muhammad was a reciter of the Quran.
1119 Huma Female An Imaginary bird.
1120 Humaid Male Praised.
1121 Humair Male Red.
1122 Humaira Female From the arabic name meaning reddish! Title name of Aisha (R.A) one who strives to achieve her utmost best!
1123 Humam Male Courageous, generous.
1124 Humaydah Female She was a narrator of hadith.
1125 Humayl Male A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
1126 Humayrah Female Red.
1127 Humayun Male Blessed, sacred, royal, imperial.
1128 Humd Male Praise of Allah.
1129 Humera Female The imaginary bird who soars the highest.
1130 Humra Female Beautiful, Rose.
1131 Humza Male The name Humza is one of the arabic alphabets.
1132 Hunaydah Female She was a narrator of hadith.
1133 Hurairah Male Narrator of Hadith, a close companion to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).
1134 Hurayth Male A small cultivator.
1135 Hurmat Male Chastity, sacred.
1136 Hurrah Male Liberal, free.
1137 Hurya Female Angel
1138 Husam Male Sword.
1139 Husn Female Beauty
1140 Husna Female Beautiful.
1141 Husni Male Good, handsome.
1142 Husniya Female Beautiful
1143 Hussain Male Handsome, beautiful.
1144 Hussein Male Handsome, Beautiful.
1145 Huthayfa Male Old Arabic name
1146 Huzaifah Male Curtailed, shortened.
1147 Huzayfah Male Curtailing, shortening, curtailed, short.
1148 Huzayl Male Bin Shurah bil had this name.
1149 Ibaad Male A worshipper.
1150 Ibn Male Son of.
1151 Ibrahim Male A Prophet's name.
1152 Ibthaj Female Joy.
1153 Ibtihal Female Supplication, prayer.
1154 Ibtisam Female Smile.
1155 Idris Male A Prophet's name.
1156 Iffah Female Purity, modesty.
1157 Iffat Female Chastity.
1158 Ifra Female Giving happiness.
1159 Iftikhar Male Proud.
1160 Ifza Female Protective angel.
1161 Ihab Male Leather.
1162 Ihsan Male Beneficence.
1163 Ihtesham Male Respectable, honourable, present personality.
1164 Ihtiram Male Honour, hold in honour.
1165 Ihtsham Male Strength.
1166 Ijabo Female Hope.
1167 Ijaz Male Miracle.
1168 Ijli Male This was the name of the makes of astrolabes.
1169 Ikram Female Honour, hospitality, generosity.
1170 Ikramiya Female Honorable, Dignified.
1171 Ikrimah Male A companions name.
1172 Ilaaf Female Protection.
1173 Ilan Male Good person.
1174 Ilham Female Intuition, inspiration.
1175 Ilhan Female Respectfull, nice, precious.
1176 Ilifat Male Friendship, kindness, obligation.
1177 Ilm Female Slave girl belonging to Zubaydah, wife of Harun al-Rashid had this name.
1178 Ilyas Male A Prophet's name.
1179 Imaad Male Pillar of strength, confident.
1180 Imaan Male Faith.
1181 Imad Male Support, pillar, confidence.
1182 Iman Female Faith, belief.
1183 Imani Female Faith, Belief.
1184 Imran Male A Prophet's name.
1185 Imthithal Female Polite obedience
1186 Imtiaz Male Different, antique.
1187 Imtihal Female Polite, obedience.
1188 Imtiyaz Male Distinct
1189 Inaam Male Reward, favour, Prize.
1190 Inaaya Female Gift of Allah.
1191 In'am Female Kindness, benefaction, bestowal.
1192 Inan Female A slave girl belonging to Haroon al-Rashid (Fih).
1193 Inas Female Sociability, geniality.
1194 Inaya Female Concern, Solicitude.
1195 Inayah Female Concern.
1196 Inayat Male Bounty, Kindness, favour.
1197 Inga Female Powerful.
1198 Iniat Male Blessing.
1199 Insaf Male To Judge with Justice.
1200 Insha Female Creation, origination.
1201 Intaj Male King, magnificent.
1202 Intessar Female Victory
1203 Intikhab Male Selection, choice.
1204 Intisar Female Triumph.
1205 Intizar Male Wait.
1206 Iqbal Male Responsiveness.
1207 Iqra Female To recite.
1208 Iqraam Male To be of assistance, respect.
1209 Iqrit Male A man of early Islam about whom amusing tales are told.
1210 Iqtidar Male Power, Office, Authority.
1211 Iraj Female Flower.
1212 Iram Female Garden in heaven.
1213 Irem Female A Garden in Heaven
1214 Irfan Male Gratefulness.
1215 Irsa Female Rainbow.
1216 Irum Female A garden in heaven.
1217 Isa Male A Prophet's name. (Jesus (A.S)).
1218 Isam Male Protector.
1219 Isbah Female Light.
1220 Isha Female Night Prayer.
1221 Ishaal Female Heaven's flower.
1222 Ishaq Male A Prophet's name.
1223 Ishraq Female The coming up of the sun.
1224 Ishrat Male Society, Familiar and pleasant talk, happiness.
1225 Ishtiyaq Male Longing, craving.
1226 Isir Female Inspiritional, strong.
1227 Iskandar Male SEE SIKANDAR.
1228 Islam Male Submission to Allah.
1229 Isma Female Safeguarding.
1230 Ismah Male Preservation, infallibility.
1231 Ismail Male A prophets name.
1232 Isma'il Male A Prophet's name.
1233 Ismat Female Pious.
1234 Isra Female Walking in the night, Journeys by night.
1235 Israr Male Insist, never gives up.
1236 Issar Male Sacrifice.
1237 Istabraq Female Brocade.
1238 Istakhri Male A shafaee jurist.
1239 Ithaar Male Selflessness.
1240 Itimad Male Trust, faith.
1241 Iyaad Male Generous.
1242 Iyaas Male Compensation.
1243 Izaan Male Obedience.
1244 Izdihar Female Flourishing, blooming.
1245 Izma Female Higher poistion, Esteemed previledge & honour.
1246 Izyan Male Intelligent, wise.
1247 Izz Male Glory, honour, Prestige, High Standing.
1248 Izz an-Nisa Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
1249 Izzah (Izzat) Female Slave girl. The daughter of Umar bin Mumal was named Jariyah. Before he had become a Muslim, she was the slave of Umar (R.A) and he used to trash her very harshly that she might revoke Islam but she did not and finally he himself became a Muslim.
