Pakistani Blood Donors Association (PAK Donors) has been serving humanity since 2011 for the noble cause of blood donation. On 22nd November 2019, 12th Blood Donation camp was held at Central Blood Bank, Jabriya under patronage of Embassy of Pakistan. The event was organized with an aim to extend support to the Central Blood Bank to cater the need of blood supply in Kuwait. The Pakistani community in Kuwait expressed their solidarity and gratitude with the Kuwaiti society by supporting the noble cause of blood donation while strengthening brotherly ties between both nations.

The event was witnessed by an overwhelming attendance of above 300 donors. People from different communities participated. While the presence of Pakistanis in majority symbolized their love for their second home.

Mr. Amer Hamid – Founder Pakistani Blood Donors Association especially came from Pakistan to attend the event & Mr. Naveed Shehzad, Mr. Faraz Mustaq Founder Members were also Present in the event.  Mr. Amer Hamid & Mr. Ehsanulhaq welcomed Chargé d'affaires, Embassy of Pakistan Mr. Ashar Shahzad who visited the blood bank and shared his words that such activities help to extend the positive image of Pakistani community in Kuwait. He congratulated PAK Donors on organizing a successful event.

A Special visit was paid by Dr. Reem Al Salem, Specialist Hematologist-Head of Al Razi Hospital laboratories, Mrs. Shaista Zahid, Head Coordinator women wing PAK Donors and Dr Shujaudeen Khokhar, President of Society of Pakistani Doctors in Kuwait escorted her around the various sections of camp. She appreciated the efforts of the organization in spreading awareness about the blood donation.

Mr. Ehsanulhaq, Co-Founder PAK Donors & Mr. Irfan Saeed, Chief Adviser Pak Donors warmly welcomed the dignitaries and worthy donors. Mr. Ehsan’s guidance has been a beacon for the entire team throughout the years. His devotion to this cause inspired many people to be a part of this team.

Hafiz Muhammad Shabbir, Peer Ajmad Hussian, Mr. Rana Ijaz Sohail, Hafiz Haeez ur Rehman, Mr. Majid Ali Chaudhary, Mr Abdullah Abbasi, Mian Arshad Mohamed, Dr. Jehanzeb Usman, Mr. Sheikh Bashir & Syed Babar Prince graced the occasion with their presence & their presence at this event proved their commitment and devotion in supporting the organization. They all appreciated the untiring efforts of team members and volunteers and extended their support in future events.

Mr. Arif Butt, Chairman PAK Donors & Mr. Nouman Aslam Ghuman, Head Coordinator PAK Donors & ALL TEAM (Mr. Adnan Javed, Mr. Altaf Hussian, Mr. Hassan Abid, Mr. Osama Imtiaz, Mr. Shahbaz Ahmed) aimed to continue their services for this humanitarian cause, He Extended his gratitude to the Embassy of Pakistan, Kuwait Central Blood Bank, Cause Partners (IEC) YW, Sponsors, Dignitaries, Donors, Volunteers, Media Partners and everyone who supported this cause. He thanked and appreciated all his team members for their hard work and effort.

The PAK Donors aspire to inspire other communities to spread awareness of blood donation in Kuwait.

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