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The Director of Public Mobilization in the Administration and Manpower Authority of the Kuwaiti Army, Colonel Tariq Al-Sabr, said it is the patriotic feeling that motivates the applicants to join the armed forces including the Kuwaiti army which is a honor to be part of this establishment.

Part of the reception of applicants to join the Kuwait armed forces

This came in a statement by Colonel Al-Sabr to reporters on Wednesday. He was speaking on the sidelines of the volunteer registration process for non-commissioned officers and individual courses organized by the authority, during which he shed light on the registration process for university graduates and diploma holders, and to clarify the issue of special allowances and bonuses for soldiers during the course and after they are appointed in the Kuwaiti army.

He added there is an unprecedented high demand for university graduates and diploma holders to join the army to increase the efficiency of the Kuwaiti armed forces, pointing out that the Kuwaiti Army has developed the level of those who enroll without losing the right to complete his studies based on the certificate the individual presents. He explained the duration of the course – three-and-a-half months for non-commissioned officers and three-months for individuals increased the demand for enrollment and called on the young men to join the Kuwaiti armed forces considering it a patriotic duty. He pointed out that there are advantages for those who enroll in the course because they are entitled for financial rewards during and after passing the exam.


They are also paid a salary retroactively. He pointed out the last day for registration is Saturday, Sept 18, 2021. For his part, Lt. Col. Saad Al-Kharji of the Directorate of General Mobilization in the Kuwaiti army said the turnout is good, as the number of applicants was good and put the total at 1,712 so far. (KUNA)

In the context of following up the government’s aggressive measures to contain COVID-19 spread in the country, the Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) recently agreed to offer a tender to arrange hotel apartments for medical delegations that will soon arrive in Kuwait from Pakistan, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to health officials, these apartments are sufficient for 500 people. The tender period will be for one year from the date of the arrival of the medical delegations, provided that the tendering authority will undertake the tender procedures for them.

Meanwhile, the pace of the anti-COVID-19 vaccination campaign is accelerating to reach the desired community immunity to ensure the return to normal life within a short period. In this regard, officials affirmed that the increase in vaccination rates in all centers has led to the introduction of vaccination dates for different segments. They explained that most centers are currently witnessing the administration of the second dose of vaccines, with the exception of a few citizens and residents who are receiving the first dose now due to various reasons.
The high rate of vaccination has contributed to alleviating the pressure on healthcare workers, especially in the vaccination campaign, which is an indication that the campaign goals will be achieved, especially if the health requirements are adhered to.
The sources highlighted that one of the indicators of the Ministry of Health’s success in its campaign is the streamlining of attendance at the Abdali Center for COVID-19 vaccinations, compared to the numbers that flocked the Wafra Center weeks ago. They revealed that the total number of those who received vaccination in Abdali from last Monday until yesterday exceeds 2,000 people who received the first dose, adding that the center’s capacity was to vaccinate 4,000 people per day.

The sources added that about 29,000 people were vaccinated in the period from August 19 to September 2. In this regard, the Chairman of the Supreme Committee to Fight COVID-19 Dr. Khaled Al-Jarallah affirmed the epidemiological decline locally and in the Gulf region, with the continued increase in the rate of vaccination of school students and the rate of community immunization. In his Twitter account, he highlighted the need to secure seasonal vaccinations in anticipation of the season of viral diseases, and maintain preventive health precautions

The Undersecretary of Traffic and Operations department, Major General Jamal Al Sayegh issued a circular that a vehicle buyer has to provide proof of mode of payment made towards purchase of vehicle from the seller. The vehicle has to be purchased either by cheque payment or bank transfer, with these proof of documents transfer of vehicle will be approved.

 This decision has been made to put a curb on money laundering operations that take place as luxury vehicles in recent times have been bought and sold through cash payment, such decision will deter suspicious operations.

IIAC announces launch of flights to New York from this week

 KUWAIT CITY, Sept 14: Korean Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC) – the operator of Kuwait International Airport’s Terminal 4 (T4) – revealed that it will soon start using robot technology for providing travel and aviation services, such as information services, baggage services, and others, to passengers, reports Aljarida daily. The new CEO of the Korean firm Jang Joon An announced the launch of flights to New York from this week with one flight per week. Joon An elaborated the new services to be launched in the T4 building to serve passengers. Tools of latest technology will be used to enhance the level of safety in preparation for the next phase of easing the restrictions imposed by the health precautionary measures. Specialized robots will be provided in the departure area in the coming months to help in offering travel and aviation services for passengers, such as information services, baggage services and others.

He expressed his appreciation for the resumption of some commercial flights in Terminal 4 at Kuwait International Airport after a respite of about a year and a half to Paris, Malaga, Sarajevo, Geneva, Munich and some new stations including Frankfurt, Cairo, Amsterdam and New York in the months of July, August and September. These are among the most important destinations that promise gradual resumption of full operation. Regarding the new flight schedule, Joon An explained that there are two flights per week on Wednesdays and Saturdays to Amsterdam, two flights per day to Cairo, two flights per week on Sundays and Wednesdays to Frankfurt, three flights per week to Paris on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, two flights per week to Malaga on Sundays and Thursdays, and two flights a week to Sarajevo on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Also, flights to one of the important destinations – London – have been launched with three flights a week on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also, three weekly flights will be operated to the city of Bodrum in Turkey on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, three flights per week on Sundays, Mondays and Fridays to Trabzon in Turkey, along with normal flights to Istanbul, as well as two flights per week to Tbilisi on Mondays and Friday.