1250 Izzat Male High rank, honour.
1251 Jaan Male Life, Soul.
1252 Jabalah Female Daughter of Musafh; she was a narrator of hadith.
1253 Jabeen Female Forehead.
1254 Jabir Male Consoler, Comforter, restorer.
1255 Jabr Male Compulsion name of a companion.
1256 Jabrayah Female Love, respect.
1257 Jad Male Curly, Frizzled.
1258 Jafar Male Rivulet, stream.
1259 Jaffer Male Flowing water.
1260 Jahaan Female Land.
1261 Jahan Female Land.
1262 Jahan Aara Female Adornment of the world.
1263 Jahan Khatoon Female She was a Persian poet.
1264 Jahanara Female To flower, to live.
1265 Jahangir Male A moghul emperor had this name.
1266 Jahanzeb Male Beautiful
1267 Jahdamah Female She was a female companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
1268 Jahdami Male An authority for hadith had this name.
1269 Jahdari Male An authority of Quran had this name.
1270 Jahida Female Helps the vulnarable.
1271 Jahiz Male Ogle-eyed.
1272 Jahm Male Sullen.
1273 Jahmyyllah Female Beautiful one
1274 Jaiyana Female Strength.
1275 Jalal Male Glory, grandeur.
1276 Jalees Male Companion, friend, person with whom one sits.
1277 Jalil Male Great, revered.
1278 Jalilah Female Splendid.
1279 Jamal Male Beauty.
1280 Jameela Female Beautiful.
1281 Jameelah Female Beautiful.
1282 Jamesha Male Beautiful leader.
1283 Jamia Female Beautiful.
1284 Jamil Male Beautiful, lovely.
1285 Jamila Female Beautiful, Graceful, Lovely
1286 Jamilah Female Beautiful, graceful.
1287 Jammana Female Pearl.
1288 Jana Female Products (Fruits) of Paradise - In Surah Al-Rahman.
1289 Janan Female Heart, Soul.
1290 Jannah Female Heaven, paradise.
1291 Jaraah Male Surgeon; name of tabaree.
1292 Jareer Male Corpulent.
1293 Jari Male Powerful, brave.
1294 Jariyah Male Name of a Ashb-as-Suffa.
1295 Jarood Male Name of a companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
1296 Jarrar Male Brave.
1297 Jaseena Female Nice Heart.
1298 Jasim Male Healthy.
1299 Jasim. Male Powerful, strong.
1300 Jasmin Female Flower.
1301 Jasmina Female Flower.
1302 Jasmir Male Strong.
1303 Jasrah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
1304 Jauhar Male Gem, jewel.
1305 Javairea Female Mysterious.
1306 Javeed Male Forever.
1307 Javier Male Month of January.
1308 Jawad Male Liberal, generous.
1309 Jawahir Female Precious stones, jewels.
1310 Jawdan Male Goodness.
1311 Jawhar Male Jewel, gem.
1312 Jawharah Female Jewel, gem.
1313 Jaza Female Reward, compensation.
1314 Jazeera Female Island.
1315 Jazib Male Beautiful, Handsome.
1316 Jazira Female Island.
1317 Jaziya Female Granting.
1318 Jazlaan Male Happiness.
1319 Jeelan Male It is a city in Iran.
1320 Jehaan Female Creative mind.
1321 Jehan Female Beautiful Flower.
1322 Jemimah Female Beautiful.
1323 Jenna Female Heaven, Paradise.
1324 Jennah Female Paradise.
1325 Jessenia Female Flower.
1326 Jian Female Life.
1327 Jibran Male Reward.
1328 Jibril Male Archangel of Allah (Gabriel).
1329 Jihad Male Struggle, Islamically sanctioned war.
1330 Jihan Female Heavenly Place.
1331 Jiyad Male Very good.
1332 Juayl Male Quarrdsome.
1333 Jubair Male Counsels or brings together.
1334 Judamah Female She was the daughter of Wahb; she was a companion and a narrator of Hadith.
1335 Juhaym Male Sullen.
1336 Juma' Male Friday.
1337 Jumaana Female Silver Pearl.
1338 Jumanah Male Pearl; name of a companion.
1339 Jumaymah Female Name of a female companion.
1340 Jumaynah Female Gem, name of a female companion.
1341 Jummal Male Unit of army.
1342 Junaid Male Fighter, worrier whose strength is equal to a small army.
1343 Junainah Female Garden of paradise.
1344 Junayd Male Fighter, warrior.
1345 Jundub Male Grasshopper (name of a companion).
1346 Junnut Female Heaven.
1347 Juthamah Male Nightmare (name of companion).
1348 Juwariyah Female She was the wife of the Prophet (S.A.W).
1349 Kaamil Male Perfect, accomplished.
1350 Kaashif Male Uncoverer, pioneer, discoverer.
1351 Kabeer Male Great
1352 Kabirah Female Elder, Big.
1353 Kadshah Female She was a companion.
1354 Kafeel Male Responsible, Surety, Sponsor.
1355 Kaheesha Female This was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa.
1356 Kainat Female Universe.
1357 Kaiser Male Emperor, King.
1358 Kajji Male An authority of hadith at Baghdad.
1359 Kalbi Male An authority on genealogy and the Quran.
1360 Kaleem Male Speaker, talker.
1361 Kaleema Male Public speaker, singer.
1362 Kaleemah Female Speaker.
1363 Kali Female Bud (of flower).
1364 Kalima Female Witness.
1365 Kaltham Female Name of al-Qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah.
1366 Kamal Male Perfection, completeness.
1367 Kamaliyah Female Perfection.
1368 Kamil Male Perfect, complete.
1369 Kamilah Female Perfect, complete.
1370 Kamran Male Safety and helpful.
1371 Kaneez Female Slave.
1372 Kanval Female Flower.
1373 Kanwal Female Water Lily.
1374 Kanz Female Treasure.
1375 Kanza Female Hidden Treasure
1376 Kanzah Female Treasure.
1377 Karam Female Noble nature.
1378 Kardawiyah Female A pious woman, daughter of Amr al-Basriyah was so named.
1379 Kareem Male Noble, generous.
1380 Karim Male Giver.
1381 Karima Female Precious, perfect.
1382 Karimah Female Generous, noble.
1383 Kas Female Glass.
1384 Kasam Male The king.
1385 Kashan Male Place of rulers.
1386 Kashif Male Uncoverer
1387 Kashifah Female Revealer of Secrets.
1388 Kashish Female Attraction.
1389 Kasim Male Lovely.
1390 Kathirah Female Plenty.
1391 Kaukab Female Star.
1392 Kausar Female River in janna (paradise).
1393 Kawkab Male Star.
1394 Kawthar Male Much, Abundant, Copious. (Name of a river in paradise).
1395 Kayan Female Morning light of the sun.
1396 Kaysah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
1397 Kaysan Male Wise.
1398 Kazi Male Judge.
1399 Kazim Male Restrainer of anger.
1400 Kehara Female Precious.
1401 Kehkashan Female Galaxy.
1402 Keyaan Male Crown, King.
1403 Khadeeja Female Prophet's first wife.
1404 Khadija Female First wife of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).
1405 Khadijah Female First wife of the Prophet (S.A.W).
1406 Khadim Male Servant, attendant.
1407 Khadra Female Green, Green of the Jennah. ( Green is a holy color)
1408 Khafid Male Easy, comfortable, smooth.
1409 Khalaf Male Successor, Descendants.
1410 Khalam Male Servent to Allah.
1411 Khaldun Male Implies eternity.
1412 Khaleed Male Abiding.
1413 Khaleel Male Friend.
1414 Khaleel Male Best friend.
1415 Khaleeq Male Suitable (for), Worthm Deserving, Polite, Affable, Well-disposed.
1416 Khalid Male Eternal, glorious.
1417 Khalidah Female Abiding, Forever.
1418 Khalifah Male Successor, Caliph.
1419 Khalil Male Good friend.
1420 Khalilah Female Good friend.
1421 Khalis Male Pure, Clean.
1422 Khalisah Female Pure, clear.
1423 Khallad Male Old, Aged. (also name of Prophets (S.A.W) companion.
1424 Khansa Female Old Arabic name.
1425 Kharijah Male Outside, external.
1426 Kharqa Female Strong, wind.
1427 Khasib Male Fertile, Productive, Profuse.
1428 Khateeb Male Orator, Preacher.
1429 Khatera Female Memory.
1430 Khatira Female Precious memory.
1431 Khatoon Female Lady.
1432 Khawar Male From east to west.
1433 Khawlah Female One who has beautiful features.
1434 Khayaam Male Iranian Poet, Tent.
1435 Khayr Male Goodness, health, Safe
1436 Khayrah Female Good.
1437 Khayri Male Charitable.
1438 Khayriyah Female Charitable, good.
1439 Khayriyyah Female Charitable.
1440 Khayyat Male Tailor.
1441 Khazanah Female Treasure.
1442 Khazin Male Treasurer.
1443 Khidash Male Name of Prophet (S.A.W)'s companion.
1444 Khidr Male Green.
1445 Khidrah Female Green.
1446 Khirash Male Scratching, Scraping, (name of a companion).
1447 Khubaib Male Shinning.
1448 Khubayb Male A fast walker, (name of companion).
1449 Khudrah Female Greenery.
1450 Khulaybah Female This was the name of an Arab poetess.
1451 Khulayd Male Abiding, (name of companion).
1452 Khulud Female Immorality.
1453 Khunays Male Hidden (name of companion).
1454 Khuraymah Male (name of companion).
1455 Khurram Male Cheerful, Happy.
1456 Khursheed Male The sun.
1457 Khurshid Male Sun.
1458 Khusbakht Female Lucky.
1459 Khush Bakht Male Fortunate, of good fortune.
1460 Khushtar Male Sarrounded by happiness.
1461 Khuwaylah Female Gazelle.
1462 Khuzamah Female Lavender.
1463 Kifayat Male Enough, sufficient.
1464 Kinza Male Hidden Treasure.
1465 Kishwar Male A country, region.
1466 Kiswar Female Territory.
1467 Koila Female Charcoal.
1468 Komal Female Beautiful.
1469 Komila Female Complete.
1470 Kuaybah Female A distinguished woman of her times was so named; she was the daughter of Sad al-Aslamiyah and she offered allegiance (bayah) to the Prophet (S.A.W) after hijrah; she treated the ill and performed surgery on Saeed bin Muuaz when he was hit in the Battle of
1471 Kuhaylah Female Name of a pious woman who was a good speaker.
1472 Kulthum Female Daughter of Ahmad bin Ali al-Asiwatiyah was a righteous woman who had memorised the Quran; there were many other women of this name including a daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W) a daughter of Sayyidina Abu Bakar (R.A) etc.
1473 Kunza Female Hidden treasure.
1474 Kurat-ul-Ain Female Coolness of eyes.
1475 Kurayb Male Ibn Abi Muslim al-Hashami had this name.
1476 Kuwaysah Female Pretty.
1477 Kwairah Female The prettiest.
1478 Kyda Female Preserved, Strong.
1479 Laaibah Female Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens). She will be in jannat al firdous.
1480 Laaiqah Female Worthy, deserving, capable.
1481 Labeeb Male Understanding, Sensible, Intelligent.
1482 Labeebah Female Intelligent, wise, brillant.
1483 Labib Male Sensible, intelligent.
1484 Labibah Female Understanding, intelligent.
1485 Lahi'ah Male A narrator of hadith.
1486 Laiba Female Angel of heaven.
1487 Laila Female Of the Night.
1488 Laiq Male Deserving.
1489 Laiqa Female Intelligent, smile.
1490 Laith Male Lion.
1491 Lajlaj Male One of prophet's (S.A.W) companions.
1492 Lama Female Darkness of lips.
1493 Lamees Female Pure silk.
1494 Lamis Female Soft.
1495 Lamisa Female Soft to the touch.
1496 Lamisah Female Soft to the touch.
1497 Lamiya Female Dark lipped.
1498 Lamya Female Of dark lips.
1499 Lana Female Wool.
1500 Lanika Female The Best.
1501 Laqeet Male Well known companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
1502 Laraib Female Without a doubt.
1503 Lashirah Female Very intelligent.
1504 Lateef Male Kind.
1505 Latif Male Fine, gentle, refined.
1506 Latifa Female Gentle. Kind. Pleasant, Friendly.
1507 Latifah Female Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly.
1508 Layla Female Born at night, dark beauty.
1509 Layth Male A famous jurist had this name.
1510 Layyah Female Twist, Flexure.
1511 Leem Female Peace.
1512 Leen Female Tender.
1513 Leena Female Plant of dates, soft, mild, clemency.
1514 Leila Female Night.
1515 Leilah Female Night.
1516 Leyla Female Night.
1517 Liba Female Most Beautiful (Hoor in jannah).
1518 Liban Male Succesfull, charmed.
1519 Limazah Male He was a narrator of hadith.
1520 Lina Female Palm tree.
1521 Liyana Female Softness, tenderness.
1522 Liyaqat Male Worth, deserving, merit.
1523 Lu Luah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
1524 Lu'ay Male Shield.
1525 Lubabah Female The innermost essence.
1526 Lubena Female Purity.
1527 Lubna Female Storaz, Systrax.
1528 Lujain Female Silver.
1529 Lujaina Female Silver
1530 Lu'lu Female Pearls.
1531 Luma Female Sunset.
1532 Luna Female Moon.
1533 Luqman Male A Prophet's name.
1534 Lut Male Name of a Prophet.
1535 Lutf Male Bounty, enjoyment.
1536 Lutfi Male Kind and friendly, gentle.
1537 Lutfiyah Female Delicate, graceful.
1538 Ma as-sama Female A noble hearted, generous lady, daughter of al-Muzaffar, had this name; she built a religious school.
1539 Maahnoor Female Glow of Moon.
1540 Maaz Male Brave Man.
1541 Mabad Male A place of worship.
1542 Madani Male Civilised.
1543 Madaniyah Female Civilised, cultured.
1544 Madeeha Female Praiseworty.
1545 Madhat Female Praise.
1546 Madia Female Praiseworthy.
1547 Madiha Female Praiseworthy.
1548 Madihah Female Praiseworthy.
1549 Madiyan Male Name of place in Saudi Arabia.
1550 Madyan Male Name of a holy place in Saudi Arabia where the Prophet (PBUH) used to visit.
1551 Maha Female Large eyes.
1552 Maha Female Moon like.
1553 Mahad Male Great, nice.
1554 Mahasin Female Beauty.
1555 Mahaz Male The place of war.
1556 Mahbasah Female A narrator of Hadith.
1557 Mahbeer Male Brave.
1558 Mahbub Male Dear, Darling, Sweetheart
1559 Mahd Male The guided one.
1560 Mahdi Male Rightly Guided
1561 Mahdiya Female Rightly Guided By Allah
1562 Maheen Male Fine or thin texture, feeble voice, Like the moon.
1563 Maheera Female Highly skilled, Expert.
1564 Mahek Female Fragrance.
1565 Maher Male Skilled.
1566 Mahfuj Male The Protected One, The Protector.
1567 Mahfuz Male Preserved, safe.
1568 Mahfuzah Female The protected one.
1569 Mahirah Female Adept, Expert.
1570 Mahja Male Place to sleep, quarters, lodgings.
1571 Mahjabeen Female Powerful.
1572 Mahmud Male The praised one, commendable.
1573 Mahneera Female First born of a pair.
1574 Mahneerah Female First born of a pair.
1575 Mahnoor Female Light of the moon.
1576 Mahreen Female Bright and Beautiful as the sun.
1577 Mahrosh Female Piece of moon, pleasant.
1578 Mahrukh Female Face like a moon, beautiful.
1579 Mahtob Female Moonlight.
1580 Mahum Female Moon's Light.
1581 Mahveen Female Light of the Sun.
1582 Mahvish Female Moon-face.
1583 Mahwish Female Beautiful like the moon.
1584 Mahwush Female As beautiful as the Moon.
1585 Maida Female Beautiful.
1586 Maira Female Moon.
1587 Ma'isah Female Walking with a proud, swinging gait.
1588 Maisarah Female Wealth, Richness.
1589 Maisha Female Pretty .
1590 Majd Male Glory, nobility.
1591 Majdi Male Glorious, praiseworthy.
1592 Majidah Female Glorious, noble, respected.
1593 Makhdoom Male One who is served.
1594 Makhtooma Female Name of a female singer of the past.
1595 Makhtoonah Female Name of a singer and a beautiful lady of the past.
1596 Makki Male Pertaining to Makkah.
1597 Malaika Female Angel.
1598 Malaikah Female Angel.
1599 Malak Female Angel.
1600 Malayeka Female Angel.
1601 Maleehah Female Salty, Graceful, Brownish colour.
1602 Malih Male A reciter of Quran was so called.
1603 Maliha Female Beautiful.
1604 Malik Male Master.
1605 Malika Female Queen.
1606 Malikah Female Queen.
1607 Malmal Female Soft.
1608 Mamduh Male Person commended, praised.
1609 Mamoon Male Secure, fearless.
1610 Ma'mun Male Trustworthy, reliable.
1611 Ma'n Male Assistance.
1612 Manahel Female Special flower.
1613 Manahil Female Spring of fresh water.
1614 Manal Female Attainment, achievement.
1615 Manar Female Guiding light (lighthouse).
1616 Manfoosah Female She was the daughter of Abu Yazid bin Abu al-Firwaris; a very pious woman, she wept often for fear of Allah.
