KUWAIT CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE/AETOSWire)-- The Kout Food Group is happy to announce the strategic partnership in the deployment of GetSwift platform named CDM “Central Delivery Management” across Delivery Segment in its portfolio of companies encompassing the brands Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Burger King and Kababji among others.

The Deputy CEO of Kout Food Group Amin Mohamed commented that the vision and goal of Kout is to provide its customers with Superior in Quality food and services. In this endeavor it is imperative for us to deploy best in class solutions that take into account the unique challenges we anticipate in delivery segment in the future. The teams worked hand in hand designing a world class platform enabling Wow customer experience with features such as: Cash management, driver incentives, workforce scheduling / management, driver pooling, deeper business intelligence/analytics, as well as dispatching & routing algorithms that are unique to each trade zone. I can categorically state that not only do we now have a flexible and continually evolving platform that is best in class and fully supported by a dedicated, passionate and trustworthy partner in GSW management, we have fully committed team to enhance its platform to offer unique solutions which brings in qualitative differentiation and technological advancement. We have recommended and suggested GSW solution to partners around the globe and this could be their preferred solution.

Bane Hunter the CEO of GSW commented “Although this has been a lengthier journey than expected, we are honored and humbled by the trust and faith our partners at Kout Food Group have given us during a period of time that was challenging for GSW due to external pressures. It was a special moment the day the Kout executives flew into New York to visit us in person and see with their own eyes what we and our platform and we were all about. We both agreed that our joint success will be created not only through technology, but with an unwavering passion and strength of conviction of all teams working as one to deliver the outcomes customers expect. This joint product knowledge coming together to create a unique evolving product suite, is what separates and makes us better than any of our competitors. We don’t see ourselves as a vendor nor are we seen as just a vendor by our colleagues at Kout, but part of one larger global team working towards common goals. There are many more executives that could be mentioned that have had a part and are still contributing to create this success and we want to thank them all. We look forward to the next chapter in our global story.”

*Source: AETOSWire


OIRSCHOT, The Netherlands-- (BUSINESS WIRE/AETOSWire)-- The Robot and Autonomous Systems (RAS) Unit of the 13th Light Brigade of the Royal Netherlands Army received two THeMIS unmanned ground vehicles developed by Milrem Robotics in April for their Concept Development and Experimentation Project.

Milrem Robotics delivered the two UGVs in the middle of April for the Army’s project that looks into how to exploit the possibilities new unmanned platforms provide for increasing combat power and decreasing risk to soldiers.

The THeMIS UGVs were delivered in transport configuration together with initial spare parts and accessories. The company will also provide operator and maintenance training, tactical deployment know-how and life cycle support and upgrades during a two-year period.

“We are extremely proud to have the THeMIS in operation with the Royal Netherlands Army,” Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics stated. “Rigorous tests and combat exercises held in Europe, US and the Middle-East have proven that the THeMIS is an effective tool for dismounted troops and we have no doubt the Dutch Army will be more than satisfied,” he added.

“The THeMIS UGVs were chosen for their superior terrain skills – this 1,5-ton robot can effortlessly negotiate 30 degree slopes while carrying a payload of at least 750 kg with ease,” said Lieutenant Colonel Jules den Ouden, commander of the RAS unit.

The THeMIS’ capabilities were put to the test right after delivery in the tough Scottish landscape during an exercise where the RAS used unmanned ground vehicles for the first time.

“The THeMIS played a major role in the supply chain. Why would we need to go get ammo and set ourselves up as targets when the THeMIS can bring it to us?” the commander asked.

The THeMIS has been previously deployed in several military exercises for example Last Mile and Army Warfighting Experiment 2018 in the UK. One THeMIS UGV was recently deployed in Mali together with soldiers from the Estonian Defence Forces.

About Milrem Robotics

Milrem Robotics is an Estonian defence industry company with the primary focus of manufacturing unmanned ground vehicles, developing robotic warfare solutions and performing concept of operations and doctrine level warfare analysis.

