Fiza Ali is a talented and beautiful Pakistani actress, host, and singer who embarked on her acting career in her teenage years. Fiza Ali gained instant fame through her debut hit drama serial, “Mehndi.” Among her notable dramas are “Mehndi,” “Sath Nibhana Hay,” “Saat Sur Rishton Kay,” “Mor Mahal,” “Love Life Aur Lahore,” and “Shaam Dhalay.” Fiza Ali is a strong and courageous single mother to her adorable daughter, Faraal. Recently, she made an appearance on the show “Had Kardi” with Momin Saqib, where she disclosed the names of singers who did injustice with her. She shared her experiences with top Pakistani singers who exploited her singing talent and attempting to sabotage her career.
Fiza Ali Names Famous Singers Who Mistreated Her
To the question, “You have sung songs with many singers who haven’t paid you, why don’t you report them?, Fiza Ali said, “I want to report them by heart, no one took care of me, no one thought about me, I used to sit in a show like this where the singers used to come as guests, they used to request me to sing with them, I never wanted any favours regarding singing but still I sang for them”. Fiza Ali further added, “I have sung with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Sheraz Upal, I never knew that my graph would go down like this, I would name Zeshaan Rokhri here, I sang a lot of songs with him, I considered him brother but he never declared me sister on the record, even though, I was a mother to a daughter, he didn’t clarify it that I was like his sister, secondly, he didn’t give me my money. Malkoo has also not paid me, I have sung a lot of songs with Malkoo, he promised to release my payments but he didn’t pay me. I was disheartened. I left singing for a year”. She praised Sajjad Ali and said, “Sajjad Ali is like a brother to me but he treated me like sisters, he gave me due respect, he was so kind. I went to his house and had meetups with his family, but still people made false headlines about me”.

Nida Mumtaz is a brilliant Pakistani television and film actor who started her career at a very young age. She made her debut appearance in a Ptv drama. She is the daughter of famous Pakistani film actress Salma Mumtaz. Sadaf Kanwal is her niece. Nida’s notable ptv serials include Zakham and Din. Her recent hit serials include Deep Jalay , Dewaangi , Alif, Raaz-e-Ulfat, Khoob Seerat, Fraud and Badzaat. She left showbiz after her marriage but made her comeback a few years ago. Fans love her acting in the dramas.
Nida Mumtaz Entry into Showbiz & Failing in Films
Lately, Nida Mumtaz appeared in Samaa Tv’s morning show, hosted by Madeha Naqvi. In the show Nida talked about her sudden entry in the showbiz industry. Talking about it, she said, “initially, my mother was reluctant about me joining the showbiz, also, as you know I grew up watching the stars like Waheed Murad and Muhammad Ali because of my film background, they were the best people, however, I never thought of joining the showbiz industry. I was quite young when Ptv Lahore’s renowned name Nisar Sahab saw me. He said, ‘why is this girl not working?’, and gave my name to the producers, I fetched a PTV long play as the main lead, it was a big thing back then, it created a buzz because I just got it so easily that too with the main lead like Firdous Jamal. At that time, I was a new person who knew nothing about acting but still I did it, I started movies after a few years but I couldn’t get success in the films because I didn’t know dancing, so, I left films in the middle. Here is the link to the video:

Mariyam Nafees is a stunning and popular Pakistani actress and host. She has acted in successful TV shows like “Yaqeen Ka Safar,” “Kam Zarf,” and “Mohabbat Chor Di Maine.” Mariyam Nafees has a huge following on social media, and her fans like to see her new pictures and videos. Nowadays, Mariyam has also been appearing in Hum TV’s popular drama “Neem”. Fans are liking her acting in the drama serial “Neem”. Mariyam Nafees is happily married to the director and producer Amaan Ahmad. She has been living a joyful life with Amaan and often shares glimpses from her married life.
Mariyam Nafees Pictures With Husband from Tanzania
Lately, Matiyam Nafees is having an adventurous vacation in an Island in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Mariyam Nafees is having a fantastic time on her vacation in the Island along with her husband Amaan Ahmad. The couple also enjoyed an underwater adventure where they swam with turtles and saw many other colorful sea animals. Mariyam Nafees happily shared the daring pictures and videos for fans and left them in awe of the beauty of Zanzibar. She also shared a few beautiful pictures from other events. Here we have gathered all the beautiful pictures for you:

Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari make one of the cutest couples in the Pakistani showbiz industry. They were friends at first and then fell in love and got married. Their relationship shows what love, appreciation and friendship is and how important it is to have these traits in your relationship. They also have plenty of humour and keep the laughter going.