1617 Manha Female Gift of Allah.
1618 Manhalah Female Spring.
1619 Mansoor Male Victorious.
1620 Mansur Male Divinely aided, victorious.
1621 Mansurah Female Supporter, victorious.
1622 Manzar Male View, Sight.
1623 Manzoor Male Approve(d), Accept(ed).
1624 Maqbool Male Popular.
1625 Maqboolah Female A noted woman of the past had this name; Maqboolah Hanim.
1626 Maqil Male Intelligent.
1627 Marah Female Happiness, joy.
1628 Maram Female Aspiration.
1629 Mardhiah Female One who is loved and respected by all.
1630 Marghoob Male Desirable, coveted, agreeable.
1631 Marhabah Female Welcome.
1632 Maria Female One of the wifes' of the prophet Muhammed (p.b.u.h).
1633 Mariam Female Mother of Isa (Jesus).
1634 Maridah Female A slave girl of Haroon Rashid had this name.
1635 Mariya Female Purity.
1636 Mariyah Female Oryx, Addax.
1637 Marjanah Female Precious stone.
1638 Marnia Female Wealthy in every aspect
1639 Maru'deen. Male Srtong believer of the religion.
1640 Maruf Male Known, accepted.
1641 Marwa Female A mountain in mekkah.
1642 Marwan Male Solid.
1643 Maryum Female Mother of Isa (A.S).
1644 Marzuq Male Blessed, fortunate.
1645 Masabeeh Female Lamps, Lights.
1646 Masarrat Male Happiness, delight, joy.
1647 Mashaal Female Light, bright.
1648 Mashal Female Light.
1649 Mash'al Male Torch.
1650 Mashel Female Light
1651 Mashhood Male Witness.
1652 Mashhud Male Clear, Manifest, Witnessed.
1653 Mashkoor Male One who is worthy of thanks, deserving, commendable.
1654 Mashoodah Female Evidenced.
1655 Masood Male Blissful, fortunate, auspicious.
1656 Masooma Female Innocent.
1657 Masoomah Female Innocent.
1658 Masoud Male Lucky.
1659 Masroor Male Happy person, joyfull.
1660 Masrur Male Happy, glad.
1661 Mastura Female Protected.
1662 Masud Male Fortunate, happy, lucky.
1663 Masum Male Innocent, infallible.
1664 Masumah Female Innocent.
1665 Mateen Male Solid, constant, tough, substantive.
1666 Mateenah Female Firm, Solid, determined.
1667 Matloob Male Objective, goal.
1668 Mawahib Female Talents.
1669 Mawara Female Superior.
1670 Mawiya Female Old arabic name.
1671 Mawiyah Female The mirror.
1672 Mawsil Male Name of Hanafi Jurist of Iraq.
1673 Maya Female Princess.
1674 Mayameen Female The blessed, the brave.
1675 Mayeda Female The fruits of heaven, the cloth on which you eat in Heaven, The suraah Mayeda in the Quran.
1676 Maymun Male Fortunate, blessed.
1677 Maymunah Female Auspicious, Blessed.
1678 Maysa Female To walk with a proud, swinging gait.
1679 Maysam Female The pollen in the flower, honey, sweet.
1680 Maysarah Male Ease, comfort.
1681 Maysoon Female Beautiful face & body.
1682 Maysun Female Of beautiful face and body.
1683 Mayyadah Female To walk with a swinging gait.
1684 Mazin Male Cloud that carries rain.
1685 Maznah Female Glorius.
1686 Mazneen Female Shining of gold.
1687 Medina Female Holy city of Saudi Arabia
1688 Meem Female The Arabic letter 'M' or 'Mim'.
1689 Meena Female Light.
1690 Mehak Female Fragrance.
1691 Mehboob Male Loveable.
1692 Mehek Female Smell, fragrance.
1693 Meher Female Benevolence.
1694 Meheroon Female Charming.
1695 Meherunissa Female Benevolent.
1696 Mehjabeen Female Beautiful as the moon, beloved person.
1697 Mehmuda Female Beautiful garden in medinah.
1698 Mehnaz Female Prouded like a moon.
1699 Mehndi Female Beautiful colour.
1700 Mehnoor Female Light of the moon.
1701 Mehr Female Full Moon.
1702 Mehreen Female Loving nature.
1703 Mehriban Female Kind, Gentle.
1704 Mehrish Female Wonderfull smell(mehak).
1705 Mehrnaz Female Kindness and sweetness.
1706 Mehrunisa Female Pretty woman.
1707 Mehtab Male The Moon.
1708 Mehvesh Female Light of the moon.
1709 Mehvish Female Bright Star.
1710 Mehwish Female Moon, beautiful.
1711 Mekka Male Name of Holy city.
1712 Memoona Female Gladful.
1713 Menaal Female Special flower of heaven.
1714 Mensur Male Winner.
1715 Mersiha Female The most beautiful.
1716 Mevish Female Strong.
1717 Meymona Female Good Fortune.
1718 Midhaa Female Appreciate.
1719 Mid'haa Female Appreciate.
1720 Midhah Female Praise.
1721 Miftah Male Key.
1722 Mika Male Cool, sweet, intelligent.
1723 Mikaeel Male Name of Allah's Angel.
1724 Mikael Male Name of an angel.
1725 Mika'il Male One of Allah's angel.
1726 Mikayeel Male One of the main Angels of Allah (SWT).
1727 Mikhail Male One of the main Angels of Allah (SWT).
1728 Mimar Male Mason, architect.
1729 Mina Female Light.
1730 Minaal Female To reach your destination.
1731 Minal Female Gift, achievement.
1732 Minhaj Male Road, Path.
1733 Minnah Female Mercy, gift from Allah.
1734 Miraj Male Ascension (to heaven).
1735 Mirsab Male The sword of the Prophet (S.A.W).
1736 Misba Female Innocent.
1737 Misbah Male Light, lamp.
1738 Misha Female Beautiful, Pretty.
1739 Mishall Female A light, beautiful, pretty.
1740 Mishel Female A Light.
1741 Miskeen Male Poor.
1742 Miskeenah Female Humble.
1743 Mistah Male Instrument to level something.
1744 Moazzam Male Respectable.
1745 Mobeen Male Sensitive.
1746 Mobena Female Cool.
1747 Moeen ud din Male Helper in the religion.
1748 Moeez Male Respectful.
1749 Moemen Male Believer and faithful to Allah
1750 Mohaddisa Female Story teller.
1751 Mohammed Male Name of final prophet (PBUH).
1752 Mohga Female The light of happiness.
1753 Mohid Male The one who believes in oneness of Allah Almighty.
1754 Mohsin Male Helper, attractive.
1755 Mohsina Female Righteous.
1756 Mokbul Male Accept.
1757 Momina Female Faithful, Truly Believing.
1758 Mona Female Wish, desire.
1759 Monera Female Shinning light, or guiding light.
1760 Mostafa Male Chosen one.
1761 Mo'tasim Male Handsome.
1762 Motaz Male Proud
1763 Mouna Female Water.
1764 Mounia Female A wish or dream come true.
1765 Mounir Male Light, sunlight.
1766 Mounira Female It's shining.
1767 Mourad Male Desire.
1768 Mu'adh Male Protected.
1769 Mu'afa Male Name of a man who travelled extensively to find Hadith.
1770 Mu'alla Male A judge and follower.
1771 Mu'allim Male Teacher.
1772 Muammar Male Senior.
1773 Muammer Male Senior.
1774 Mu'awiyah Male First Ummayad Caliph.
1775 Mu'awwiz Male Companion who participated in the Battle of Badr.
1776 Mu'ayyad Male Supported.
1777 Muazah Female She was a narrator of hadith.
1778 Muballigh Male Preacher, one who preaches and propagates Islam.
1779 Mubarak Male Blessed, fortunate, auspicious.
1780 Mubarakah Female Blessed.
1781 Mubaraq Male Blessing.
1782 Mubashir Male Spreader of good news.
1783 Mubashirah Female Bringer of good news.
1784 Mubassir Male Observer.
1785 Mubassirah Female One who comments.
1786 Mubeen Male Clear.
1787 Mubeenah Female One who makes something clear.
1788 Mubid Male Intellectual.
1789 Mudabbir Male One who plans.
1790 Mudasir Male Handsome.
1791 Mudasser Male A word in the Qur'an.
1792 Mueen Male One who helps.
1793 Mueez Male One who gives protection.
1794 Mufaddal Male One who is preferred.
1795 Mufakkir Male Thinker, one who meditates.
1796 Mufallah Male One who prospers.
1797 Mufeed Male (from the verb fada to overflow).
1798 Mufid Male Useful.
1799 Muflih Male One who prospers.
1800 Mufti Male Jurist
1801 Mughith Male Helper, succourer.
1802 Muhafiz Male One who protects.
1803 Muhaimin Male Supervising, guardian, protector.
1804 Muhajir Male Immigrant.
1805 Muhammad Male Praiseworthy - name of the LAST Prophet (A.S).
1806 Muhannad Male Sword.
1807 Muharrem Male 1st month of Islamic year.
1808 Muhdee Male One who presents.
1809 Muheet Male That which embraces all round.
1810 Muhib Male One who loves, friend.
1811 Muhriz Male Obtainer, winner, earner.
1812 Muhsin Male Beneficent, charitable.
1813 Muhsinah Female Charitable and kind.
1814 Muhtadi Male Right guided.
1815 Muhtashim Male One has many followers.
1816 Mu'inuddeen Male The Helper of the religion.
1817 Muiz Male The giver of might and glory.
1818 Muizza Female The empowerer, the honourer, the strengthener.
1819 Mujaddid Male One who renews or renovates or refreshes.
1820 Mujahid Male A warrior.
1821 Mujazziz Male Name of a companion.
1822 Mujeeb Male Responder.
1823 Mujibur Male Responsive.
1824 Mujtaba Male The chosen one.
1825 Mukarram Male Respected, honoured.
1826 Mukhlis Male Sincere, pure-hearted.
1827 Mukhtar Male Selected, authorised.
1828 Mukthadir Male Strong, health.
1829 Mulayl Male A companion was so named.
1830 Mumin Male One who believes.
1831 Mumina Female Lovely, sweet girl.
1832 Mumtaz Male One who is distinguished.
1833 Muna Female Water.
1834 Munaf Male Exalted, inconsistent with contradictory to.
1835 Munawar Female Bright.
1836 Munawwar Male Enlightened, lighted.
1837 Munazzah Female Sacred, clean, honest.
1838 Muneeb Male One who turns in repentance.
1839 Muneeba Female Beautiful.
1840 Muneer Male Shining.
1841 Muneerah Female Splendid, bright shine of light, illuminous.
1842 Munerah Female Illuminating, Shining.
1843 Muniba Female To consult with Allah, diverted toward Allah.
1844 Munir Male Moon's Light, Lamp.
1845 Munira Female Light, sunshine.
1846 Munis Male Name of a previous chief army guard.
1847 Munisa Female Gentle, friendly
1848 Munize Female One who brings good luck.
1849 Munkadir Male Name of an authority and ascetic of Hadith.
1850 Munqad Male One who is led, conducted, obedient.
1851 Muntasir Male One of the Abbasid Khalifah was known as such.
1852 Muntazir Male The awaitting.
1853 Munzir Male Warner.
1854 Muqadaas Female Holy, Pure.
1855 Muqaddas Male Sacred.
1856 Muqatadir Male Name of an Abbasid Khalifah.
1857 Muqbalah Female Name of a narrator of Hadith.
1858 Muqbil Male Following, next.
1859 Muqtasid Male One who is economical, thrifty.
1860 Murabbi Male Patron, Superior, guardian.
1861 Murad Male Desire.
1862 Murdiyyah Female Chosen one.
1863 Mursal Male Messenger, Prophet, Ambassador.
1864 Murshid Male Spiritual guide, instructor, mentor.
1865 Murshidah Female Guide.
1866 Murtaad Male Ascetical.
1867 Murtadaa Male Chosen one.
1868 Murtaza Male The generous, The giving.
1869 Musa Male A Prophets name.
1870 Musaddiq Male One who confirms or verifies another.
1871 Musaddiqah Female One who affirms the Truth.
1872 Musaid Male Helper.
1873 Musaykah Female She narrated hadith from Sayyidina Ayshah.
1874 Museeb Male Apple in persian. Also means great warrior.
1875 Musharraf Male One who is honoured, exalted.
1876 Musheer Male Advisor.
1877 Mushfiq Male Friend, considerate.
1878 Mushir Male "The one of highest rank was used mostly in military in the past, now used to describe many things in arabic. ", 1879,Mushira,Female,Advisor, Guide.
1880 Mushtaq Male Ardent, Longing.
1881 Muskaan Female Smile.
1882 Muskan Female Smile, Happy.
1883 Muslih Male Reformer.
1884 Muslim Male One who submits to Allah.
1885 Muslimah Female Devout believer.
1886 Mussah Female She narrated Hadith.
1887 Mussaret Female Happiness.
1888 Mussarrat Male Joyful, always happy.
1889 Mustaeen Male The chosen one.
1890 Musta'eenah Female One who prays for help.
1891 Mustafa Male The choosen one, also one of the Prophets names.
1892 Mustafeed Male Profiting, gainful.
1893 Mustahsan Male Commendable.
1894 Mustajab Male One who is heard.
1895 Mustakim Male Straight road.
1896 Mustaneer Male Brilliant.
1897 Mustaqeem Male Straight.
1898 Mustatab Male Good, Delectable.
1899 Mutahharah Female Purified, chaste.
1900 Mutahhir Male What Purifies.
1901 Mutashim Male Decent, honest and modest.
1902 Mutasim Male Kept away from sin; name of Khalifah.
1903 Mutawassit Male Moderate, average.
1904 Mutayyib Male Fragrant.
1905 Mutazah Female A narrator of Hadith.
1906 Muttaqi Male Righteous, one who fears Allah.
1907 Muttee Male Obedient.
1908 Muzaffar Male Victorious.
1909 Muzakkir Male Reminder.
1910 Muzammil Male The wrapped one.
1911 Muzaynah Female Adornment.
1912 Muzhir Male Witnessed, name of companion.
1913 Muznah Female The cloud that carries the rain.
1914 Muzzammil Male Wrapped.
1915 Myreen Female Same as Mahreen.
1916 Mysha Female Happy for entire life.
1917 Naadir Male Dear, Rare, Precious.
1918 Naailah Female Some thing special.
1919 Naa'irah Female Bright, Shining.
1920 Naajidah Female Courage.
1921 Naazneen Female Beautiful.
1922 Naba Female Great News.
1923 Nabeeha Female Intelligent.
1924 Nabeel Male Noble Man.
1925 Nabeelah Female Noble.
1926 Nabhan Male Alert.
1927 Nabigh Male Genius.
1928 Nabih Male Alert.
1929 Nabiha Female Honest.
1930 Nabihah Female Intelligent, noble, eminent.
1931 Nabijah Female Ambitious, Leader and Brave.
1932 Nabil Male Noble, generous.
1933 Nabila Female Happiness, generosity.
1934 Nabilah Female Noble, magnanimous.
1935 Nada Female Generosity, dew.
1936 Nadeem Male Companion, Friend.
1937 Nadeen Female Hope.
1938 Nadesh Female Hope.
1939 Nadhir Male Warner.
1940 Nadia Female Hope.
1941 Nadim Male Friend, companion.
1942 Nadimah Female Friend.
1943 Nadir Male Dear, rare, precious.
1944 Nadira Female Presious and rare.
1945 Nadirah Female Rare, precious.
1946 Nadiyah Female Caller, announcer.
1947 Nadr Male Flourishing.
1948 Nadra Female Rare, unique.
1949 Nadyne Female Flower
1950 Naeem Male Blessing, Ease.
1951 Naeema Female Ease, blessing.
1952 Na'eemah Female Joyful.
1953 Nafasat Male Refinement.
1954 Nafees Male Pureness, Pure.
1955 Nafeesa Female Precious.
1956 Nafeesah Female Precious gem.
1957 Nafesa Male Princess.
1958 Nafiah Female Profitable.
1959 Nafis Male Precious.
1960 Nafisah Female Precious gem.
1961 Nageen Female Precious stone.
1962 Nageenah Female Precious Stone.
1963 Nagheen Female Pearl.
1964 Nagina Female Diamond.
1965 Nahal Female Small Plant.
1966 Naheed Female Honorable.
1967 Naheeda Female Beautiful.
1968 Nahida Female Elevated, delightful.
1969 Nahleejah Female Down to earth, cool.
1970 Naib Male Deputy, Second in Command.
1971 Naifah Female This was the name of a well-known, woman loved by the masses for her kindness and generosity, her advice was sought by the people in different affairs.