*Source: AETOSWire

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 27, 2019, (AETOSWire): Conares, the second largest private steel manufacturer in the UAE, has distributed more than 10,000 Iftar meals to workers in the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) and more than 20 construction sites across Dubai during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Conares is the leading producer of steel pipes and rebars within the region, and the only private manufacturer in the UAE. The company is also amongst the top three steel rebar mills operating 24x7 to serve the upcoming projects in the country.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Bharat Bhatia, CEO of Conares, said, “With this initiative, we are happy to celebrate and promote the values of giving during the holy month. We distributed the Iftar meals to the workers, who immensely contribute to continue building this great nation. This is our effort to be part of the vision of this great nation’s leadership to celebrate Ramadan as the month of giving, and make sure everyone has a meal to look forward to, at the end of their fast. We will continue till end of Ramadan,”

“The Iftar meal distribution is managed by our staff volunteers, who set up the initiative, sourcing, preparing and serving the wholesome meals to the guests. This is one of the larger iftar arrangements at JAFZA during the holy month. Each meal pack contained essentials for those observing fast throughout month,” he added.

Conares has constantly been evolving with the region. The company’s growth has remained on a buoyant trajectory since three decades of its operations, helping it cross significant growth milestones in the steel industry.

About Conares

With its foothold securely placed in the steel industry, Conares is the one of the largest and the only private steel manufacturers in the region. Since its inception in 1988, Conares initially focused on steel trading. Having built extensive partnerships with renowned steel plants across the world, it brought the world-best competencies to the region, by setting up its own state of art manufacturing facility in UAE. The company earmarked AED 200 million towards expansions by the year 2020. Being a 100 per cent privately owned entity, the company assets exceed US$300 million of investments in the UAE.

As the Middle East focuses on development, Conares serves as the perfect partner to meet the growing industry requirements for steel rebars and pipes. A diversified and full-fledged manufacturing facility based in the UAE, the strategic hub between the East and the West, Conares today is the premier producer of quality steel products for wide-ranging needs; having a total manufacturing capacity of 1,000,000 MT annually. Conares earned various international product certifications for its various steel products, which it serves in the fledgling construction industry in the region and abroad.  Meanwhile, its on-going efforts in streamlining its manufacturing operations to be safe for its employees and community have earned the company its sustainability certification from UK CARES Sustainability Scheme.

From its central location in Dubai, UAE; Conares serves an extensive network of clientele including pre-engineering companies, steel trading companies and construction majors not in the Middle East but across wider markets that are easily accessed from its headquarters. Led by a team of experienced and skilled professionals, Conares today employs more than 500 people. Conares has set new benchmarks in the steel industry through its commitment to quality, excellence and service standards. A trusted name in the industry, Conares is led by the vision to support the region’s infrastructure development by providing world-class steel products through long-term partnerships. At Conares every business partnership, each product, every process and any aspect of service is defined by three core values – Trust, Quality & Strength.

*Source: AETOSWire

One of the 10 conditions for parents to seek medical attention, constipation among children is rising and is particularly affecting their self esteem

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 28 May, 2019—(AETOSWire)-- Reem visited Emirates Hospital - Jumeirah (EHJ) – an Emirates Healthcare company and an internationally recognised 100-bed beacon of progress in the region’s healthcare system after her 4-year-old son, Rayan complained of what she believed was diarrhoea. She sought medical attention after she realised something was wrong especially because Rayan was periodically releasing small quantities of loose stools.

On evaluation by Dr Sripradha Sudarsanam, a Specialist Paediatrician at EHJ, Rayan was diagnosed with chronic constipation.

“Many children who suffer from chronic constipation experience leaking of soft stools in their underwear which poses a big problem in their social and emotional dimensions. Because of the unconscious leaks, the children are almost always smelly and are being neglected and isolated in classroom by their peers. The leaky stools are the newly formed stool which trickles down through the hard stools stuck to the intestine. Sometimes vigorous pushing due to urge to defecate can cause a tear in the anal region and cause bleeding as well,” explained Dr Sudarsanam.

According to studies, 30 percent of children are affected by constipation at some point in their lives. When not adequately treated, chronic constipation can lead to haemorrhoids, anal fissures, bowel bleeding and faecal incontinence.

“Children who are improperly toilet-trained and lack fibre intake in their diet often complain of chronic constipation. Parents should ensure that children avoid processed food and eat food rich in fibre, such as fruits and whole grains. They must also monitor their child’s fluid intake and ensure that they drink between 1 to 1.5 litres of water each day,” said Dr Sudarsanam.

