RIYADH: Ahead of the highly anticipated Night of Champions, which will feature a triple main event tonight, hundreds of fans from across the region gathered at Champion City within Jeddah Superdome to welcome WWE Superstars at a special live-streamed event.

With cheerful chants from the crowd, the event showcased a lineup of WWE superstars, Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque, Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa, Cody Rhodes, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Trish Stratus, Becky ‘The Man’ Lynch, AJ Styles, Mustafa Ali, and Bianca Belair.

In just a few hours, the WWE universe will witness an action-packed night with a triple main event featuring the return of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as Seth Rollins takes on AJ Styles, a colossal rematch between Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar, and a title defense as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa go up against WWE Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

The match card will also see the longest reigning Bianca Belair, Raw Women’s Champion of the modern era, defend her title against Asuka, while the recently crowned SmackDown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley will face an early challenge to her title reign from Natalya. Elsewhere, Becky Lynch will take on Hall of Famer Trish Stratus in a collision between two of the best personalities from the past and present, and Mustafa Ali will step into the ring with Intercontinental Champion Gunther for a chance at the coveted title.

Champions City, the official fan experience village for Night of Champions, is open daily from 4:00 pm just outside the Jeddah Superdome, featuring an immersive WWE experience with a range of family friendly activities, games, and even a realistic WWE ring where fans can experience their favorite superstar’s iconic entrance. Fans in the region can follow the action live on Shahid or secure their seat at WWE Night of Champions in Jeddah with tickets available for sale at To explore Champions City, tickets are available here.

Match Card so far:
• WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles
• Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar
• Intercontinental Champion Gunther vs Mustafa Ali
• Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa vs Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens
• Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs Asuka
• SmackDown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley vs Natalya
• Becky Lynch vs Trish Stratus

The brand launches several new products for Sony’s Mobile ES™ that will deliver superior in-car entertainment and redefine the driving experience

29 May 2023 – Sony Middle East and Africa announced the newest additions to its Mobile ES™ lineup including car AV receiver XAV-9000ES and power amplifiers XM-8ES and XM-6ES. Like all the previous Mobile ES™ products, the new models feature high-resolution audio with pure detail that brings studio-quality sound right to your car.

The XAV-9000ES offers a sleek, high definition 6.75-inch touchscreen showcasing hi-res audio and visual, perfect for customers who are looking for a premium quality media receiver that could fit their cars’ double DIN space, allowing for seamless, sleek and flush mount installation.

The XM-8ES and XM-6ES, which are sister products of the already released XM-5ES, XM-4ES, XM-1ES, will be perfect for users with more versatile needs. These amplifiers offer increased number of inputs/outputs in compact size, which will help with customers installing with small footprints.

"We are always looking for ways to elevate the driving experience and we know that music and overall audio environment are very important to our customers in the Middle East and Africa region," said Jobin Joejoe, Deputy Managing Director, Sony Middle Eats and Africa. “With superior quality sound, customisation, and high-resolution graphical interface, we are bringing unmatched audio and visual entertainment to drivers and passengers looking for an upgraded in-car experience".

