I got your number from face book page.

I just need small information.

My wife is a resident of Kuwait and she is living in Pakistan.

We just newly married and I am working in UAE.

She is under her father visa.

So I just need small information because she is pregnant and her family wants she make her delivery in Kuwait because of child visa issues.

I just need information is there any way that she give birth in Pakistan And later she can make visa...

If she buy independent visa then how much the cost can come minimum to maximum?

On independent visa her husband can visit her in Kuwait plus I am working in UAE so can keep resident visa of Kuwait and employment visa of UAE.


PIK Pleased to Answer

If parents are resident of Kuwait and she give birth in Pakistan then latter you can apply dependent visa for your child, but since you are resident of UAE and she is under her father’s sponsorship in Kuwait it is better to give birth in Kuwait.

You might face issues for getting new born visa if she give birth in Pakistan.