Constipation is a vicious cycle, and seeking medical attention at the right time can help avoid further complications in children while also helping their emotional and mental health from deteriorating.

About Emirates Hospital - Jumeirah:

An Emirates Healthcare Company, Emirates Hospital - Jumeirah is an internationally recognised 100-bed beacon of progress in the region’s healthcare system. It provides personalised, real-time healthcare solutions, and its core values are Simplicity, Accessibility, Agility, and Empathy.

Located on Jumeirah Beach Road alongside the Dubai Canal, Emirates Hospital - Jumeirah is home to some of the world’s leading medical professionals, and it delivers the highest quality of healthcare.

Emirates Hospital - Jumeirah partners with regulators, institutions, insurers and manufacturers to develop and nurture new ideas and long-term strategies that create positive change in people’s homes and everyday lives. Emirates Hospital - Jumeirah is operated by NMC Health Plc; KBBO Group is the largest single shareholder of NMC.

Emirates Specialty Hospital in Dubai Healthcare City is an Emirates Healthcare Company. A 90-bed facility with superior technology and experienced, internationally-trained staff, Emirates Specialty Hospital delivers an unrivalled range of much-needed specialties.

Emirates Healthcare is a subsidiary of KBBO Group. A leading holding company headquartered in Abu Dhabi, KBBO Group invests in healthcare to safeguard the region’s communities, and to help deliver world-class medical outcomes powering an inclusive and improved quality of life.

*Source: AETOSWire

A healthy child was given birth to at the clinic’s Oman center

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 28 May 2019, (AETOSWire): Doctors at Fakih IVF Fertility Center in Oman delivered their first IVF baby girl earlier this year. This was followed by a string of successful pregnancies and deliveries. Fakih IVF is one of the leading Infertility, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Genetics and IVF centers in the GCC Region catered towards helping families battling infertility.

Dr. Walaa Zidan, specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology said, “We are absolutely delighted that the family chose to use our expertise and services for such an important decision in their lives. Although it was challenging for us, the team at Fakih put all their efforts and best resources into use in achieving this feat.”

Fakih IVF Fertility Centre in Oman opened its doors to the public during February last year. Their aim is to reach out to all families battling infertility by providing the best possible treatment facilities at affordable prices.

“We are beyond thrilled to welcome our child into this world. What once felt impossible to achieve was made possible by the pure diligence and efforts of the medical team at Fakih IVF, and the support of my family,” said the patient (name withheld on request).

 “It was an obstacle free procedure and we believe this will instill more confidence in families that are contemplating undergoing the treatment worried about the consequences. Every family wants a healthy baby and we are putting our best foot forward in giving just that,” said Dr. Walaa.

Being one of the only fertility centers in the Middle East with an in-house genetic laboratory, Fakih IVF fertility center is continually advancing by investing in the newest technology aimed towards providing the best in patient care.

*Source: AETOSWire

The US has hit China where it hurts by going after its telecom champion Huawei, but Beijing’s control of the global supply of rare earths used in smartphones and electric cars gives it a powerful weapon in their escalating tech war. — AFP/File

BEIJING: The US has hit China where it hurts by going after its telecom champion Huawei, but Beijing’s control of the global supply of rare earths used in smartphones and electric cars gives it a powerful weapon in their escalating tech war.

A seemingly routine visit by President Xi Jinping to a Chinese rare earths company this week is being widely read as an obvious threat that Beijing is standing ready for action.

“We should firmly grasp the strategic basis of technological innovation, master more key core technologies and seize the commanding heights of industry development,” Xi said during the visit, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Wednesday.

“Rare earth is not only an important strategic resource, but also a non-renewable resource,” he added, in comments likely to further fuel speculation.

China produces over 95pc of the world’s rare earths; US relies on China for over 80pc of its imports

However, analysts say China appears apprehensive to target the minerals just yet, possibly fearful of shooting itself in the foot by hastening a global search for alternative supplies of the commodities.

Xi’s inspection tour “is no accident, this didn’t happen by chance,” said Li Mingjiang, China programme coordinator at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) in Singapore.

“At this moment, clearly the policy circles in China are considering the possibility of using a rare earth exports ban as a policy weapon against the US.” The United States last week threatened to cut supplies of US technology needed by Chinese telecom champion Huawei, which Washington suspects is in bed with China’s military.