1972 Na'il Male Acquirer, earner.
1973 Nailah Female One who succeeds.
1974 Na'ilah Female Acquirer, obtainer, winner.
1975 Naim Male Comfort, tranquillity.
1976 Naima Female Powerful, strong minded person.
1977 Naimah Female Tranquility.
1978 Na'imah Female Comfort, tranquillity.
1979 Nain Female Eye.
1980 Naina Female Eyes.
1981 Najaf Female City in iraq
1982 Najah Female Success, safety.
1983 Najair Male Little Star.
1984 Najam Male Star.
1985 Najat Female Safety, Security.
1986 Najdah Female Courage, bravery.
1987 Najeeb Male Of noble birth.
1988 Najeed Male Highland.
1989 Naji Male Safe.
1990 Najib Male Intelligent.
1991 Najibah Female Of noble birth, distinguished.
1992 Najid Male One who helps, supports.
1993 Najidah Female Succour, Help.
1994 Najih Male Successful.
1995 Najihah Female Victory.
1996 Najiyah Female Safe.
1997 Najla Female Of wide eyes.
1998 Najm Male Star, celestial body.
1999 Najma Female A Star, in middle of a group of stars.
2000 Najmah Female Star.
2001 Najmiyyah Female Star.
2002 Najwa Female Confidential talk, secret conversation.
2003 Nakhat Female Fragrance.
2004 Nakia Female Pure, faithful.
2005 Nameer Male Pure.
2006 Namik Male Writter/Author.
2007 Namra Female Delicious water.
2008 Namyla Female Quiet, Serious.
2009 Naqeeb Male Leader.
2010 Naqeebah Female Leader, Head, Chief.
2011 Naqi Male Pure.
2012 Naqid Male Fault-finder.
2013 Naqqaash Male Painter, artist.
2014 Naraiman Female Pious angel.
2015 Nargis Female Narcissus.
2016 Narmin Female A flower, delicate, soft, slender.
2017 Naseef Male The just one.
2018 Naseeka Female Nusuk (arabic sacrifice), piece of gold.
2019 Naseem Male Breeze.
2020 Naseemah Female Breeze.
2021 Naseer Male One who helps.
2022 Naseerah Female Helper.
2023 Nasha Female Scent, perfume.
2024 Nashat Male Joy, Cheer.
2025 Nasheed Female Beautiful one.
2026 Nasheelah Female Honey comb.
2027 Nashema Female Wise, Blossom.
2028 Nashirah Female Publisher, Diffuser; Spreader.
2029 Nashit Male Energetic, active.
2030 Nashitah Female Active, energetic.
2031 Nashmia Female Garden of flowers.
2032 Nashwa Female Elated, flushed.
2033 Nasif Male Most just, equitable.
2034 Nasifah Female Just, equitable.
2035 Nasih Male Advisor, well-wisher.
2036 Nasiha Female Advice
2037 Nasihah Female Advisor.
2038 Nasim Male Breath of Fresh air, breeze.
2039 Nasimah Female Gentle breeze, zephyr.
2040 Nasir Male Protector, supporter.
2041 Nasira Female Glowing star.
2042 Nasirah Female Helper, protector.
2043 Nasmi Male Breeze.
2044 Nasr Male Help, victory.
2045 Nasra Female Helper.
2046 Nasreen Female Wild Rose.
2047 Nasrin Female Blue scented flower.
2048 Nasrullah Female Victory of Allah.
2049 Nasser Male Protector.
2050 Natara Female Guardian.
2051 Natasha Female Strong.
2052 Nathifa Female Pure, Clean.
2053 Natiq Male Categorical (decision), talker, speaker, rational.
2054 Naureen Female Bright light.
2055 Naurus Female Bird in Arabic.
2056 Naushaba Female Elixir.
2057 Naushad Male Happy.
2058 Nausheen Female Sweet, pleasant, agreeable.
2059 Naushin Female Sweet.
2060 Naveda Female Glad things.
2061 Naveed Male Glad tidings.
2062 Naveen Female New, Excellent, Something that is better than the rest.
2063 Navid Male See Naveed
2064 Navil Female To be blessed.
2065 Nawal Female Gift.
2066 Nawar Female The one who guards herself.
2067 Nawar Female Flower.
2068 Nawaz Male Prince, kind, loving and generous.
2069 Naweed Female Good news.
2070 Nawel Female Gift.
2071 Nawfal Male Generous, old Arabic word for the Sea.
2072 Nawlah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
2073 Nawwal Female Gift.
2074 Nayab Male Rare, Precious.
2075 Nayila Female Queen of river Nile.
2076 Nayyab Female Very Rare, Exclusive.
2077 Nayyirah Female Luminary.
2078 Nazahah Female Purity, righteousness, honesty.
2079 Nazakat Male Delicacy.
2080 Nazanin Female Beautiful, pretty.
2081 Nazar Male The one who gives.
2082 Nazeef Male Clean, neat.
2083 Nazeefah Female Clean.
2084 Nazeeha Female Honest.
2085 Nazeer Male One who warns.
2086 Nazeerah Female Warner.
2087 Nazia Female Pride.
2088 Nazih Male Pure, chaste.
2089 Nazim Male Intelligence , Power.
2090 Nazimah Female Administrator.
2091 Nazindah Female Name of a liberal woman of Baghdad who founded a religious school.
2092 Nazir Male Observer, supervisor.
2093 Nazirah Female Observer, supervisor.
2094 Nazish Female Fragrance, Proud.
2095 Nazli Female This was the name of an intelligent, learned woman who had command over different languages, Turkish, Arabic, French, English and was an expert in different fields.
2096 Nazma Female Star.
2097 Nazmin Female Light.
2098 Nazneen Female Beautiful.
2099 Nazraana Female Gift.
2100 Nazuk Female Delicate.
2101 Neelam Female Sapphire.
2102 Neelofer Female Lotus, Water Lily.
2103 Neeshad Female Cheerful.
2104 Neeya Female A Desire For Something.
2105 Neha Female Love, rain.
2106 Nehan Male Beautiful.
2107 Nejat Female Freedom, stress free.
2108 Nelam Female Precious stone.
2109 Nelofar Female Lotus, Water lily.
2110 Nesrin Female A field of wild roses.
2111 Nevaeh Female Heaven, peace, angels.
2112 Nida Female Call.
2113 Nidaa Female Call.
2114 Nidal Male Fight, defence.
2115 Nidda Female Call.
2116 Nigar Female Beautiful.
2117 Nighat Female Vision, sight.
2118 Nihal Male Happy, Prosperous.
2119 Ni'ja Female Saved One.
2120 Nijah Female Success.
2121 Nilofar Female Waterlily.
2122 Nilofer Female Wild Mountain Rose.
2123 Nimah Female Blessing, Loan, Favor.
2124 Ni'mah Female Blessing, loan, favour.
2125 Nimat Female Blessing.
2126 Nimerah Female Tigeress, beauty, strength, modesty, power.
2127 Nimra Female Soft, Lion.
2128 Nimrah Female Pure, clean.
2129 Nina Female Gracious One.
2130 Nisa Female Women.
2131 Nisha Female Whole World.
2132 Nishaaj Male Explorer.
2133 Nishat Female Happiness.
2134 Nisreen Female Flower.
2135 Nissa Female Ladylike.
2136 Nithar Male Sacrifice.
2137 Niyaz Male Dedication, Offering.
2138 Nizam Male Administration.
2139 Nizzar Male Keen-eyed.
2140 Noman Male Men with all blessings of Allah.
2141 Nooh Male Name of Prophet.
2142 Noor Male Attribute of Allah.
2143 Noor Jehan Female An Indian Queen had this name.
2144 Noor-Al-Haya Female Light of my life.
2145 Noorali Male Light of Ali.
2146 Noorie Female Light.
2147 Nooriya Female Light.
2148 Noorjahan Female Light of the world.
2149 Noor-ul-ann Female Light.
2150 Nora Female Light.
2151 Norah Female Light.
2152 Noraiz Male The first ray of sunlight which came to earth.
2153 Noreen Female Lovable, bright.
2154 Norhan Female Light.
2155 Noriza Female Light of contentment.
2156 Noshaba Female Elixir, water of life.
2157 Nosheen Female Sweet Thing.
2158 Noureddine Male Light of faith.
2159 Noureen Female Light.
2160 Nuaym Male One of narrators of Hadith.
2161 Nu'aymah Female Name of a narrator of hadith.
2162 Nubaid Male Bringing Happiness.
2163 Nudbah Female Lament, Scar; Mark.
2164 Nudrat Female Singularity.
2165 Nuh Male A Prophet's name.
2166 Nuha Female Intelligence.
2167 Nuhaa Female Intelligent.
2168 Numa Female Beautiful and pleasant.
2169 Numair Male Baby Tiger.
2170 Nu'man Male Blood.
2171 Nur Male Light.
2172 Nur Firdaus Male Light of the Highest Paradise
2173 Nura Female The light, e.g. nurul islam, the light of islam.
2174 Nurah Female Light.
2175 Nurayda Female Intelligence.
2176 Nuraz Male The Treasure Of Noor
2177 Nurdeen Male Light of the religion.
2178 Nuri Male Shining, brightness.
2179 Nuriya Female Light.
2180 Nuriyah Female Light.
2181 Nurjenna Female Light of Paradise.
2182 Nur-ul-Qiblatayn Male Light of the two Qibla.
2183 Nuryn Female Light.
2184 Nusayb Male Name of a black slave who fought in the early wars of Islam.
2185 Nusaybah Female One with good lineage.
2186 Nusayr Male Narrator of Hadith had this name.
2187 Nusrah Female Helpful.
2188 Nusrat Female Help, Victory.
2189 Nuwayla Female Archiver.
2190 Nuwaylah Female Winner.
2191 Nuzhah Female Excursion spot.
2192 Nuzhat Female Cheerfulness.
2193 Nyasia Female Most beautiful one.
2194 Nyla Female Winner, Achiever
2195 Nyla Female Archiever.
2196 Obaid Male Small Slave
2197 Ojala Female Light, sunshine.
2198 Omair Male Intelligent.
2199 Omar Male Long-Lived.
2200 Omera Female One who posses an inspiring and great personality, enjoys having a positive attitude.
2201 Osama Male Lion.
2202 Owais Male A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
2203 Pakeezah Female Pure.
2204 Parinda Female Bird.
2205 Pariza Female Fairy, flower.
2206 Parsa Male Devout or abstemious person, pious.
2207 Parveen Female Very Noble.
2208 Parvez Male Success. Name of a Persian King.
2209 Parvina Female Shining star.
2210 Pervaiz Male Breeze.
2211 Qaadir Male Capable.
2212 Qabalah Female Responsibility.
2213 Qabeel Male Son of Sayyidina Aadam.
2214 Qabilah Female Consenting.
2215 Qabool Female Accepted.
2216 Qadar Male Divine destiny.
2217 Qadeer Male Powerful, very kind hearted and honest.
2218 Qadi Male Judge.
2219 Qadim Male Ancient.
2220 Qadriyyah Female Strong.
2221 Qahtan Male Name of a tribe.
2222 Qailah Female One who speaks.
2223 Qaim Male Rising, Standing, Existing, well-grounded.
2224 Qais Male Lover.
2225 Qamar Male Moon.
2226 Qamayr Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
2227 Qameer Female Wife of Masrooq bin al-Ajda daughter of Amr al-Kufiyah, she was a narrator of Hadith who quoted Sayyidina Ayshah (R.A).
