Teaming up director Ahsan Rahim with actors Sajal Ali and Imran Abbas, this ad is the brand's attempt to redefine what it means to be a real hero, particularly in a desi household.

Have a look at the TVC here:



Here are few lessons we're taking from the campaign:

1. Who belongs in the kitchen is not a question that gender has to answer!

The ad portrays both celebs as a contemporary couple in a progressive domestic setting that aims to unseat age-old gender roles and stereotypes.

The story suggests that Lemon Max's power of 1000 lemons is made for fingers that are now gender-equivalent, and consequently heroic.

2. Not all mother-in-laws steer the household's decisions!

The ad subtly hints on how the decision maker of the household (particularly the kitchen) is not always a domineering mom-in-law.

We're gradually but strongly shifting towards creating an environment where household chores are everybody's job, particularly the men of the house.

Can we please have more ads reflecting this now?

3. Male celebs can also endorse products considered to have women as their primary target!

We think the TVC ably tells the ad world that experiments are not always a bad idea.

Not all household product campaigns are meant to have women celebs swiveling around in designer joras conforming to age-old gender roles.

4. Not all ads need melodrama to create strong recall!

All characters in the TVC do their jobs without bursting with cosmetic (and oft irrelevant) emotions and we certainly like that!

From the point where the parents-in-law are introduced to the parts where the husband does the dishes while the wife watches in glee, everything seems to have been pictured just right.

Shall we say this makes the reactions all the more relatable?