The moment all Blackpink fans were anticipating is finally here. Blackpink member Lisa has finally released her solo debut MV 'Lalisa' and it's packed with catchy beats, killer dance moves and rap sequences.

Blackpink is one the most recognised K-pop singing groups in the world and the group has amassed a large number of fans around the world since their debut in 2016. While the girls have released multiple albums together, there have also been solo debuts by individual members as well. Blackpink's youngest member Lisa has recently made her solo debut following members Jennie and Rosé.

The group's label YG Entertainment had announced the released of Lisa's single on social media and published various promotional content in the wake of the release. 

The singer had promoted her upcoming song on her Instagram account as well.

Lisa's debut MV has been well received by fans around the world and they're taking to social media to express their love for the song.

What are your thought's on Lisa's debut single?

Celebrities are banding together to ask for prayers for comedian Omer Sharif.

The veteran entertainer is unwell and has made a request to Prime Minister Imran Khan to help facilitate his medical treatment abroad. Speaking to ARY, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Communication Shahbaz Gill said the government would help facilitate his visas and travel abroad and would try to help pay for the surgery he requires.

Sharif's wife also made an appeal for prayers on his Facebook page and said the next 24 hours were very critical. In a followup post, she clarified that they have only asked the government to help facilitate Sharif's travel and visas. "We just wanted to clarify that Omer and his family didn’t ask for any financial assistance from government and any entity," she said.


Soon after, a number of celebrities took to social media to pray for Sharif's health and ask others to do the same.


Actor Mawra Hocane prayed for his health.


Director Nabeel Qureshi also sent prayers Sharif's way.


"I love you Umer Sharif bhai," wrote actor Hira Mani.

“May God give health and strength. You are the heart of Pakistan. God always keeps people who spread joy safe. May God fix you right up, that is my prayer.”


Actor Zarnish Khan said she was proud of the prime minister for taking notice. “[Omer Sharif] is a legend and has served Pakistan more than we can imagine; he deserve the support of the government of Pakistan. May God give him health and a long life.”


Actor Ahsan Khan wished Sharif health and a speedy recovery.



Singer Shuja Haider called Sharif a star whose glow can be seen by the whole world. He called for prayers for Sharif, whom he described as someone who has made Pakistan's name shine.


Actor Aiman Khan shared Haider's post with an "Ameen".


Model and actor Omer Shahzad wished him good health and a long life.

Actor Nimra Khan has posted an appeal for prayers on Instagram as she battles urethral stones.

She posted two pictures of herself in a hospital on Instagram in which she said she was in "extreme pain" and needed prayers.



Speaking to Images, she said there is a stone in her urethra and she might need to be operated on. "Due to [this] there is shooting, unbearable pain. And it has also caused infection that aggravates the pain," she said.

The Uraan star also posted two videos in which she said she couldn't even express the level of pain she was in and again requested her followers to take a few minutes out of their day and pray for her.

We wish her a speedy recovery!

Momina Mustehsan is back after a social media hiatus during which she found out just how beautiful life offline is.

The 'Afreen Afreen' singer had announced her online hiatus on June 26 with a picture of herself with the words "We're temporarily closed" superimposed on top.


 But now she's back and she has learned a lot.


"Hello, it’s me," she wrote, admitting that her Instagram break went on longer than anticipated. "Living offline is beautiful," she said.

"Being exposed to so much content, information and stimulus can be overwhelming — it can almost make you believe it’s a big bad world out there. But that’s not true."

The singer told her followers that while everyone knows the downsides to social media, there are upsides too. "Everyone has the opportunity to be heard and to tell their stories firsthand. The concept of the ‘other’ is shrinking. We are all the same, and not the same," she said.

"Life is a big puzzle and we all hold different pieces to the larger picture. We all have little solutions to the bigger problem. We just need to be human together," Mustehsan said.

She's right. Social media can be a hateful and toxic place full of people seeking validation and others spewing out cruel opinions or comments without any regard for who is being hurt, but it can also be a wonderful place that connects people from all over the world and helps bridge barriers in a way that has never been done before.