2228 Qani Male Content, Satisfied.
2229 Qaniah Female Contended.
2230 Qanit Male Obedient, Submissive, Humble, God-fearing.
2231 Qaraah Female Cloudlet.
2232 Qarasafahl Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
2233 Qareeb Male Near.
2234 Qareebah Female Near.
2235 Qaseem Male Share, Portion.
2236 Qasid Male Messenger.
2237 Qasif Male Discover.
2238 Qasim Male Divider, distributor.
2239 Qasoomah Female She was a poetess.
2240 Qatadah Male A hardwood tree.
2241 Qawee Male Strong, powerful.
2242 Qaylah Female Two women companions had this name.
2243 Qaymayriyah Female She was a student of Hadith.
2244 Qays Male Firm.
2245 Qaysar Female A name of women.
2246 Qindeel Female Light.
2247 Qirat Female Beautiful Recitation
2248 Qisaf Female Brittle.
2249 Qiyyama Female Stand for Allah.
2250 Quadir Male Strong.
2251 Quadriyyah Female Strong.
2252 Qudamah Male Companion of Prophet (S.A.W).
2253 Quddusiyyah Female Sacred, Pious.
2254 Qudoos Male Most holy.
2255 Qudsiyah Female Holy.
2256 Quraybah Female Utricle.
2257 Qurban Male Offering, Sacrifice.
2258 Qurratul Ayn Female Delights of the eye, darling.
2259 Qurrat-ul-ain Female Delights of an eye.
2260 Qusay Male Distant.
2261 Qutaybah Male A narrator of hadith.
2262 Qutaylah Female She was a companion.
2263 Qutayyah Female She was a student of Hadith.
2264 Qutb Male Celebrity, personality.
2265 Raahil Male Path guider.
2266 Raameen Female Obedient.
2267 Raamis Male The good looking one.
2268 Raamiz Male Symbol.
2269 Raashid Male Major, Adult, Orthodox, Guided, Intelligent.
2270 Rabab Female White cloud.
2271 Rabah Male Gainer.
2272 Rabail Female A veil of flowers.
2273 Rabar Male A loving and caring person to all.
2274 Rabbani Male Divine.
2275 Rabbiya Female Cool breeze of spring season.
2276 Rabee Male Spring.
2277 Rabeea Female Springtime, garden.
2278 Rabi' Male Spring, breeze.
2279 Rabia Female Spring, Springtime.
2280 Rabiah Male Greenery.
2281 Rabit Male Binding, Fastening.
2282 Rabitah Female Bond, tie.
2283 Rabiya Female Princess, Queen
2284 Radeyah Female Content, satisfied.
2285 Radhia Female Pleasant, satisfied.
2286 Radi Male Satisfied.
2287 Raees Male Rich, Wealthy, Chief.
2288 Raeesah Female Princess; Noble lady.
2289 Rafan Male Beautiful, graceful.
2290 Rafay Male The Exaulter, To Elevate Rank
2291 Rafee Male High, High-ranking, cultured, refined.
2292 Rafeek Male Friend.
2293 Rafeeqah Female Friend; Soft-hearted.
2294 Rafi Male High, High-ranking, cultured, refined. In the Quran, the Prophet(p.b.u.h) has been called Rafi-uddarajat.
2295 Rafia Female High, Sublime.
2296 Rafiah Female High, sublime, exquisite.
2297 Rafida Female Gift.
2298 Rafiq Male Kind, friend.
2299 Rafiqah Female Friend, companion.
2300 Raghad Female Pleasant.
2301 Raghib Male Desiring, willing.
2302 Raghibah Female Desiring, desirous.
2303 Rahat Male Rest, Response.
2304 Raheel Male One who shows the way, Fearless or Brave.
2305 Raheemah Female Merciful.
2306 Raheesh Male Leader, Chief, Rich.
2307 Rahil Male Path guider.
2308 Rahila Female One who travels.
2309 Rahilah Female One who travels.
2310 Rahim Male Merciful
2311 Rahimah Female Merciful, companionate, kind.
2312 Rahma Female Mercy.
2313 Rahmaa Female To have mercy upon.
2314 Rahmah Female Compassion, mercy.
2315 Rahmat Male Mercy.
2316 Ra'id Male Leader, pioneer.
2317 Raidah Female Leader, pioneer.
2318 Raihan Male Heavens' Flower.
2319 Raihana Female The fragrance of a rose.
2320 Raima Female Happiness.
2321 Raina Female Peaceful Queen.
2322 Raiqah Female Clear, Pure, Undisturbed.
2323 Raitah Female A narrator of Hadith.
2324 Rajaa Male Hope.
2325 Rajab Male 7th Month of the Islamic Calendar.
2326 Rajiyah Female Hoping, full of hope.
2327 Rakeem Male Writer.
2328 Rakhshan Male Dazzling.
2329 Ramadan Male 9th Month of the Islamic Calendar.
2330 Rameen Female Obedient.
2331 Rameesha Female A bunch of roses.
2332 Rameez Male Symbol.
2333 Ramia Female Sender.
2334 Ramidha Female White rose.
2335 Ramin Male Who rescues the people from hungry and pain. Brings Joy into peoples life
2336 Ramisa Female White rose.
2337 Ramiz Male Symbol.
2338 Ramsha Female Face like moon.
2339 Ramzia Female Gift.
2340 Rana Female To gaze.
2341 Rani Female From the arabic name meaning queen. she is an energtic self-starter capable of sustaing a fast pace with strong leadership and qualities. a real motavater.
