KUWAIT: Based on direct instructions from the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Acting Minister of Defense Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled to clean the labor market from violators and to adjust the demographics, campaigns launched by the Ministry of Interior and other concerned parties resulted in the arrest of about 600 marginal workers who have been referred to deportation prison during the past two weeks, reports Al-Qabas daily.

In the context of regulating the labor market and getting rid of law violators, many field campaigns were carried out by the tripartite committee led by the Public Authority for Manpower, with the participation of officers from the Residency Affairs Investigations Department and a number of sectors of the Ministry of Interior.

The field campaigns carried out by the tripartite committee revealed the increasing phenomenon of “fake doctors”, as a group of expatriates were caught in medical centers and private clinics practicing medicine and nursing, and providing specialized medical services without obtaining certificates or licenses that allow them to do so. Statistics issued by the tripartite committee showed that six of those arrested practiced the medical profession and treated patients.

Also, a large number of domestic workers and others were arrested for practicing medicine and nursing. Legal measures were taken against them through cooperation between the Ministry of Interior, the Public Authority for Manpower and the Ministry of Health. The field teams were also able to monitor and seize 15 dummy recruitment offices for the domestic workers. About 90 workers were found in violation of the residency law, as well as absconders who were working on the basis of daily wages. They were referred along with those who run these facilities to the concerned authorities, in preparation for their deportation from the country.



Health Ministry’s activation of the automated system for the online health insurance registration for expatriates, knowledgeable sources affirmed that the payment portal has been functioning well; thereby, easing procedures for payment of fees for various services without glitches, reports Alrai daily.

Sources explained that due to the ministry’s keenness to automate its services and launch the experimental phase of the system, the tender for the registration of health insurance services for expatriates will most likely be cancelled.
How to Register and pay online health insurance fees
Click on the link to visit website
for New registration Click on Create an account
After filling Required information Click on (Generate OTP) you will receive a message from MOH -Online system that contains your OTP code enter OTP Code and Click on Verify, you are done you will receive another message that contains your password, your Kuwait Civil ID will be your user name.

I am a resigned employee of a private company waiting indefinitely to go on exit after receiving ‘final settlement’. My ‘work permit’ was cancelled in April 2017 soon after the notice period while visa and civil ID is valid up to Feb, 2018. Kindly advise whether it is permitted to travel outside and reenter Kuwait with the visa I am holding now. I have an important family function to attend back home.

Name withheld

Answer: The residence permit is tied to the work permit. This means that if your work permit is cancelled so is your residence permit. However, after the cancellation of the residence permit, a temporary one (visa 14) is given to you to enable you wind up your activities and leave the country.

If you still have your civil ID card with you and the pasted residence permit in your passport is not stamped cancelled, that means your work permit is still intact.

On the other hand, if the work permit was actually cancelled but they failed to stamp your passport cancelled as well as failed to apply for a temporary visa for you, then we are afraid that you are living in Kuwait illegally and must take steps to rectify the situation.

Failing to do this, you risk being deported if you are caught in addition to paying fines for the number of days you have illegally stayed in Kuwait. As for travelling outside Kuwait and returning forget about it if indeed your work permit has been cancelled.

The validity or otherwise of your residence permit can be checked from the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) online. If you check and it is intact, it means, your work permit has not been cancelled as alleged and in that case you can travel outside Kuwait and return.

Source: Arab Times

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