Director of Funeral Affairs in the Municipality Dr Faisal Al-Awadhi with the new cars for funerals.

KUWAIT CITY, April 11: Kuwait Municipality announced on Thursday that it would provide 11 modern vehicles to transport corpses from hospitals and health centers to land and air borders. Director of Funeral Affairs at the Municipality, Dr Faisal Al-Awadhi, said in a press release that the administration is keen to provide all services to the families of the dead, both citizens and residents.

Al-Awadhi added that the information systems center in the municipality would distribute the names of the deceased to the relevant authorities in order to avoid any delay in completing the procedures and transactions pertaining to the deceased or his heirs. He explained that in the event of inquiring about funerals or burial dates as well as sites of graves can be made through the Kuwait funerals application on Android or App Store which was launched last March. (KUNA)