2342 Rania Female Queen.
2343 Ranya Female Conquerer.
2344 Raonar Male Lustre.
2345 Raquib Male Most watchful.
2346 Raseem Male One who designs.
2347 Rasha Female A young deer.
2348 Rashad Male Integrity of conduct, maturity.
2349 Rashdan Male Guidance, rectitude.
2350 Rasheed Male Rationale, Prutend, Intelligent, Rightly-guided.
2351 Rasheedah Female Intelligent one, Sober.
2352 Rashid Male Righteous, mature.
2353 Rashida Female Intelligent, Sober.
2354 Rasool Male Name of the nabi.
2355 Raudzah Female Garden in paradise.
2356 Rauf Male Merciful, kind.
2357 Rawahah Male Departure, Fragrance, ease.
2358 Rawdah Male Garden Meadow, Paradise.
2359 Rawh Male Refreshment, Rest.
2360 Rayan Male The gate of heaven which allows fasting people in Ramadan to enter.
2361 Rayann Female Its the door of heaven that opens in the month of ramadhan.
2362 Rayhaan Male Sweet basil.
2363 Rayhan Male Basil, Sweet basil, Fragrance.
2364 Rayn Male It is the name of a gate of the heaven.
2365 Rayna Female Pure, Clean.
2366 Rayya Female Light.
2367 Rayyan Male Full, pretty.
2368 Raza Male Handsome
2369 Razaana Female One who is calm.
2370 Razaanah Female One who is calm.
2371 Razam Male Lion.
2372 Razan Female Balanced.
2373 Razeen Male Sedate, Slemn, Grave, Sober-Minded.
2374 Razia Female Content, Satisfied.
2375 Reeha Female Air.
2376 Reeham Female Little, light rain.
2377 Reem Female Beautiful Gazelle.
2378 Reema Female White antalope.
2379 Reena Female Beautiful.
2380 Reham Female Rain drops.
2381 Rehan Male King
2382 Rehana Female A handfull of sweet basil.
2383 Rehemat Female Gift.
2384 Rehma Male The loving.
2385 Rehmat-ullah Male Blessings of Allah Almighty.
2386 Reja Female Good News.
2387 Reshma Female Golden Silk, Expensive.
2388 Reyah Female Comfort.
2389 Reyhana Female Sweet smelling flower of paradise.
2390 Reza Male Wish.
2391 Riaz Male Garden, devotion.
2392 Rida Female Lovely, nice & help's people.
2393 Ridha Male Contentment.
2394 Ridwan Male Keeper of the gates of heaven.
2395 Rifa'ah Male Dignity.
2396 Rifaat Female Altitude, Height, High.
2397 Rifat Female Happy.
2398 Rifaya Female Brilliance.
2399 Riffat Female High.
2400 Rija Female Desire, Hope.
2401 Rijja Female Heavens beauty.
2402 Rimsha Female Bunch of flowers.
2403 Rinaaz Female Great.
2404 Risay Male The Risk, Black Rose, Lovest One, The One
2405 Riyad Male Gardens.
2406 Riyasat Male Rule, Dominion.
2407 Rizqin Female Good fortune.
2408 Rizwan Male Peon of Paradise.
2409 Rizwana Female Beautiful, Guardian of heaven.
2410 Robeel Male Flight.
2411 Roha Female Beautiful.
2412 Rohaan Female A river in paradise.
2413 Rohail Male Noble.
2414 Roma Female Truthful, honest, beautiful, flower, princess.
2415 Romana Female Pomegranate; The fruit of Paradise.
2416 Romeesa Female Heavens beauty.
2417 Rona Female Shining light.
2418 Roshan Male Bright, Shining.
2419 Roshini Female Light, noor.
2420 Roshni Female Light.
2421 Roushana Female Light, Brightness.
2422 Rowel Male Flower.
2423 Ruaa Female Invisable.
2424 Rubaba Female Rose.
2425 Rubi Female Red gem
2426 Rubina Female Blessed with love, waterfall.
2427 Rubiya Female Spring season.
2428 Rudainah Female Old Arabic Name.
2429 Ruhab Female The one who brings happiness.
2430 Ruhee Female Soul, a flower, who touches the heart.
2431 Ruhi Female Soul.
2432 Ruhina Female Sweet fragrence.
2433 Rukanah Male Firm, Solid.
2434 Rukayat Female It is the name of one of the daughters of the Prophet, it means one who Allah loves.
2435 Rukhsaar Female Cheek, Face.
2436 Rukhsana Female Beautiful.
2437 Rukhsar Female Cheek.
2438 Ruksana Female Beautiful, persian princess.
2439 Ruksha Female Beautiful.
2440 Rumaisa Female Bunch of flowers.
2441 Rumana Female Romantic, loving.
2442 Rumeha Female Beautiful Stone.
2443 Ruqaya Female Daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W).
2444 Ruqayya Female Gentle; name of the daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W).
2445 Ruqayyah Female The daughter of the prophet Muhammed (S.A.W).
2446 Ruquaiya Female Daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W).
2447 Rushd Male On the right path.
2448 Rushda Female Knowledge, true path, guidance.
2449 Ruwayfi Male Exalted.
2450 Saad Male A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
2451 Saadat Male Blessing, Honour.
2452 Saadia Female Lucky.
2453 Saadiya Female Flower.
2454 Saafir Male Ambassador, handsome.
2455 Saahir Male Wakeful.
2456 Saaiq Male He who drives on the right path.
2457 Saal Male The year consisting of twelve months.
2458 Saaleha Female Flower.
2459 Saaliha Female Pure pios and devoted.
2460 Saaqib Male Star.
2461 Saarah Female Happy, pure.
2462 Saba Female Sheba.
2463 Sabah Male Dawn.
2464 Sabahat Male Beauty, Grace, Handsomeness.
2465 Sabbir Male Patient.
2466 Sabburah Female Very patient, enduring.
2467 Sabeeh Male A narrator of Hadith.
2468 Sabeen Female Cool breeze of the morning.
2469 Sabeeyah Female Baby girl.
2470 Sabiha Female Beautiful.
2471 Sabihah Female Beautiful, graceful.
2472 Sabil Male Path, way.
2473 Sabina Female Flower.
2474 Sabiq Male First, Former.
2475 Sabiqah Female Past.
2476 Sabir Male Patient.
2477 Sabirah Female Patient, perseverant.
2478 Sabreen Female Patience, endurance.
2479 Sabrin Female Patience.
2480 Sabriyah Female Patient, preservant.
2481 Sabuhi Female Morning Star
2482 Sabur Male Patient, perservent.
2483 Saburah Male A narrator of Hadith.
2484 Sa'd Male Felicity.
2485 Sadaf Female Shell, Oyster, Pearl.
2486 Sadan Male Happy, Fortunate.
2487 Sa'dan Male Happy, fortunate.
2488 Sadaqat Male Truth.
2489 Sadeed Male Relevant, Pertinent.
2490 Sadeem Male Haze, Mist.
2491 Sadia Female Lucky.
2492 Sadiah Female Good luck.
2493 Sadik Male Truthful.
2494 Sadiq Male Truthful.
2495 Sadiqa Female Honest, truthful.
2496 Sadiqah Female Truthful, sincere.
2497 Sadit Male Hard working and strong.
2498 Sadiyah Female Blessed.
2499 Sadoof Female Name of a poetess.
2500 Saeed Male Blissful, auspicious.
2501 Saeedah Female Fortunate, Auspicious.
2502 Safa Female Clarity, purity of mind, serenity.
2503 Safdar Male One who breaks the enemy's rank.
2504 Safeenah Male Name of an Ahl As-Suffah.
2505 Safeer Male Emissary.
2506 Safeerah Female Messenger; Ambassador.
2507 Saffar Male An authority of Hadith.
2508 Saffiya Female Best freind.
2509 Safia Female Pure.
2510 Safiy-Allah Male Allah's chosen one.
2511 Safiyy Male Chosen One.
2512 Safiyya Female Best friend.
2513 Safiyyah Female Untroubled, serene, pure, best friend.
2514 Safoorah Female Wife of Prophet Musa (A.S).
2515 Saful Islam Male Sword of Islam.
2516 Safwah Female An Arab feminine name.
2517 Safwan Male Rock.
2518 Safwana Female A Shining Star, Rock.
2519 Sageda Female Sageda is ...
2520 Sagheer Male Small, short.
2521 Sagheerah Female Short.
2522 Sahab Male Cloud.
2523 Sahar Male Time before day break, bewitch.
2524 Saharish Female Cool and fresh breeze of morning.
2525 Saheim Male Warrior.
2526 Sahib Male Companion, friend.
2527 Sahibah Female Colleague.
2528 Sahil Male Guide.
2529 Sahir Male Wakeful.
2530 Sahirah Female Wakeful.
2531 Sahl Male Easy, Uncomplicated.
2532 Sahlah Female Easy, convenient.
2533 Sahm Male Arrow, dart.
2534 Sahmir Male Entertaining companion.
2535 Sahrish Female Sunrise.
2536 Saib Male Foresaken, abandoned.
2537 Saibah Female She was a narrator of hadith.
2538 Sa'id Male Happy, fortunate.
2539 Saida Female Most Beautiful, unmatched, friendly.
2540 Saidah Female Happy, fortunate.
2541 Saif Male Sword.
2542 Saifan Male Sword of Allah.
2543 Saiful Azman Male Sword of dream.
2544 Saila Female Sunshine.
2545 Sa'im Male Fasting.
2546 Saima Female Keeps fasts.
2547 Saimah Female Fasting.
2548 Saiqa Female Lightning.
2549 Sa'ir Male Walking, going on foot.
2550 Saira Female Happy.
2551 Sairah Female One who travels.
2552 Sa'irah Male Walking.
2553 Sairish Female Magic, flower.
2554 Saji Male A scholar had this name.
2555 Sajid Male Prostrating.
2556 Sajidah Female Prostrating to Allah.
2557 Sajjad Male One who does much prostrations.
2558 Sakeenah Female Calm, quiet and tranquil.
2559 Sakhawat Male Generosity, liberality, open-handness.
2560 Sakhr Male Rock.
2561 Sakhrah Male Rock(s).
2562 Sakina Female She was a narrator of Hadith
2563 Sakinah Female Allah-inspired peace of mind.
2564 Salaahddinn Male The righteousness of the faith.
2565 Salaam Male Peace.
2566 Salah Male Righteousness of the faith, goodness.
2567 Salam Male Peace.
2568 Salamah Male Soundness, integrity.
2569 Salamat Male Safety.
2570 Salar Male Leader.
2571 Saleel Male Warrior of understanding, Noble hearted, container of inner strength.
2572 Saleem Male Sound, Unimpaired, Sane, Sincere.
2573 Saleemah Female Healthy, Sound.
2574 Saleena Female Moon.
2575 Salif Male Previous, Former.
2576 Salifah Female Previous.
2577 Salih Male Safe, whole, flawless.
2578 Salihah Female Good, useful, righteous, devout.
2579 Salik Male Passable, unobstructed.
2580 Salikah Female Following; Mystic.
2581 Salim Male Secure, free.
2582 Salimah Female Sound, safe, healthy.
2583 Salma Female Peaceful.
2584 Salmaa Female Peaceful.
2585 Salman Male Safe.
2586 Salsaal Male Pure Water.
2587 Salsabil Female A fountain in Paradise.
2588 Salsal Male Pure Water.
2589 Salt Male A narrator of Hadith.
2590 Salwa Female Solace, quail, comfort.
2591 Samaa Female Sky.
2592 Samah Female Generosity.
2593 Samaira Female Enchanting.
2594 Samar Female Evening conversation.
2595 Samara Female Soft pleasant light, She was a narrator of hadith.
2596 Samarah Female A narrator of Hadith.
2597 Sameea Female One who listens.
2598 Sameed Male Brave, simple.
2599 Sameeha Female Generous blessing of Allah.
2600 Sameen Female Precious.
2601 Sameena Female A big forest in paradise.
2602 Sameenah Female Overweight, fat.
2603 Sameer Male Entertainer.
2604 Sameh Male Forgiver.
2605 Samera Female Enchanting.
2606 Sameya Female Pure.
2607 Sami Male High, lofty, exalted.
2608 Samia Female Exalted, noble, much praised.
2609 Samiah Female Forgivness or forgiver.
2610 Samina Female Precious, Generous.
2611 Samir Male Entertaining companion.
2612 Samira Female Call.
2613 Samirah Female Entertaining female companion.
2614 Samit Male Quiet.
2615 Samiun Female The Hearing.
2616 Samiya Female To hear.
2617 Samiyah Female Elevated, exalted, lofty.
2618 Sammar Female Fruit.
2619 Samra Female Pure, promise, fruit.
2620 Samrah Female Name of a fruit, written in the Quran 24 times.
2621 Samrina Female Flower or fruit.
2622 Sana Female Resplendence, brilliance; to gaze, look.
2623 Sanam Female Beloved.
2624 Sanari Female Sweet and Beautiful.
2625 Sanaubar Female Cone bearing tree.
2626 Sanaullah Male Worshiper of Allah.
2627 Sanawbar Male A cone-bearing tree, fir, Pine.
2628 Sanika Female Strong minded, warm hearted.
2629 Saniya Female Moment in time.
2630 Saniyah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
2631 Saniyya Female Radiant, bright.
2632 Sanjeedah Female Serious.
2633 Sa'ood Male Fortunate, Happy.
2634 Saqer Male Falcon.
2635 Saqib Male Shining Star.
2636 Sara Female Princess.
2637 Sarab Male Mirage.
2638 Sarah Female Pure, Happy.
2639 Sarah Female Princess.
2640 Sarfaraz Male King.
2641 Sarfraz Male Person sitting at a high place.
2642 Sarim Male Lion, brave, big hearted
2643 Sarim Male Brave Man.
2644 Sarina Female Peace.
2645 Sarish Female Morning.
2646 Sariyah Male Travels by night.
2647 Sarmad Male Eternity.
2648 Sarosh Male Angel
2649 Sarra Female She was a female companion.
2650 Sarrinah Female Beautiful, companion of prophet (S.A.W).
2651 Sarwar Male Chief, leader, Joy, Delight.
2652 Sarwari Female Chief.
2653 Sarwat Female Wealth, Power, Influence.
2654 Sarwath Female Wealth, riches.
2655 Saud Male Felicities, good fortune.
2656 Savaira Female Morning.
2657 Sawa Male Equal, same.
2658 Sawad Male Blackness, Skill.
2659 Sawdah Female A wife of the Prophet (S.A.W).
2660 Sawlat Male Influence, commanding, personality, awe.
2661 Sawsan Female Lily.
2662 Sawwaf Male Wool Stapler, Wool Dealer.
2663 Sayf Male Sword.
2664 Sayfiyy Male Concerning sword.
2665 Sayhan Male Flowing.
2666 Sayid Male Lord, Master.
2667 Sayyar Male Mobile, Constantly on the move.
2668 Sayyidah Female Chief.
2669 Seem Female Name of a flower.
2670 Seema Male Mien, Expression, Countenance.
2671 Seemeen Female Name of some women.
2672 Seerat Female Inner beauty, fame.
2673 Seham Female Arrows.
2674 Seher Female Beautiful sunshine of the sun and day.
2675 Sehr Female Sunrise.
2676 Sehrish Female The sunrise.
2677 Seif Male Sword.
2678 Selina Female Moon, Salty.
2679 Senada Female Graceful, heavenly.
2680 Senait Female Good Luck.
2681 Shaaf Male One who gives health.
2682 Shaariq Male Radiance.
2683 Shabaan Male Islamic Month.
2684 Shabab Male Youth.
2685 Shabah Male Resembling.
2686 Shabana Female Famous.
2687 Shabaz Male Beautiful, handsome, intelligent, protected by Allah,self confidence, respectful.
2688 Shabb Male Young.
2689 Shabbeer Male Appellation of Imam Husayn (R.A).
2690 Shabbir Male Pious, beautiful.
2691 Shabeeh Male Resembling.
2692 Shabeehah Female Picture, Image, Like.
2693 Shabib Male A scholar who wrote about Quran.
2694 Shabina Female The eye of the storm.
2695 Shabnam Female Dew.
2696 Shad Male Happy.
2697 Shadab Male Fresh, evergreen.
2698 Shadan Male Happy.
2699 Shadeed Male Lover.
2700 Shadha Female Aromatic.
2701 shadhin Male Independant.
2702 Shadi Male Singer.
2703 Shadmani Female Joy, happiness.
2704 Shafaat Male Recommendation.
2705 Shafana Female Integrity and Virtuous.
2706 Shafaq Female Dawn. Redness in the sky at sunset
2707 Shafath Female Curing or healing people.
2708 Shafee Male Intercessor.
2709 Shafeeqah Female A compassionate kind hearted friend.
2710 Shafi Male Pure
2711 Shafia Female Mercy.
2712 Shafiah Female Intercessor.
2713 Shafin Male He who cures
2714 Shafiq Male Compassionate, tender.
2715 Shafiqah Female Compassionate, tender.
2716 Shafiulla Male Compassionate of Allah or Purity of Allah.
2717 Shafqat Male Affection.
2718 Shagufta Male Blooming, Happy.
2719 Shah Male King.
2720 Shahada Female Bearing witness.
2721 Shahadat Male Witness, Evidence.
2722 Shahan Male King.
2723 Shahana Female Queen.
2724 Shaharun Female Honest, trustworthy.
2725 Shaharyar Male King
2726 Shahbaz Male Falcon.
2727 Shahed Female Honey.
2728 Shaheed Male Witness.
2729 Shaheem Male Intelligent
2730 Shaheema Female Smart, clever.
2731 Shaheen Male Falcon.
2732 Shaheena Female Falcon.
2733 Shaheenah Female Falcon.
2734 Shaheer Male Well-Known.
2735 Shaheerah Female Well-known.
2736 Shahid Male Witness.
2737 Shahida Female Witness.
2738 Shahidah Female Witness.
2739 Shahin Male Falcon.
2740 Shahina Female Princess.
2741 Shahirah Female Renowned.
2742 Shahla Female Dark flower, Dark grey eyes.
2743 Shahmeen Female Princess.
2744 Shahnaaz Female Pride of the king.
2745 Shahnawaz Male Brave.
2746 Shahnaz Female Bride.
2747 Shahnoor Female Royal Glow.
2748 Shahreen Female Sweet.
2749 Shahrukh Male Concerning, monarchy.
2750 Shahrul Male Moon.
2751 Shahzaadee Female Princess.
2752 Shahzad Male King's son.
2753 Shahzaib Male Crown of a king, like a king.
2754 Shahzana Female Princess married to a king.
2755 Shahzor Male Extreme Power.
2756 Shaila Female Small mountain.
2757 Shaima Female Good natured.
2758 Shairah Female Poetess.
2759 Shairyaar Male Friendship.
2760 Shaista Female Polite. She desires support and encouragement in all her goals. Extremely dedicated and very intelligent.
2761 Shaistah Female Polite, Courteous.
2762 Shajarah Female Tree.
2763 Shajee Male Bold, Courageous.
2764 Shajee'ah Female Brave.
2765 Shakeel Male Handsome, Comely.
2766 Shakeelah Female Comely, beautiful.
2767 Shakila Female Pretty.
2768 Shakir Male Thankful.
2769 Shakirah Female Thankful, grateful.
2770 Shakurah Female Grateful, very thankful.
2771 Shalimar Female Beautiful & Strong
2772 Shallal Male Waterfalls.
2773 Shama Female Lamp.
2774 Shamailah Female Good traits excellent disposition.
2775 Shamama Female Fragrance.
2776 Shamamah Female Fragrance.
2777 Shamas Male Sun.
2778 Shameel Male Complete.
2779 Shameem Male Fragrance.
2780 Shameemah Female A fragrant breeze.
2781 Shameena Female Beautiful.
2782 Shamel Male Comprehensive, complete.
2783 Shamila Female One of friendly and likable nature.
2784 Shamim Female Sweet, light fragrance.
2785 Shamima Female Fragrant breeze.
2786 Shamis Female The sun.
2787 Shammyn Male Sun light.
2788 Shamoodah Female Diamond.
2789 Shams Male Sun.
2790 Shamsa Female Sunshine.
2791 Shamshad Male Box-tree.
2792 Shamsheer Male The sword of honors.
2793 Shamsia Female Beautiful, Shining Star, One and only
2794 Shamsideen Male Sun of religion.
2795 Shams-Ul-Haq Male Appellation given to Indian and Pakistani Scholars.
2796 Shan Male Dignity, Splendour.
2797 Shanaz Female Pride of King
2798 Shanika Female Good.
2799 Shanum Female Allahs blessing, dignity.
2800 Shanza Female Woman of diginity.
2801 Shanzay Female Princess.
2802 Shanze Female Rose.
2803 Shaqeeq Male Real brother.
2804 Shaqeeqah Female Real sister.
2805 Sharaf Male Honour.
2806 Sharafat Male Nobility.
2807 Sharaheel Male A narrator of Hadith.
2808 Sharayah Female Poetress.
2809 Shareef Male The good.
2810 Shareek Male Associate.
2811 Shareekah Female Partner.
2812 Shareen Female Sweet.
2813 Sharif Male Honest, noble, distinguished.
2814 Sharifah Female Noble, honoured, distinguished.
2815 Sharifudin Male The noble religion.
2816 Shariq Male Radiant, Bright.
2817 Shariqah Female Shining.
2818 Sharique Male Sunrise.
2819 Sharjeel Male Fine.
2820 Sharleez Female Beautiful.
2821 Sharmeen Female Shy.
2822 Sharmin Female Modesty.
2823 Shasmeen Female Very beautiful, a heart of gold , trustworthy, an angel , perfect.
2824 Shatha Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
2825 Shaukat Male Grandeur.
2826 Shawaiz Male Speak melodious.
2827 Shayaan Male Intelligent.
2828 Shayan Male Praised
2829 Shaybah Male Grey-haired, aged.
2830 Shayla Female Little mountain.
2831 Shayma Female Having a beauty spot.
2832 Shazad Male Prince.
2833 Shazana Female Princess.
2834 Shazeb Male Decorated king.
2835 Shazfa Female Success
2836 Shazia Female Aromatic.
2837 Shaziya Male Aromatic.
2838 Shazmah Female Rare moon.
2839 Shazmin Female White stone.
2840 Shazneen Female The most beautiful flower.
2841 Sheema Female Daughter of bibi haleema sadia who milked Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in his child hood.
2842 Sheen Female Snow.
2843 Sheenaz Female Beauty.
2844 Shehla Female Kind of a flower.
2845 Shehr bano Female Princess.
2846 Shehran Male The ancient king of Persia.
2847 Shehroze Male King of Roses.
2848 Shehryaar Male Sovereign.
2849 Shehyar Male Lucky one.
2850 Shehzaad Male Prince
2851 Shehzadi Female Princess.
2852 Sheila Female Little mountain.
2853 Shellah Female Truely, Kind person , Beautiful.
2854 Sherana Female Sweet.
2855 Sheraz Male Loving, Caring, Daring.
2856 Shereen Female Sweet, kind hearted and beautiful.
2857 Sheyla Female Pine tree.
2858 Sheza Female Good (religious) girl.
2859 Shezan Female Beautiful.
2860 Shibli Male Was a great Scholar and writer.
2861 Shifa Male Cure.
2862 Shifan Male Kind, patient.
2863 Shihaam Female Intelligent.
2864 Shihab Male Flame, blaze.
2865 Shillan Female A flower.
2866 Shimaz Female Beloved.
2867 Shiraz Male Sweet.
2868 Shireen Female Sweet.
2869 Shiya Female Exceptional.
2870 Shiza Female A gift or present.
2871 Shoaib Male A Prophet's name.
2872 Shu'a Female Rays of Sun light.
2873 Shu'aa Male Beams, Rays.
2874 Shuayb Male A Prophets name.
2875 Shuba Female Beautiful.
2876 Shuja Male Brave, bold, Valour.
2877 Shujana Female Brave, strong.
2878 Shumaila Female Beautiful face.
2879 Shumaisiya Female Town in Makkah where the pilgrims used to dorn their ehrams.
2880 Shumaylah Female The first woman in Islam who wore coloured garments was shumaylah; wife of al-Abbas and she was also the first to prepare perfume; again the daughter of Ali bin Ibrahim was a narrator of Hadith, known by this name.
