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‘No official has right to cancel debts’


KUWAIT CITY, Aug 13: The Council of Ministers stresses on the need to collect debts owed to the government by people who benefit from the government services by all ways and to the extent of taking legal if need be, reports Al- Anba daily quoting senior government sources.

The sources said these debts are public funds payable without any complacency, inaction or concession. The sources pointed out that no official has the right to drop off debts that exceed more than 5 thousand dinars or even exempt part of them.

The sources denied the existence of any tendency to study the cancellation of some debts without referring the issue to the Council of Ministers. The sources revealed the government has approved several measures to increase the collection of these debts and prevent the accumulation. One of the most important procedures is to go for automatic link between the ministries to help collect the debts before agreeing to provide a new service, and to coordinate with the Public Authority for Civil Information to provide data of those who owe debts, and to provide multiple facilities in payment instruments.

The sources confirmed that the adoption of the system of prepayment before providing new services has greatly contributed to the nonaccumulation of more debts owed to the government. The sources pointed out that the government has obliged the ministries to submit a report twice a year, including details of their efforts in the area of collecting money owed to the government complete with statistical data on the money collected and the outstanding amount.

In response to a question about exempting government employees upon retirement or exempting the heirs upon the death of the employee from debts owed if it is less than 5,000 dinars, the sources said, it is organized according to the decisions issued by the Council of Ministers and circulars issued by the Ministry of Finance, which includes the conditions and controls required before submitting an application. The exemption after the submission of the application must be submitted for study to the Fatwa and Legislation Department and must be approved by the Minister of Finance before exemption.

Source: Arab Times

Image result for PACI suspends transactions for 1 week

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 10: The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) has suspended the processing of several transactions for one week in order to update the system, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to PACI, the processing of these transactions will resume on Aug 14. It disclosed that the suspended transactions include automated services such as completion of birth data, renewal of civil ID for Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis, updating the names of non-Kuwaitis, registration of domestic workers and dependent visa.

Source: Arab times

Image result for 8,000 Egyptians entered Kuwait every month in 2018

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 11: An official issued by the Egyptian Statistical Authority revealed that there was an huge increase in the number of Egyptians who entered Kuwait during 2018, by more than 8,000 per month, which means that Kuwait was receiving about 270 Egyptians per day in 2018 reports Al Rai. 98,000 new work permits were issued to Egyptian nationals while permits were renewed for another 132,000.

Kuwait came second (after Saudi Arabia), in terms of permits issued to Egyptians to work in the Arab countries by 230,000 permits, including 221,000 males, and about 9,000 females, which constitute about 22.1 percent of the total work permits in the Arab countries .

Sources said that the number of permits issued to the Egyptian degree holders coming to Kuwait, is about 65,000 while permits issued to the non graduates averaged 11,000, and below qualification 91,000, and non educated 63,000.

These figures mean that only 28 percent of the 230,000 people who have been issued or renewed work permits have a university qualification, with the remaining (about three-quarters of the number) divided between average and below or without.

Saudi Arabia ranked first in the group of Arab countries in terms of permits, with 515,000, which constitute 49.2 percent of the total work permits in the Arab countries, distributed on 170,000 work permits for the first time, and 344,000 renewed permits. 
The official report confirms that the recent figures are much higher than the previously announced figures, the latest of which was published by Al-Rai on July 11, citing a statement of the Directorate of Manpower in Cairo, that it receives 5,000 monthly wishing to work in Kuwait to review their contracts and document the required documents and documents until The visa is obtained in cooperation with the Embassy of Kuwait in Cairo.

Image result for 4 expats caught slaughtering sheep in open for KD 5 each

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 12: The Environment Agency and the Food Authority regulators caught four expatriates in Jahra, in addition to a number of others in the vicinity of selling sheep. These expatriates set up a slaughterhouse in the open air and slaughtered cattle for customers for 5 dinars per carcass. reports Al Qabas

Sources said that the street butchers were caught red handed. They were transferred to deportation center for legal procedures which will lead to deportation from the country.

Sources said that the concerned parties have formed teams to monitor the butchers in cooperation between the Ministry of Interior, manpower, municipality, environment and the Food Authority, to arrest the violators.

Source: Arab Times

Image result for New slaughterhouse in Kuwait City will open on first day of Eid

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 6: CEO of Livestock Transportation Company aka Al- Mawashi Engr Osama Boodai says the new slaughterhouse in Kuwait City is ready to offer animal sacrifice services for this year, reports Al-Anba daily.

 He revealed that operations in the new slaughterhouse will begin after Eid Al- Adha prayer. Boodai explained that the capacity of the new slaughterhouse is bigger than all the slaughterhouses in Kuwait.

It has the capacity is to slaughter 18,000 sheep per day, or in other words, 900 sheep per hour. It takes the slaughterhouse 15 minutes to slaughter, cut and pack a sheep.

The customers will receive their animal sacrifice based on the token number they receive, and they will have the facility to wait in a comfortable waiting hall. Services such as meals and drinks are available, and there is also a parking lot with the capacity to hold 400 cars. Boodai affirmed that the new slaughterhouse meets the environmental conditions by 100 percent.

He reiterated that the slaughterhouse also offers services of slaughtering, cutting and packing of calves and camels, but the service will be after 12 noon on the first day of Eid Al-Adha in order to control any congestion.

Image result for Banks to close from Aug 11 to 13

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 6: Secretary General of Kuwait Banking Association Dr Hamad Al-Hassawi has announced that banks will be closed starting from Saturday – Day of Arafat Standing, followed by the official Eid Al-Adha holidays from Sunday to Tuesday (Aug 11-13), reports Al-Seyassah daily. Al-Hassawi said banks will resume work on Wednesday (Aug 14) as per the circular issued by the Central Bank of Kuwait regarding the upcoming holidays.

Image result for ‘No issuance of Civil IDs for Expat Singles staying in private, modern housing areas’

‘Firms must provide suitable housing for workers’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 6: The Director General of the Kuwait Municipality, Engr Ahmed Al-Manfouhi, explained the procedures and steps currently being taken in cooperation with other government agencies to evacuate the singles from the private and typical housing areas, reports Al- Rai daily.

The daily revealed yesterday the readiness of the Municipality to provide major projects for the construction of temporary housing. “The government has mandated the Public Authority for Civil Information to take the appropriate measures to prevent the issuance of civil IDs to ‘bachelors’ if the address falls within the areas of private and model housing,”

Al-Manfouhi said during a video presentation to the Ministerial Committee. He pointed to the existence of previous government recommendations to allocate the land necessary for the establishment of temporary housing for the workers of companies, in coordination with the Public Authority for Industry.

He added the Council of Ministers has tasked the Public Authority for Manpower in coordination with all government agencies to allowing contracting companies on government projects to provide suitable housing for workers, within the area allocated for the project, until the completion of labor cities.

“The low-income working class in the country constitutes a large proportion of the society which has led to the emergence of unorganized and unhealthy housing communities and the transformation of residential areas into areas that are not favored by families,” Al-Manfouhi said. He pointed out that the problem of housing singles in the midst of residential neighborhoods is like a ticking time bomb and stressed the Municipality must address this phenomenon by finding an alternatives and building housing for workers.


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