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Possibility of stealing data of card


KUWAIT CITY, Aug 5: After Public Authority for Telecommunications and Information Technology blocked programs that reveal caller IDs , some websites have emerged to claim its alleged ability to disclose the photographs and personal information of individuals such as address, social status and date of birth, which is a violation of privacy, reports Al-Qabas daily.

These websites post advertisements only on the Internet and allow the possibility of searching for individuals either by name, e-mail address, or phone number. Social media is used to find users’ data and their photographs to offer to those willing to pay for such information. One of such websites gives one-day free service to its users.

The cost of obtaining personal information such as address and mobile number is about 300 fils, or about KD 6 monthly. Some experts have warned about the possibility of stealing data of bank card by these websites at the time of payment. An expert in information technology and cybercrimes Raed Al-Roumi said some social media websites sell users’ date to companies.

He affirmed that preserving the secrecy of information in the era of smart phones have become difficult because the applications used currently have the ability to access cameras and phone numbers.

Source: Arab Times