Saboor Aly Fulfills Husband's Birthday Wish
It was a happy occasion in the house as it was Ali Ansari’s birthday and he had a cute wish for his bithday get together. He shared a list of guests including Kylie Jenner and Jahnvi Kapoor with his wife and wanted all his favourites to attend his birthday party.
Saboor Aly Fulfills Husband's Birthday Wish
Saboor Aly Fulfills Husband's Birthday Wish
Saboor did throw him a party and they had some cute moments but she did not forget about the list and found a way to fulfill her husband’s wish. Here is how she aws able to have all these celebrities at Ali Ansari’s birthday:
Saboor Aly Fulfills Husband's Birthday Wish

Saba Hameed is a veteran talent of the Pakistani drama and film industry and she has maintained herself as the top most talent in the country. Be it Urdu, English or Punjabi, Saba Hameed has done all and she has ruled all. She has given so many great projects in the past few years and we saw her displaying her talent in films as well. Saba Hameed started her career in the 80s as a young woman and she is now one of the senior ones who knows how to impress every time with her immense talent.

Saba Hameed Shares Precious Moments From Her Career
Saba Hameed shared a beautiful video and shared some very beautiful moments from her career throughout the years she has worked with. She has grown in beauty, talent and fans love to watch her on screen. Here are some precious moments of Saba Hameed’s career over the years. Have a look:

Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari are the two immensely talented Pakistani actors who form a super adorable couple. Both are successful celebrities.amd have huge fan following. After getting married, the couple has received more love and respect from their fans. Saboor Aly is currently appearing in the drama serial Jannat Se Aagay. Ali Ansari appeared in drama serial Samjhota. Besides acting, they share a deep passion for travel, often embarking on exciting adventures together. Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari are friendly and fun-loving personalities who love to celebrate important events. Saboor and Ali share an incredible bond public. Their fans love how they support and complement each other in their personal and professional lives.
Saboor Aly Celebrates Ali Ansari's Birthday
Saboor Aly was quite excited while celebrating her husband Ali Ansari’s birthday. Ali Ansari was also happy to cut his birthday cake, the most relatable thing Ali did was to enjoy every bite of his yummiest birthday cake. Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari’s happiness truly made the birthday celebration an unforgettable experience. Here we have gathered the pictures from Ali Ansari’s birthday. Take a look:

Faizan Sheikh is a talented and famous Pakistani actor and host. Faizan has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry. He has brilliant hosting skills, he gained fame through shows like “Salam Zindagi” and “The Mazedaar Show”. Faizan’s talent isn’t only limited to hosting; he’s also a very versatile actor who has showcased his acting skills in numerous hit dramas and even in the theater.
Faizan Sheikh's Wife and Daughter Surprised Him in Tamasha Ghar
Lately, host and actor Faizan Sheikh is doing rounds because of his participation in reality show Tamasha. He is surely having a great time in Tamasha Ghar. Well, he is a strong candidate of Tamasha. Fans are loving his remarkable energy and captivating presence. As we all know, Faizan has been away from the comforts of his family and home. He hasn’t had the opportunity to meet his mother, siblings, wife, and beloved daughter. In last episodes, Faizan got emotional while remembering his daughter, Hadiya.

Faizan Sheikh's Wife and Daughter Surprised Him in Tamasha Ghar
Today’s episode brought a pleasant surprise for Faizan when the team Tamasha his birthday. The host Adnan Siddiqui sent him a cake followed by the surprise entry of Maham Aamir and Hadiya. Faizan Sheikh got extremely happy seeing his daughter and wife. The other contestants were happy to witness the heartwarming moments of Faizan with his family. Have a look at the beautiful snapshots:

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