KUWAIT CITY, May 8: MP Khalil Abul citing economic crisis has submitted a query to the Speaker of the National Assembly Marzouq Al-Ghanim to know why the policy of replacing expatriates with Kuwaitis and rationalizing spending at the Audit Bureau has not been achieved.

He also wants to know why some employees in senior positions continue to work even though they have crossed the retirement age.

In another query he talks about the motives the increase in salaries of non-Kuwaiti employees at the Audit Bureau under the replacement policy despite reduction in government budgets. He said this amounts to not adhering to the policy of rationalizing expenditure.

He asked the Speaker to provide him a statement showing the number of times ‘excellence awards’ have been granted to non-Kuwaiti employees compared to the Kuwaitis by the Audit Bureau, and details of performance which made them eligible for bonus.

Furthermore, MP Khalil Al-Saleh has forwarded queries to Minister of Health Dr Basel Al-Hamoud concerning closure of overseas health check centers for expatriates. He stated a decision was issued recently to close these centers which were operated by Kuwaiti companies but the same centers are now being operated by other Gulf companies.

He claimed the companies operated by other Gulf countries are prone to 10 percent error margin because of which diseases can seep into Kuwait, compared to hundred percent performance of the Kuwaiti companies. He added, the Kuwaitis want to ensure security and safety of the country.

He asked the minister the reason why the centers were closed and whether that decision was based on a technical study.

He said according to local newspapers, the justification given for cancelling the contract of these health centers was because of an agreement with GCC countries. He wanted to know if there is any stipulation obliging closure of these centers and how many GCC countries honor the provisions of the agreement.

He also asked if the GCC agreement has demarcated certain centers or talked about dealing with accredited GCC centers. He also wanted to know the capabilities of the GCC companies which will operate these centers and what makes them unique in the area of this work. He also asked if there are guarantees that expats suffering from infectious diseases will be prevented from entering Kuwait.


By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

Source: Arab Times