Since the resumption of flights, the number of flights taking off from the airport reached 14, and inbound flights have reached 14 daily. The total number of flights operating in Terminal 4 in the year 2020 was 10,233, including 5,104 departing flights and 5,129 incoming flights. The total number of departing passengers was 621,603 and those arriving was 593,303. Also, the number of flights and travelers decreased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The total number of flights that operated from the beginning of the year 2021 until September 10 was 5,389, including 2,699 outbound and 2,690 inbound flights, and with a total of 231,591 departing passengers and 190,181 arriving ones. Joon An said, “Everyone has gone through a difficult stage, and the focus must be to make flights safe health-wise in order to avoid the spread of the virus. This requires cooperation from passengers to ensure safety through their commitment to all instructions related to this”.

He stressed the importance of maintaining social distancing and sanitization, adding that health safety for travelers is a top priority and necessity in the current stage. Joon An affirmed that operating of the flights completely depends on the global epidemiological situation, so that the health situation in the country is preserved. He said, “We are ready for the full operation of the airport in accordance with the approval of the health authorities in the country and the reopening of destinations in other countries after they were halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic”. Joon An highlighted that the company obtained three ISO certificates – ISO 9001:2015 in quality management system, ISO 14001:2015 in environmental management system, and ISO 10002:2018 in customer satisfaction system and in quality management to deal with complaints in institutions. He added that the ISO certificate in quality system management contributes to the advancement in the provision of its services in line with the international systems and standards to achieve more than the satisfaction of the public, and work on the development and continuous improvement of all processes and procedures used in the field of airport management services


The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is currently studying the possibility of extending the July 2022 deadline given to gold and jewelry dealers to dispose their stocks of gold bearing the old seal for a period ranging from six months to one year, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources from the Union of Gold and Jewelry Traders. Sources said the new seal will be applied starting from January 2022, indicating that the ministry canceled the old seal in order to prevent attempts to counterfeit it. Sources affirmed the ministry will use advanced technical methods that prevent counterfeiting and to protect consumers from fraud, in a bid to safeguard the reputation of the local gold and jewelry market.

Source: Arab Times


About a week after the resumption of direct commercial flights between Kuwait and Egypt, the price of return tickets decreased by about KD 150 or 30 percent as the price now ranges from KD 350 to KD 370 in various companies operating this route — nine local and Egyptian companies, reports Al-Anba daily. In this context, sources from the tourism and travel offices confirmed that ticket prices to and from Cairo and India are expected to decline further until they reach the normal prices — the same prices before the Corona pandemic — by October.

Sources disclosed the price of return ticket to Cairo remarkably decreased last week, reaching an average of KD 200 for later travel dates. On the role of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in the exorbitant prices of plane tickets earlier, sources clarified that the directorate has no authority to determine ticket prices, as prices depend on the principle of supply and demand, in addition to the pricing policy of airlines.
KUWAIT: These pictures show used tires that were transported from a landfill in the north of Kuwait to Al-Salmi border region near the country’s industrial area, where they will be cut or repurposed for local use or for export, on Wednesday. — Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

By Ben Garcia

One hour and 45 minutes west of Kuwait City lies the biggest tire graveyard in the world. 42 million tires – at least that’s the official count. There may be more. Kuwait recently removed the last of old tires from a dump near Mutlaa further west to Salmi. Now the process of reducing the total waste by recycling has begun.

From the main highway, you see a black sea of rounded rubber in the middle of the flat, beige desert. Next to these are a new crop of recycling firms established to tackle the mountain of rubber. One of these companies is EPSCO Global for General Trading Company. Set up in 2019, the recycling plant stands on a 50,000 square meters lot near the Salmi tire dump.

Using machines imported from Denmark, EPSCO Global for General Trading aims to draw down the massive of unwanted tires and create an exportable product. “The machine recycles, shreds, granules and powders the tire along the process, depending on your need and wants,” explains Fuad Akbar, Chief Project Officer EPSCO Global for Trading Company.

“In 2019, we started several trials. Then the commissioning of leaky pipe machine and molded press commenced as well. This allows EPSCO recycling plant to produce recycled rubber leaky pipes used in farms as well as rubber mats interlock tiles, and various molds and products,” he said.

Last year, the company started the supply in local market to various gyms, schools and as of this year, has begun exporting to countries like Qatar, supplying foreign markets with much-needed rubber granules. “We have now tens of recycled products that can be supplied to both local and international markets,” Akbar said.

Kuwait had announced last Sunday clearing out the two-square-kilometer tire dump with plans to transform it into a new residential city. “We have moved from a difficult stage that was characterized by great environmental risk,” Oil Minister Mohammed Al-Fares  said at the now empty landfill some five kilometers from Al-Jahra province. Sheikh Abdullah Al-Sabah, director general of the Environment Public Authority, confirmed meanwhile that Kuwait plans to recycle all the tires and avoid the need for another landfill.

Source: Kuwait times


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