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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 11: The number of deaths due to heat among non-Kuwaiti workers could increase by around 15 percent towards the end of the century, reports Al-Jarida daily quoting a study conducted by Kuwait University. The environmental research carried out by Barrak Al-Ahmad from the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health in the College of Public Health revealed that 14 out of every 100 deaths in Kuwait could be caused by heat; taking into consideration the climate change by the end of the century.
At this point, no one really knows the impact of climate change on the people and countries in the hot desert environment of the Arabian Peninsula; “not only because these countries are already hot, but they also have unique demographic structures. Expatriates could be more vulnerable and they constitute a large percentage of the population. Two-thirds of the population here are expatriate workers and extremely high temperatures are already common,” the study added.
The study quantifies temperature-related mortality in Kuwait in the middle of years 2050 to 2059 and end of the century (from 2090 to 2099) as moderate (SSP2-4.5) and extreme (SSP5-8.5). “We fitted time series distributed lag non-linear models to estimate the baseline temperature–mortality relationship which was then applied to future daily mean temperatures from the latest available climate models to estimate decadal temperature-mortality burdens under the two scenarios,” the study explained. In the middle of the century, the average temperature in Kuwait is predicted to increase by 1.80 degrees Celsius (SSP2-4.5) to 2.57 degrees Celsius (SSP5- 8.5), compared to the 2000–2009 baseline.
At the end of the century, there will be an increase of up to 5.54 degrees Celsius. In a moderate scenario, climate change could increase heat-related mortality by 5.1 percent (95 percent empirical confidence intervals: 0.8, 9.3) by end-century, whereas an extreme scenario increases heat-related mortality by 11.7 percent (2.7, 19.0), the study disclosed.
“Climate change induced warming, even under more optimistic mitigation scenarios, may markedly increase heat-related mortality in Kuwait. Those who are already vulnerable, like expatriate workers, could bear a larger impact of climate change,” the study added. Ahmad conducted the study entitled, “Climate Change and Health in Kuwait: Temperature and Mortality Projections under Different Climatic Scenarios,” in cooperation with Ana Maria Vicedo-Cabrera, Kai Chen, Eric Garshick, Aaron S Bernstein, Joel Schwartz and Petros Koutrakis. Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, US Environmental Protection Agency and Harvard Chan National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Center for Environmental Health supported the study.

KUWAIT: The Zajel team continues its volunteer campaigns, which raise the value of humanity, and highlight the role of Kuwaiti youth in establishing many positive values, and building bridges of love and communication between various components of Kuwaiti society. In this regard, the team launched a campaign entitled “We quench their thirst”, to help workers at petrol stations who work nonstop in hot and humid conditions.
Speaking to Al-Qabas, founder of Zajel Lieutenant- General Jenan Al-Qena’i’s founder said: “We launched a campaign entitled “We tell them”, in cooperation with Kuwait International Bank, they provided 100 heat preserving thermos and 100 cold water bottles and these were distributed during the morning hours, to workers at 5 gas stations in Bayan, Mishref, West Mishref, Rumaithiya and Salmiya. Al-Qena’i added: “Despite the heat and humidity, our happiness in the team is indescribable, especially when we saw the happiness on the faces of the workers.”

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Interior said three Asians died in a tragic accident in the Kabd area on the Manaqeesh Road following a collision between two cars, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source said that the accident occurred between a four-wheel drive driven by a citizen, and a minibus driven by an Indian, accompanied by a man of his family and a Pakistani. The source said the remains of the victims have been referred to Forensics and the Kuwaiti was transferred to a hospital by air ambulance.

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation issued a statement for all departing passengers to check cabin baggage rules with their airlines for weight allowed for baggage that can be carried on the board. Generally departing passengers carry handbags or cabin baggage which are beyond permissible weight of 7 kgs for economy class and 11 kgs for business class and first class.

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8: Director of the Audit and Engineering Follow-up Department in the Farwaniya Municipality Branch, Saeed Al-Azmi, announced the closure of five illegal establishments that are commercially exploited in investment properties in the governorate, as part of an inspection tour in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Farwaniya. Al-Azmi confirmed in a statement to reporters Monday that the campaign launched by the municipality this week in cooperation with the Kuwait Fire Force to detect violating stores in investment real estate continues on a daily basis in all governorates.
He explained that basements in investment real estate have two legal positions through using them as car parks or as storage for the residents of the building, indicating that the team during its detection today found illegal use of those basements, such as using them as carpentry or for storing dyes and highly fl ammable materials. He pointed out that the supervisory team in the Farwaniya Municipality sent a warning for the unauthorized purpose, indicating that the wrong use of these basements threatens people’s lives, as the ignition of these materials will pose a real danger to the residents of those buildings. Last Thursday, the Kuwait Municipality launched a campaign in cooperation with the Kuwait Fire Force to inspect the violating stores in investment properties in the six governorates to ensure that their owners comply with the requirements of the Kuwait Fire Force. (KUNA)

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: An unidentified well-known actress who had an arrest warrant issued against her was seized when she arrived at the Kuwait International Airport, reports Al-Rai daily. Upon arrival when the official was about to stamp her passport, he discovered she was wanted by the Public Prosecution and was subsequently detained. The daily has learned the actress was reportedly intoxicated and she was referred to the Criminal Evidences Department for tests to measure the quantity of alcohol in her body.

KUWAIT: Temperatures continued to set record in Kuwait exceeding 50 degrees Celsius. Jahra recorded 53 degrees followed by Sulaibiya 52.1 degrees Celsius. According to Eldoradoweather.com Jahra was the hottest place on the planet, followed by Sulaibiya, Abadan in Iran 51 degrees Celsius and Nasiriya in Iraq was 50.8 degrees Celsius.

Weather will be very hot from Tuesday to Thursday with northwest winds bringing in dust will lead to decrease in visibility. Temperatures are expected between the range of 48 and 50 degres Celsicus in some areas.

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