The US move has fanned speculation that Xi could impose retaliatory measures and in an indication of the importance of rare earths to the US, Washington did not include them in a tariffs increase on Chinese goods this month.

China occupies a commanding position, producing more than 95 per cent of the world’s rare earths, and the United States relies on China for upwards of 80 per cent of its imports.

Rare earths are 17 elements critical to manufacturing everything from smartphones and televisions to cameras and lightbulbs.

That gives Beijing tremendous leverage in what is shaping up largely as a battle between the US and China over who will own the future of high-tech.

“China could shut down nearly every automobile, computer, smartphone and aircraft assembly line outside of China if they chose to embargo these materials,” James Kennedy, president of ThREE Consulting, wrote on Tuesday in National Defence, a US industry publication.

China has been accused of using its rare earth leverage for political reasons before.

Japanese industry sources said it temporarily cut off exports in 2010 as a territorial row flared between the Asian rivals, charges that Beijing denied.

In 2014, the World Trade Organisation ruled the country had violated global trade rules by restricting exports of the minerals.

The case was brought by the United States, European Union and Japan, which accused China of curbing exports to give its tech companies an edge over foreign rivals. China has cited environmental damage from mining and the need to conserve supplies as the reason for any past limits on output.

While disruptive, any leverage gained from a supply block may be short-lived, experts said.

“This would accelerate moves to find alternative supply sources,” said Kokichiro Mio, who studies China’s economy at NLI Research Institute. China is not the only country with sizeable reserves of rare earths.

The United States Geological Survey estimated last year there were 120 million tons of deposits worldwide including 44 million in China, 22 million in Brazil and 18 million in Russia.

China is the leading producer partly because the environmental risks deter some countries from harvesting their own deposits. Mining rare earths creates toxic waste and the potential release of harmful radioactive tailings.

“There is a possibility that China would go ahead (with export curbs) but chances are what we are seeing now is just a threat,” Mio said.

“The US would be in trouble over a short period of time. But it is unlikely that they (China) want to pour oil on the flames.” During Monday’s visit, Xi was accompanied by Vice Premier Liu He, who has led China in fraught trade negotiations with Washington — a fact not lost on China-watchers.

Published in Dawn, May 23rd, 2019

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, 14 May 2019, (AETOSWire): Doctors at Eve Fertility Center, One of NMC Healthcare Centers in Sharjah, successfully delivered their first baby girl since the clinic’s opening in February earlier this year. Battling infertility for three years, a twenty-six year old resident of Ras-Al-Khaimah, (name withheld on request), was unable to conceive naturally due to male infertility factors. After several failed attempts and almost loosing hope on the thought of having a family of her own, the patient approached IVF specialists at Eve Fertility Center who through their expertise helped her overcome the battle with infertility.

Under the consultation of Dr. Ahmed Elbohoty, medical director of EVE fertility center, the patient underwent the recommended fertility treatment and was blessed with a baby girl. With over 15 years of clinical experience, Dr. Elbohoty comes with a prolific experience in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility, and helped the patient achieve her dream.

“We feel so blessed to welcome our baby girl into this world. At one time my husband and I had lost complete hope in having our family, but now we are beyond ecstatic. I’m forever grateful to the medical team at Eve Fertility and their painless fertility treatment that helped us achieve what we felt nearly impossible,” said the patient.

“It’s her first ever IVF treatment and we are absolutely delighted that she chose to get her treatment done at our centre. It was an obstacle free procedure and the news will motivate many other to opt for this procedure, hopefully at our clinic,” Dr. Elbohoty said. “This feat would have been impossible to achieve without the hard work of our experts and the quality services provided at the centre,” he added.

Eve Fertility Center, is a fully serviced fertility clinic with state-of-the-art facilities and treatment plans aimed at catering to patients longing to start their own families. The clinic consists of embryologists, andrologists, doctors, counselors and nursing staff that offer treatment facilities including genetic testing, fertility preservation, gender selection and much more.

The development of the EVE Fertility Center in Sharjah is part of the NMC Healthcare Group's efforts to provide the best services to all the Northern Emirates and the Emirate of Sharjah in particular. *Source: AETOSWire


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