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KUWAIT CITY, July 18: As passengers contend with the end of issuance of residence stickers in their passports, airlines have reported a few incidents on their outgoing flights from Kuwait.

An official from a national South Asian carrier shared that a few passengers who had failed to present their Kuwait Civil ID card were unable to board their flights.

All passengers travelling this summer are therefore strongly advised to carry both their valid passport and Civil ID card for a hassle-free exit and entry.

The General Immigration Department of Kuwait, meanwhile, says it has not received any complaint from anyone saying that he/she was denied entry into any country because the passport of the traveler resident in country did not carry the residence permit stamped on the passport, reports Al-Rai daily quoting informed sources.

The daily quoting the same sources said the method adopted by Kuwait of printing the personal data on the Civil ID of the holder will not change. In case if the names are more than two and there is no sufficient space to print the names of the Civil ID the person’s first and last name will suffice with the inclusion of the initials of the second and third name.

The sources pointed out the Civil ID carries the full name in Arabic and Latin and in case of loss of the ID the Kuwaiti mission must be contacted to enable the person to enter Kuwait.

The sources told the daily before the implementation of the decision to do away with the residence stickers on the passport, Kuwait had informed all the countries throughout the world through their embassies in Kuwait and the Directorates-General of Civil Aviation of the decision to cancel the residence stickers and include the information in the Civil ID of the holder.

The sources added, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and DGCA of Kuwait also had informed all concerned authorities of these procedures adopted by Kuwait. On the other hand, the Public Authority for Civil Information Wednesday denied what has been published by a local newspaper that the Civil ID card was not accepted as a reference of residence permit by some European countries.

PACI added since the issuance of Ministerial Resolution No. 135/-2019 to cancel the residence stickers, there has been coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation to inform all countries that the Civil ID to be treated as residence permit reference.

The sources stressed this is the case in more than one country, including several Gulf states. Surprisingly, as published by ‘kuwaitlocal.com, June 30, 2019’, a resident said on June 14, 2019, he was returning to Kuwait Qatar Airways, from Los Angeles to Qatar and Qatar to Kuwait. He claimed he was held up at the Qatar Airways counter at the LA airport, because of his residence permit. He claimed his residence permit was recently renewed is valid up to May 7, 2020.

“So, as per the new Kuwait regulations everything was mentioned in the Civil ID. I showed them my Civil ID and told them that the details of my residence permit were mentioned therein.

The Qatar Airways counter screen displayed the Residence Permit page and not my Civil ID. They told me either I should have a letter from Kuwait mentioning that Residency Permit and Civil ID are the same to which I replied that the residence validity is mentioned in the Civil ID and so far it seemed mine was the first case in Los Angeles.

“They sent my passport and Civil ID for verification several times. I was saved because my old residence permit was valid till 1st July and it was stamped in the passport and luckily there was no cancellation stamp. So, miraculously I saved the day, and they allowed me to travel. Otherwise I had to cancel all the flight tickets and had to visit the Kuwait Consulate in LA and get a letter from them. This is just to share my experience. Looks like the Airport Authorities are not aware of the changes regarding Civil ID.

In the UAE on the Civil ID it is mentioned the ‘Resident Identity Card’, in Qatar it is mentioned ‘Residence Permit’; in Kuwait it says ‘Civil ID’ and unfortunately nowhere it is mentioned the word ‘resident’.

Source: Arab times

New initiative highlights steps for expats to obtain licenses


KUWAIT CITY, July 9: Department of Public Relations and Security Media in Ministry of Interior has launched a new initiative to clarify the rules for expatriates, and non-Kuwaiti and Bedoun husbands of Kuwaiti women to obtain driving licenses in accordance with the ministerial decision regulating this order issued on November 25, 2014, reports Al-Anba daily.

The department launched such an awareness initiative in order to limit the repeated questions on this matter and avoid responding to them over and over again.

As per ministerial decree No. 5598/2014, non-Kuwaiti applicants can obtain a private or public driving license provided that they have legally stayed in the country for at least two years, obtain a monthly salary not less than KD 600, and have a university degree. Resolution No. 3 specified the categories excluded from some of the conditions based on their social and functional circumstances.

According to the decision, the first category excluded from the conditions of residence, salary, and university certificate covers 13 segments. They are :- non- Kuwaiti women married to Kuwaiti men including widows and divorcees provided they have children, non-Kuwaiti men married to Kuwaiti women and have children, Bedoun residents with valid security cards, students provided they are registered at any of the universities or applied institutions in Kuwait, members of the diplomatic corps, professionals in sports federations, clubs and government sectors, drivers and representatives who hold valid legal driving licenses issued by their countries or any other country, domestic workers who have been working for a period of not less than five consecutive years in a similar capacity provided they change their profession to driver, technicians working in the oil fields, pilots and sea captains and their assistants, washers of the dead, nursing staff, physiotherapists and medical technicians, housewives, as well as sons and spouses of judges, counselors, prosecutors and experts, faculty members of universities and institutions, doctors, pharmacists, and general managers and their assistants.

The decision states that the second category exempted from residency and salary conditions but should be holders of university degrees include judges, prosecutors, consultants and experts, faculty members of universities and applied institutes, journalists and media professionals, doctors and pharmacists, researchers, judiciary men, translators, librarians, teachers, social workers and engineers, trainers working in sports federations and clubs in government agencies.