2881 Shumaysah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
2882 Shuneal Male Traveller.
2883 Shurafa Female Noble.
2884 Shurahbeel Male A narrator of Hadith.
2885 Shurayh Male A narrator of Hadith.
2886 Shuraym Male Split, Cleavage.
2887 Shurooq Female Dawn, Sunrise.
2888 Shyreen Female Referring to saafa and marwa.
2889 Siddiqa Female Trustworthy, honest.
2890 Siddiqah Female Strictly veracious, honest.
2891 Siddra Female Like a Star.
2892 Sidra Female Tree.
2893 Sidrah Female Name of a tree.
2894 Sifet Male Quality.
2895 Siham Female Arrows.
2896 Sikandar Male Name of a famous Sovereign.
2897 Silah Male Arms.
2898 Simak Male Arcturus (Star).
2899 Simra Female Heaven, princess.
2900 Simrah Female Jannat (heaven).
2901 Sinan Male Spear head.
2902 Siraj Male Lamp, light.
2903 Sireen Female She was the daughter of Ibn Abdullah Ibn Masood and a narrator of Hadith from the Prophet (S.A.W), another narrator of Hadith by the same name was the sister of Mariah al-Qabtiyah; al-Maqooqus of Egypt had sent her to the Prophet (S.A.W) and he gave her t
2904 Sitarah Female Star.
2905 Sitwat Female Someone with fame and respect.
2906 Siwar Male Bracelet, Arm-ring.
2907 Sobia Female Good and Noble Girl.
2908 Sofia Female Beautiful.
2909 Sofian Male Sand storm.
2910 Soha Female Star.
2911 Sohaib Male Reddish or Sandy (Hair).
2912 Sohail Male Gentle, ease; name of star.
2913 Sohana Female Dews on the grass.
2914 Somaya Female Beautiful garden surrounded with roses and flowers.
2915 Sonia Female Pretty, very beautiful.
2916 Sophia Female Wisdom
2917 Soraiya Female Princess.
2918 Soraya Female Beautiful.
2919 Sorfina Female Clean, neat, free from dirt.
2920 Souffian Male Sand.
2921 Souhayla Female Star.
2922 Suad Female Good fortune.
2923 Su'ad Female Good fortune.
2924 Subaha Female Beautiful.
2925 Subayah Female Daughter of al-Harith al-Aslamiyah, she was a narrator of Hadith; She was the wife of Sad bin Khawlah.
2926 Subbiha Female Clean, tidy.
2927 Subhaan Female Praising Allah.
2928 Subhan Male Holy.
2929 Subhi Male Early morning.
2930 Subuhi Female The cold breeze of morning.
2931 Sudi Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
2932 Sufia Female A person who follows Sufism - Clean heart
2933 Sughra Female Small.
2934 Suha Female Name of a star.
2935 Suhaan Male Very good.
2936 Suhayb Male A companions name.
2937 Suhayl Male Canopus (Star).
2938 Suhaylah Female Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing.
2939 Suhaymah Female Small arrow.
2940 Suhayr Female Proper name.
2941 Suheb Male Love.
2942 Suheera Female Beautiful.
2943 Suja Female Calmness, quitness.
2944 Sukaina Female A young daughter of Imam Hussain who was martyred.
2945 Sukaynah Female Calm, Quietude.
2946 Sulafah Female Choicest.
2947 Sulaiman Male A Prophets Name.
2948 Sulayk Male Traveller, Walker.
2949 Sulayman Male Name of a Prophet.
2950 Sultaan Male Authority.
2951 Sultan Male Power, authority.
2952 Sultana Female Leader, ruler, royalty.
2953 Sulthana Female Queen.
2954 Sumaira Female Brownish.
2955 Sumaiya Female Pure
2956 Sumanah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
2957 Sumara Female Entertainer.
2958 Sumayrah Female Brownish.
2959 Sumaytah Female She was a companion.
2960 Sumayya Male Matyr of Islam.
2961 Sumbul Female Frail, Delicate.
2962 Sumera Female Princess.
2963 Sumia Female The one who listens.
2964 Sumiya Female Beautiful.
2965 Sumlina Female Morning Star.
2966 Summar Female Fruit, Gifts.
2967 Summaya Female The first lady who obtained shahadat in Islam.
2968 Summayyah Female First martyr of Islam.
2969 Sumnah Female Name of an Arab girl (FH).
2970 Sumra Female Fruit, summer fruit.
2971 Sumrah Female Reward, gift, fruit of good deed.
2972 Sundas Female Dress of heaven.
2973 Sundus Female A fine silk which is used for clotheing in heaven.
2974 Sunya Female Sunshine, brightness.
2975 Suraiya Female Polite.
2976 Suraya Female Star.
2977 Surayj Male Name of an authority of Hadith.
2978 Surur Male Joy, happiness.
2979 Suwaybit Male Roof over path, alley between houses.
2980 Suwayd Male Black.
2981 Suwaydah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
2982 Suwera Female Morning.
2983 Swiyyah Female Little one.
2984 Sydeek Male King.
2985 Syed Male Always in control.
2986 Taabeer Female Way.
2987 Taanish Male Good.
2988 Tabalah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
2989 Taban Male Resplendent, Glittering.
2990 Tabassum Male Smiling.
2991 Tabinda Female Bright, shining.
2992 Tabish Male Heat, Brilliancy.
2993 Tafida Female Paradise (egyptian name).
2994 Taha Male Name of a Surah in the Quran.
2995 Tahani Female Congratulations.
2996 Tahawwur Male Rashness.
2997 Taheem Male Pure.
2998 Tahera Female Pure, chaste.
2999 Tahfeem Female Beautiful.
3000 Tahir Male Pure, clean, chaste.
3001 Tahira Female Holy, Pure.
3002 Tahirah Female Pure, chaste.
3003 Tahiyah Female Greeting, cheer.
3004 Tahlibah Female Loyal, honest.
3005 Tahmeed Male Allahs servant.
3006 Tahmid Male Thanks to the graceful and merciful Allah.
3007 Tahoor Male Purity.
3008 Tahseen Male Acclaim, appreciation.
3009 Tahseenah Female Acclaim.
3010 Taibah Female Repentant.
3011 Taimur Male Iron.
3012 Taj Male Crown.
3013 Tajammal Male Beautiful.
3014 Tajammul Male Dignity, Magnificence, Pomp.
3015 Tajudinn Male Crown of religion.
3016 Tala Female Little palm tree, star.
3017 Talal Male Nice admirable.
3018 Talat Male Countenance.
3019 Talha Male A name of Tree.
3020 Talhah Male Kind of tree.
3021 Tali Male Rising, Ascending, Going up.
3022 Talib Male Sender (of truth), student.
3023 Talibah Female Seeker-after knowledge.
3024 Tamanna Male Wish, Desire.
3025 Tamanna Female Wish.
3026 Tamara Female Date tree.
3027 Tameem Male Perfect, complete.
3028 Tameemah Female Name of a poetess.
3029 Tameez Male Discretion, sense, manners.
3030 Tamir Male Tall.
3031 Tamkeen Male Dignity, Gravity.
3032 Tammam Male Generous.
3033 Tanim Male Wave of the Sea, Rythem.
3034 Tanisha Female Happiness.
3035 Tanveer Male Rays of light.
3036 Tanweer Female Radiant, Illuminating.
3037 Tanwir Male Enlightening.
3038 Tanzeela Female Revelation, Receiving hospitably.
3039 Tanzila Female It is used as verb in Quaran as tanzeel which means to send by God or to come from the havens.It was used for the revelations and it can also be spelled as Tanzeela
3040 Taqiyah Female Pious, righteous.
3041 Taqiyy Male Pious, Righteous.
3042 Tara Female Star.
3043 Tarannum Male Singing.
3044 Tariq Male A late visitor.
3045 Tariqah Female This was the name of the freed slave of Labeet of the family of the princes of al-Qays bin Zayd (AN).
3046 Tarub Female Merry.
3047 Tasadduq Male Giving Alms, Charity, Sacrifice.
3048 Tasavur Female Imaginary picture.
3049 Tasawwar Male Idea, conception.
3050 Taseefa Female Clever, smart.
3051 Taseen Male A name of the Prophet (S.A.W).
3052 Tasheen Female Ever Ambitious.
3053 Taskeen Female Peace.
3054 Tasleem Female Little Star.
3055 Taslim Male Peaceful.
3056 Tasneam Female Water in heaven.
3057 Tasneem Female Fountain of paridise.
3058 Tasneen Male A heavenly fountain.
3059 Tasnim Female Fountain of paradise.
3060 Tatheer Female Purifier, one who purifies.
3061 Taufiq Male Guidance.
3062 Tauqeer Male Respect.
3063 Tawbah Male Repentance.
3064 Tawfeeq Male Divine help or guidance, enabling, inner motivation.
3065 Tawoos Male Peacock.
3066 Tawseef Male Praise.
3067 Taybah Female Pure.
3068 Taymur Male Brave strong.
3069 Taysir Male Facilitation.
3070 Tayyab Male Clean
3071 Tayyibah Female Good, pleasant, agreeable.
3072 Tazeem Male Honor, Respect.
3073 Tazeen Female A decor, decoration piece.
3074 Tazim Female Respect.
3075 Tazkia Female Special, Unique.
3076 Tazmeen Female One having good qualities, nature & habits.
3077 Tazneem Male A garden in paradise.
3078 Tehmeed Female Praise of Allah (swt).
3079 Tehreem Female Surah Tehrem in Quran.
3080 Tehseen Male Compliments, happiness.
3081 Tehzeeb Female Respect.
3082 Thabit Male Firm, established.
3083 Thabitah Female Firm.
3084 Thahera Female Clean.
3085 Tha'labah Male A narrator of hadith.
3086 Thaman Male Price, Worth.
3087 Thamar Male Fruit, Outcome.
3088 Thaminah Female Precious, generous.
3089 Thana Female Thankfulness, praise.
3090 Thaqaf Male To surpass in skill.
3091 Thaqib Male Piercing.
3092 Thara Female Wealth.
3093 Tharwat Male Wealth, Fortune, riches.
3094 Tharya Female Name of a pious woman.
3095 Thashin Female Acclaim.
3096 Thauban Male Two garments.
3097 Thawab Female Reward.
3098 Thayer Male Rebel.
3099 Thoraya Female Star.
3100 Thubaytah Female She was among the early Muhajirs to Madina and a distinguished woman comapnion, daughter of Yaar bin Zayd al-Ansariyah.
3101 Thufailah Female Elegant with good respect for her elders.
3102 Thumamah Male Millet (Plant).
3103 Thuml Female Name of an early distinguished woman.
3104 Thurayya Female Star.
3105 Thuwaybah Female Name of one of the wet-nurses of the Prophet (S.A.W).
3106 Tihami Male A title of the Prophet (S.A.W).
3107 Tisha Female One who is active, lively.
3108 Tobias Male Born with a Star.
3109 Tooba Male Good news.
3110 Toqeer Male Respect.
3111 Toufika Female Divine help or guidance, enabling, inner motivation.
3112 Tuba Female The name of a tree in heaven.
3113 Tubassum Female Smile.
3114 Tufayl Male Baby.
3115 Tufaylah Female This was the name of the freed slave of al-Waleed bin Abdullah; she transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah (R.A).