Perhaps we all need to step back from social media, like Mustehsan did, to see the benefits of it. We don't know about you, but a social media hiatus sounds pretty good to us right now.

Thespian Dilip Kumar’s death on Wednesday has left the entire Indian film fraternity shocked and in mourning. The legendary actor who passed away at the age of 98 has left a void in cinema and a huge body of work behind, for future filmmakers and actors to learn from. The actor was laid to rest at Juhu Qabarastan in Mumbai with full state honours on Wednesday evening.

Popularly known as the ‘Tragedy King’ of Bollywood, Kumar was known as a method actor who was never limited to genres. In a career spanning more than five decades, the prolific legend was part of comedies, dramas, romance, and so on.

Some of his best known films include Aan, Daag, Devdas, Madhumati, Azaad, Mughal-e-Azam, Gunga Jamuna, Kranti, Karma, Ram Aur Shyam, among others.

Dilip Kumar also possessed the distinction of being the only Indian recipient of Pakistan’s highest civilian award, Nishan-e-Imtiaz.

For his contribution to cinema, Dilip Kumar was conferred with the Dadasaheb Phalke Award, India’s highest award in the artform. He also received the Padma Vibhushan, the second-highest civilian award of the country.

Along with Shah Rukh Khan, he held the record for winning the most Filmfare Awards in the Best Actor category: 8. He also won the inaugural trophy in the same category in 1954.


Personalities from cinema, politics and sports paid tributes to Dilip Kumar. Here are all the wishes and obituaries pouring in for the icon.

Udaari star Urwa Hocane took to social media to voice her frustration with the pandemic that has kept loved ones apart. She hasn't been able to meet her mother in almost two years.

In her post, she wrote, "I miss you my beautiful, brilliant, inspiring Amma!" 

 "Haven't been able to see you for almost two years now because of the pandemic — can't wait to huge you tight as soon as I see you," she said.

The pandemic has been troublesome with travel restrictions, distance and politics around vaccinations leaving many people separated from their families. Thousands of people, like Hocane, haven't seen their families in far too long and are growing tired of it. They want to be reunited and we want that for them too.

All we can do is urge people to get vaccinated and stay vigilant so that eventually, things will get back to normal.

If you look in the mirror and feel bad about yourself for your acne, or conversely, if you're done feeling bad about yourself because of your acne, Alizeh Shah has a thought for you.

Taking to Instagram, the Ehd-e-Wafa star spoke out about her insecurity inducing struggle with acne.

"Here I am putting my biggest insecurity on display," Shah began, confessing, "Yes I've been struggling with acne for quite a long time."

"A lot of us have this idea that 'clear skin' should be the goal," she noted, though then confessing one does not need perfect skin to be happy.

'The current state of your skin does not measure your worth or your beauty!" she said. 

She followed this up with a video zooming into her face, flaunting her acne marks, just the way she should.

 Acne is a common ailment, a skin condition, that affects 9.4% of the global population, making it the eighth most prevalent condition in the world. Acne usually begins affecting people as they approach puberty, though it affects several adolescents and young adults as well. Approximately 85% of the people between ages 12 and 24 experience at least some acne.

However, studies say that acne might continue affecting people into their 30s and their 40s, with the trend of acne among adults increasing. A study found that 10 to 12% of adult women suffer from acne. The same study also notes that the impacts of acne in the lives of adult women is often greater than that on the lives of younger ones.

A study published in the Journal of Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad, studied the relation between acne and depression. Their results showed that 38% (19 out of 50) of the people with acne they studied suffer from depression, with a female predominance. Between patients of acne and seborrhea, the same study found that people suffering acne problems reported greater social anxiety, 34% as compared to 10%.

As acne becomes more prominent, so should the support people suffering from it get. We're glad Shah decided to speak on this matter, as several young people put themselves down everyday when they see inflammations and sores on their faces. Even more struggle with the marks it leaves behind. We, at Images, view them more as battle scars, for the fight your skin must embark on everyday against the sun, dirt, hormones and what not.

Echoing Shah's words, we'd like to conclude the way she did, by saying, "Embrace the glorious mess that you are!"


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