Stylist Soomar Rehman has sued his former employer MD Productions for failing to give him credit for his work in Parwaaz Hai Junoon'spromotional materials so far.

A legal notice served to MD Productions, a copy of which exists with Images, states that Soomar was employed under a two-year contract from December 2016 as "creative manager & wardrobe stylish" for Parwaaz Hai Junoon; however, his employment was terminated over the phone on August 31, 2017 with the explanation that the project for which he was hired has been completed.

After which, the legal notice states that Rehman was not credited for his work in any PHJ promotional materials and instead two individuals "who never performed any role in the movie" were named.

At present, the two released PHJ teasers name Babar Zaheer as make-up artist and stylist and credit the wardrobe to Nomi Ansari, Rabab Hassan and Sharjeel Sarfaraz.


According to Rehman, Hassan and Sarfaraz did not contribute to the film's wardrobe department. He maintains that he was responsible for all the wardrobe styling in the film, except for one song shot in Lahore.

Currently, MD Productions has been instructed by the court to not release any more promotional materials before the next hearing on Monday.

The production company is refraining from comment while the matter is sub judice.