The last category is excluded from the residency condition but must have monthly salary of not less than KD 600 and should be holders of university degrees. This category includes general managers and assistants, directors, accountants, and finally representatives.

The licenses of drivers and representatives will be cancelled upon the cancellation of their residence permits, or if they change their profession based on which the driving license was issued.

The person will then not be eligible to apply for driving license for at least two years and the new procedures will apply.

KUWAIT CITY, July 8: Around 10.02 am Monday morning Kuwait felt earthquake tremors for few seconds right from Kuwait city to Salmiya area. Many people around Kuwait reported that they felt quake tremors. This was due to earthquake which hit Masjed Soleymān, Khuzestan, Iran area measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale

This was confirmed by KUNA that a slight earthquake was felt on Monday in various parts of the State of Kuwait as a result of a possible seismic activity in the region.

Image result for No travel ban or arrest warrant on small debts from KD 100 – KD 200

KUWAIT CITY, July 7: The Sentences Enforcement General Department of the Ministry of Justice has streamlined procedural arrests of Kuwaitis particularly in the event of travel ban imposed on them for failing to pay small sums of money, which has been the case over the years and caused embarrassment to many families because at the last minute their travel plans are disrupted, reports Al-Qabas daily.

A knowledgeable source told the daily there is a new trend to turn a blind eye to travel bans and search and arrest warrants requested by companies against Kuwaitis after an extensive study by the department and came to the conclusion that measures taken earlier need not be continued.

The source added the judges deliberated on the issue two weeks ago and concluded that these requests lack reason of the law and does not necessitate prevention of travel just because a citizen owes a company, especially if the sum is small and the Kuwaiti debtor will not intend to abandon his homeland to avoid paying a handful of dinars.

The source added what the judges meant here by ‘small sum’ is debt ranging between KD 100 and 200.

The source added the most important condition is not available in the request as the creditor company does not provide evidence of the Kuwaiti debtor’s failure to pay the debt despite the ability to do so.

The source further added that the travel ban and the search and arrest warrant are an exceptional way and cannot be expanded because they represent restrictions on the freedom of individuals and freedom of movement contrary to the logic of reality which calls for more guarantees of personal freedoms.

Source: Arab Times

Image result for Kuwait advances seven places in Global Peace ranking

KUWAIT CITY, June 15: Kuwait has advanced seven places on the Global Peace Index (GPI) 2019, issued by the Institute of Economics and International Peace, compared to its rank on the index last year, ranking 43rd globally and second Qatar (among the GCC countries) which is ranked 31st in the world, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The GPI is based on what the passive peace scale of each country in relation to the ongoing domestic and international conflicts of each country, its role and duration of involvement in the conflict. The second area of the Institute’s index is measuring the level of harmony and division within each country based on data that broadly assess personal safety and social security, crime rates, terrorist activity, violent demonstrations, harmonious relations between neighboring countries, stability of the political scene and proportions of internally displaced persons or refugees to neighboring countries.

The Institute is also based on other indicators related to the military situation of each country and access to weapons. Data are measured on the military expenditures of each country as a percentage of gross domestic product, the number of military personnel and the state’s financial contributions to the UN peacekeeping missions.

The world has become calmer this year for the first time in five years, with the average level of calm rising by 0.09 percent, the institute said, pointing out that the increase in calm came as a result of the decline of the intensity of many major conflicts around the world, and number of deaths.

Iceland and New Zealand maintained their lead this year, followed by Portugal (3), Austria (4), Denmark (5), Canada (6), Singapore (7), Slovenia (8), Japan (9) and Czech Republic (10). Afghanistan came at the bottom of the list at 163, preceded by Syria at 162, South Sudan (161), Yemen (160) and Iraq (159).

Source: Arab Times

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KUWAIT CITY, June 15: An unidentified Kuwaiti woman has filed a complaint with the police accusing her husband of torturing her, holding her captive inside the sixth floor apartment of a residential building in Khaitan, reports Al-Anba daily.

The woman was rescued after a Saudi man who was passing by happened to see pieces of paper on the ground on which was written, ‘I am in distress, I am being tortured and held captive by my husband on the sixth floor apartment’. The woman had scribbled the words and may have thrown them from the bathroom window.

Many people may have seen the piece of paper and thought it was a joke, but not the Saudi man, who took the issue seriously and informed the Khaitan Police Station. Securitymen from the Khaitan Police Station moved to the location and rescued the woman and took the husband into custody, although he tried to convince the police that his wife was unsound and behaving abnormal. However, medical reports confirmed that she has been subjected to prolonged assault and injuries required treatment for more than 21 days.

Source: Arab Times

Image result for Indian held for stealing Kuwaiti woman’s credit card and misusing it

KUWAIT CITY, June 13: Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have arrested an unidentified Indian for stealing the bank credit card of a Kuwaiti woman and making purchases, reports Al-Rai daily. The arrest came after the woman filed a complaint with the police station in Mubarak Al-Kabir.

The case was handed over to the e-crimes department of the ministry. Personnel from the crime branch checked the CCTV footage of the cameras installed in shops from where the suspect had made the purchases and took him in custody.
Source: Arab times

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