3116 Tulayb Male Concerning a) seeker, or one eho covets.
3117 Tulayhah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
3118 Tumadur Female Old Arabic name.
3119 Tunveer Male Rays of light.
3120 Turhan Male Of mercy.
3121 Ubadah Male Worship.
3122 Ubah Female Flower.
3123 Ubayd Male Worshipper.
3124 Ubaydullah Male Servant of Allah.
3125 Udaysah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
3126 Ugbaad Female Roses.
3127 Uhban Male Name of Prophet (S.A.W)'s name.
3128 Ujala Female Light of the universe.
3129 Ulfah Female Friendship, harmony, love.
3130 Ulfat Male Love, Affection, Familiarity, Intimacy.
3131 Umair Male Intelligent.
3132 Umaiza Female Bright, beautiful and soft hearted.
3133 Umamah Female Proper name.
3134 Umar Male Name of the second Caliph.
3135 Umarah Male Habitation.
3136 Umaymah Female Young mother.
3137 Umaynah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
3138 Umayr Male Old Arabic name.
3139 Umayrah Female She was the daughter of Alqamah.
3140 Umayyah Male A narrator of hadith.
3141 Umm Kulthum Female One with round face.
3142 Ummayyah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
3143 Umm-e-kulsum Female The mother of kulsum.
3144 Umnia Female Gift.
3145 Umran Male Prosperity.
3146 Unais Male Love, Affection.
3147 Unal Male Fighter, strong spirit.
3148 Unays Male Smaller form of Anas.
3149 Unaysah Female Friendly; Affable.
3150 Unaza Female The one and only.
3151 Unsa Female Woman.
3152 Uqbah Male End of everything.
3153 Urfee Male Name of popular Poet.
3154 Urooj Male Ascension, Mounting Rising.
3155 Uroosa Female Bride, happiness.
3156 Urshia Female One who belongs in the skies.
3157 Urwah Male Hand-held, support.
3158 Usamah Male Description of a lion.
3159 Usayd Male Little lion.
3160 Ushna Female Beautiful girl.
3161 Usman Male Name of the third Caliph.
3162 Uswa Female Sunnah, practice.
3163 Utaybah Female A narrator of Hadith.
3164 Utbah Male Threshold.
3165 Uthman Male Name of the third Caliph.
3166 Uwayam Male A float, buoyant.
3167 Uzair Male Name of a Prophet.
3168 Uzayr Male Precious.
3169 Uzma Female Greatest.
3170 Valiqa Female Trustworthy.
3171 Vardah Female Rose.
3172 Varisha Female Lightning.
3173 Waa'il Male One Who Returns For Shelter.
3174 Waajidah Female One who acheives her goals in life, loved, beloved.
3175 Wabisa Female Something Bright.
3176 Wadi Male Calm, peaceful.
3177 Wafa Male Faithfulness, fidelity.
3178 Wafaa Female The faithful, loyal.
3179 Wafeeqah Female Successful.
3180 Wafi Male Faithful, loyal.
3181 Wafiq Male Successful.
3182 Wafiqah Female Successful.
3183 Wafiyah Female Loyal, faithful.
3184 Wafiza Female Fresh air.
3185 Wagma Female Morning breeze, dew.
3186 Wahabah Female This was the name of a poetess.
3187 Wahb Male Giving.
3188 Wahban Male (related to Wahb).
3189 Waheed Male Unique, One of its kind.
3190 Wahhaj Male Glowing, incandescent.
3191 Wahib Male Liberal donor.
3192 Wahibah Female Giver, donor.
3193 Wahid Male Singular, exclusive, unequalled.
3194 Wahida Female Unique.
3195 Wahidah Female Exclusive, unique.
3196 Wahuj Female First light of day, Dawn, New Beginning.
3197 Wail Male Returner.
3198 Wais Male King.
3199 Waiz Male Preacher, Sermoniser.
3200 Wajahat Male Commanding, Personality, Dignity.
3201 Wajdaan Male Thought, imagination.
3202 Wajeeh Male Commanding Personality.
3203 Wajid Male One who finds.
3204 Wajih Male Noble, eminent.
3205 Wajihah Female Eminent, distinguished.
3206 Wakalat Male Advocacy, Agency.
3207 Wakeel Male Agent, Representative.
3208 Wakeelah Female Agent.
3209 Waleed Male Newborn Child.
3210 Wali Male Guardian.
3211 Walid Male Newborn child.
3212 Walihah Female This was the name of a poetess.
3213 Waliyah Female Princess.
3214 Wania Female Gift of Allah (swt).
3215 Waniya Female Pearl.
3216 Waqaar Male Self-respect.
3217 Waqar Male Respect, dignity.
3218 Waqas Male Warrior.
3219 Warda Female Guardian, Protector.
3220 Wardah Female Rose.
3221 Wareesha Female Happiness.
3222 Warizah Female Happiness, bubbly.
3223 Warsan Female True news, wonderful news.
3224 Wasay Male Unlimited, All Encompassing, Boundless.
3225 Waseefah Female Female Servant; Mid-in-waiting.
3226 Waseem Male Handsome.
3227 Waseemah Female Comely.
3228 Washma Female Pretty. greatful, goodwish.
3229 Wasif Male Man of Qualities.
3230 Wasifah Female One who describes.
3231 Wasil Male Inseparable friend.
3232 Wasilah Female Inseparable friend.
3233 Wasim Male Good looking.
3234 Wasimah Female Graceful, pretty.
3235 Wasna Female A narrator of Hadith had this name.
3236 Watheq Male Firm, reliable, confident.
3237 Watiaa Female Beautiful.
3238 Wazeera Female Female Minister; The daughter of Yahya bin Muhammad al-Hayuwi al-Tughli was so named; she was a narrator of Hadith.
3239 Wazir Male Minister.
3240 Widad Female Love, friendship.
3241 Wijdan Female Sentiment.
3242 Wildan Male Boy in heaven.
3243 Wisal Female Communion in love.
3244 Wisam Male Badge, Logo, like coat of Arms.
3245 Wiyyam Female Truthful, loving.
3246 Yafi Male A narrator of hadith.
3247 Yaghnam Male A narrator of hadith.
3248 Yahya Male A Prophet's Name.
3249 Yalina Female Soft, gentle.
3250 Yalqoot Female An early woman who gave much in charity.
3251 Yamamah Female Valley in Arabia.
3252 Yaman Male Blessed.
3253 Yameen Male Oath, right hand, right wing (of the army).
3254 Yamina Female Right, Proper.
3255 Yaminah Female Right and proper.
3256 Yaqeen Male Belief.
3257 Yaqoot Male Precious stone.
3258 Yaqub Male A Prophet's Name.
3259 Yar Male Friend.
3260 Yara Female Little Butterfly.
3261 Yaseen Male YASIN, ALIF LAAM MEEM, HA MEEM AIN SEEN KAAF are all Huroof-e-Muqataat. Only Allah or His Prophet know the meaning of these haroof, but all these huroof are the most precious words for a muslim.
3262 Yashal Female Freshness, greenry.
3263 Yasin Male Rich, Sura in Quran, Name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
3264 Yasir Male Wealthy.
3265 Yasmeenah Female Sweet-smelling flower. Among er work is a commentry on Surah al-Baqarah, she is mentioned by Salahuddin al-Safdi in his book as one of the distinguished people of Egypt.
3266 Yasmin Female Jasmine flower.
3267 Yasmina Female A beautiful flower that shines.
3268 Yasmine Female Flower
3269 Yasna Female It means white rose in arabic.
3270 Yassaman Female The flower Jasmin.
3271 Yathrib Male Former name of the city of Madinnah.
3272 Yawar Male Helping.
3273 Yawer Male Helper.
3274 Yelda Female Dark night.
3275 Yuhannis Male The name of a freed salve of Zubair.
3276 Yumna Female Good fortune, success.
3277 Yunus Male A Prophet's Name.
3278 Yusayrah Female Easy. One of the first two swear allegiance (bayah) to the Prophet (S.A.W) among the Ansar (but it is also said that she was among the Muhajirs (Emigrants).
3279 Yusr Male Ease, Convenience.
3280 Yusra Female Prosperous.
3281 Yusuf Male A Prophet's Name.
3282 Yusur Female Prosperous.
3283 Zaahirah Female Guest.
3284 Zaara Female Beautiful Flower.
3285 Zackariya Male Name of a prophet.
3286 Zaeem Male The leader.
3287 Zaeemah Female Leader
3288 Zafar Male Victorious.
3289 Zafeerah Female Firm.
3290 Zafir Male Victorious.
3291 Zafirah Female Victorious.
3292 Zafreen Female Victorious, Knowledgable.
3293 Zafrul Male Honest, Reliable and very ambitous.
3294 Zahabiya Female Gold.
3295 Zahara Female Flower, beauty, star.
3296 Zaheen Female Intelligent.
3297 Zaheer Male Bright and shining.
3298 Zaheerah Female Helper, Assistant.
3299 Zahi Male Bright, shining.
3300 Zahidah Female Abstinent.
3301 Zahir Male Bright, shining.
3302 Zahira Female Blossoming flower.
3303 Zahirah Female Obvious.
3304 Zahra Female Beautiful.
3305 Zahraa Female Lady of Jannah.
3306 Zahrah Female Beauty, the planet venus.
3307 Zaid Female Growth, Increase.
3308 Zaida Female She was a very devoted worshipper about whose worship the Prophet (S.A.W) also learnt; she was the freed slave of Sayyidina Umar bin al-Khattab.
3309 Zaigham Male Lion.
3310 Zaighum Male Lion, Powerful.
3311 Zaim Male Leader or General, someone who is demanded.
3312 Zain Male Friend, beloved.
3313 Zaina Female Beautiful
3314 Zair Male Pilgrim.
3315 Zairah Female Visitor.
3316 Zaiton Female Olive.
3317 Zakar Male Handsome, Kind hearted.
3318 Zakariya Male Name of a Prophet (A.S).
3319 Zakariyya Male The name of a Prophet.
3320 Zaki Male Intelligent, pure, chaste.
3321 Zakia Female Beautiful, intellegent.
3322 Zakir Male Someone who believes in Allah, faith.
3323 Zakirah Female One who remembers Allah regularly.
3324 Zakiyah Female Intelligent.
3325 Zalfa Female This was the name of a distinguished woman of her times, she was Hajib known as Umm al-Hajib Abdul Malik.
3326 Zaman Male Time, destiny.
3327 Zameelah Female Companion.
3328 Zameena Female Intelligent, Intellectual.
3329 Zameer Male Conscience.
3330 Zamil Male Friend, collegue.
3331 Zamrud Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
3332 Zanyah Female Beautiful flower.
3333 Za'nyah Female Beautiful, unique.
3334 Zara Female Bright as the dawn.
3335 Zarar Male Brave, Courageous.
3336 Zareena Female Gold
3337 Zareenah Female A companion of Prophet (S.A.W).
3338 Zarifah Female Beauty, smart.
3339 Zarina Female Beautiful.
3340 Zariya Female Beauty and light.
3341 Zariyah Female Queen.
3342 Zarmina Female Lovely and precious gold.
3343 Zaroon Male Visitor.
3344 Zarqa Female Blue.
3345 Zarrah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
3346 Zarrar Male A great muslim warrior.
3347 Zartaj Female Queen.
3348 Zayaan Female Something beautiful.
3349 Zayan Male Bright.
3350 Zayb Female Adornment.
3351 Zayba Female Adornment; Beauty.
3352 Zayd Male In abundance, plentiful.
3353 Zayer Male Tourist, who visits holy places.
3354 Zaynab Female Proper Name, Name of Prophet's Daughter.
3355 Zaynah Female Beautiful.
3356 Zaytoon Female Olive.
3357 Zaytoonah Female (A single) Olive.
3358 Zeba Female Beauty.
3359 Zebadiyah Male Allah's gift.
3360 Zeena Female Ornament, Something beautiful.
3361 Zeenat Female Gorgeous.
3362 Zeeshan Male A high standard.
3363 Zeeya Male Light.
3364 Zehna Female Beautiful.
3365 Zehra Female Flower.
3366 Zenia Female Flower.
3367 Zerina Female Princess, Smart, Inteligent.
3368 Zeyad Male Prince, the honest and kind. Peace and truth.
3369 Zhalay Female Dew.
3370 Zia Male Wise.
3371 Zia Female Light, Splendid.
3372 Ziaud Male Splendor, light.
3373 Zinah Female Beauty.
3374 Zineta Female Beautiful ornament.
3375 Zinneerah Female Name of a sahabiah.
3376 Zishan Male Peaceful.
3377 Ziyad Male Abundance.
3378 Ziyan Female Beauty, ornament. From Zeenat.
3379 Zoeya Female Life.
3380 Zoha Female Light.
3381 Zohaib Male Leader, king.
3382 Zohair Male Best friend of the last prophet (S.A.W).
3383 Zoharin Female Dawn, light of day
3384 Zohha Female Hope, Shining light.
3385 Zohra Female Venus, jewels of sky.
3386 Zohura Female Beautiful, innocent and caring.
3387 Zonira Female Precious Stone, Expensive Jewel.
3388 Zorah Female Dawn.
3389 Zoran Male Dawn.
3390 Zoufishan Female Moonlight.
3391 Zoya Female Loving & caring.
3392 Zoya Female Alive, life and joyous.
3393 Zubair Male Proper Name.
3394 Zubaria Female Blooming flower.
3395 Zubash Female Silver.
3396 Zubaydah Female This was the name of the daughter of Jafar Mansoor and the wife of Khalifah Haroon Rasheed.
3397 Zubayr Male It's a proper name, a Sahabas' name and the youngest fighter in Al Islam.
3398 Zubdah Female Butter.
3399 Zubi Female Loving and understanding.
3400 Zuehb Male Clever Minded.
3401 Zufar Male Name of Imam Abu Hanifah's disciple.
3402 Zuhaib Male Star.
3403 Zuhair Male The prophet.
3404 Zuhaira Female Courage.
3405 Zuharah Female Planet Venus.
3406 Zuhayr Male Bright.
3407 Zuhayra Female Courage.
3408 Zuhera Female Name of a planet.
3409 Zuhoor Male Appearance, Manifestation.
3410 Zuhra Female A star's name, brilliance.
3411 Zuhrah Female Brilliance.
3412 Zuhur Female Flowers.
3413 Zulaykha Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
3414 Zulaym Male A narrator of Hadith.
3415 Zulekha Female Brilliant beauty.
3416 Zulfa Female First part of the night.
3417 Zulfah Female Nearness, closeness.
3418 Zulfaqar Male Sword that the Prophet (S.A.W) gave to Sayyidina Ali.
3419 Zulfiqar Male Sword name of Hazart Ali.
3420 Zulqarnain Male Someone with two beautiful eyes.
3421 Zumzum Female Sweet water of paradise.
3422 Zunairah Female Flower found in paradise.
3423 Zunnoon Male Appellation of Prophet Yunus (A.S).
3424 Zuti Male Name of the grandfather of Imam Abu Hanifah.
3425 Zynah Female Beautiful.
3426 Zyva Female Brightness, radiant, splendor.