XAV-9000ES Feature Highlights:
• Flush Surface 6.75-Inch HD1280x720 Capacitive Touchscreen: Our first double-DIN Mobile ES™ media receiver features a new 6.75 inch (17.1 cm) capacitive touchscreen with 1280 x 720-pixel resolution. It offers crisp detail, higher brightness and contrast for a superior in-car experience.
• High-Resolution Audio Compatible: Enjoy the subtle nuances of studio-quality sound. The 9000ES supports a variety of high-resolution audio codecs including native 192 kHz / 24-bit WAV, FLAC, ALAC audio files, and DSD (22.4MHz) files via 192 kHz / 24-bit PCM conversion. LDAC enables Bluetooth® streaming of all these codecs with exceptional sound quality .
• ESS Digital-to-Analog Converter: Experience the same caliber of sound usually reserved for high-end home audio products, thanks to the ESS DAC chip – a premium converter that provides optimum quality, from all your digital music files. With high performance 32-bit processing and eliminated timing jitter, this D/A converter delivers an unprecedented dynamic range and low harmonic distortion.
• Premium 4-ch Class A/B Amplifier: Giving unmatched audio quality to the built-in amplifier, a dedicated power circuit is designed for each of the left and right channels, while an overall amplifier block includes updated circuit configurations, patterns, and choices of components, minimising interference. Furthermore, the volume control circuit utilises a select audio IC with less distortion and noise. The results are smooth highs, tight bass, wide dynamic range, and a more accurate soundstage.
• Choices for Optimum Performance: Carefully selected components ensure superb sound quality. The dedicated choke coil features powerful bass while filtering unwanted frequencies, for controlled and dynamic audio reproduction. Audiophile-grade capacitors deliver effortless power for clear and tight bass, while multi-layer polymer capacitors help ensure low overall harmonic distortion and natural sound character.
• Anti-Resonance Dual-Layer Chassis: The dual-layer design of the chassis separates analogue and digital circuitry, preventing electromagnetic interference for uncompromised sound quality.
• Sound Customisation: The 192 kHz / 24-bit DSP offers pristine sound processing and time alignment, 14-band equaliser, and 8-band parametric equaliser. Together with the updated 3-zone crossover, which enables bi-amp front 2-way speaker drive settings, you can dial in the perfect combination of front, rear and subwoofers.
• Bi-Amp Front 2-Way Speaker Drive Settings: Designed for front component speaker configurations, this setting lets you apply independent crossover, PEQ and even time-alignment settings to individual drivers in bi-amp front speakers. Now you can customise sound for each component speaker using the same detailed control normally reserved for front and rear speaker groups.
• 3-Camera Trigger Inputs: Drivers can see the images of up to three connected cameras when shifting the vehicle’s transmission lever to the reverse position or tap the dedicated icons on the home screen. By utilising the supplied trigger wires, each camera image can be switched on and off, or from one to another automatically by detecting the vehicle’s turn signals or sensing compatible signals such as that for a connected front camera. An adjustable parking guide is also available for reverse gear.
• Wire-Free Smartphone Connectivity: Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and the supplied GPS antenna, users can leave their smartphone in their pocket and still access full device integration .
• Wireless Apple CarPlay: iPhone users will be able to make phone calls, listen to music, send and receive messages, access their favorite apps, get directions with real-time traffic conditions — including third party navigation apps — and so much more directly from the dashboard, all while allowing the driver to stay focused on the road .
• Wireless Android Auto™: Designed with safety and convenience in mind, Android Auto is a simpler way to use a smartphone with the car's display. Drivers can talk to Google on Android Auto and stay connected, entertained and informed while keeping their eyes on the road. Just say "Hey Google" or press the voice control button on the 9000ES to get started , .
• USB Type-C® Compatible Rear Connection Terminals: USB Type-C terminal is available for any compatible device, allowing high-current charge up to 3A. • Quick Wake Up: With the quick wake up feature, customers are ready to go right after turning on the ignition .
• Simple Button Controls: The button design features large keys to seamlessly fit with the sleek display. Access volume, source, sound settings and voice control, for safe and easy operation on the road.
• Enhanced 5V 3-pre-out Connectivity: For future expandability, the 5V 3-pre out connectivity allows customers to build a full acoustic system, including a newly available stereo subwoofer connection, and a 4-channel stereo amplification for even louder and more powerful sound reproduction.
• HD Graphical User Interface: Enhanced for safety and ease of use, it features a high-contrast Mobile ES™ color scheme while customisable wallpaper suits your vehicle and style.

XM-8ES and XM-6ES Power Amplifiers’ Feature Highlights:
• High-Resolution Audio Compatible: Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound. A range of premium circuit components work together for pitch-perfect sound reproduction, giving every road trip soundtrack it deserves.
• Powerful Sound with Astonishing Clarity: Enjoy dynamic sound from the highly efficient class-D amplifiers, boosting your in-car music, providing a variety of speaker configurations of your choice: XM-8ES (100W x 8); XM-6ES (100W x 6), both at 1 kHz and 1% THD.
• Minimal Interference Design: Sony’s expertise and long years of engineering experience with digital amplifiers has made it possible to realise a compact and powerful amplifier, with uncompromising sound quality.
• Optimised Power Blocks: The power supply block is optimally designed for low-noise, highly efficient electric power transmission, where the DC converter with a toroidal core transformer is chosen for less electro-magnetic interference. To reproduce delicate ultra-high-frequency sound, each channel block and the class-D amplification are all isolated with their own ground circuitry, minimising any signal interference.
• Select Components for Superior Sound: The upgraded inductors with OFC wires are selected for lower internal resistance and improved sound character, while the low impedance electrolytic capacitors contribute to clear and precise sound reproduction.
• High-Quality Speaker/Power Terminal: The speaker and power terminal features hex screws, providing a durable method of tightening the wire connections while accepting bare wire or wire ferrules for superior electrical performance and high-quality sound, and safe connection.
• Sturdily Built Structures: The rigid, 1.2 mm, cross-braced bottom plate reduces resonance by approximately 50% and shifts resonance peaks away from the harsh vehicle vibration frequency bands, upgrading damping performance dramatically.
• Enhanced Logical Control and Connection Placement: Controls and connections are logically placed for easy understanding and use. The carefully considered layout ensures both intuitive operation and simple installation.
• Clear Labels and Values: The redesigned control panel is logically grouped, and clearly labelled for hassle-free setup.

Pricing and Availability
The XAV-9000ES will be available in the Middle East and Africa from 18th August 2023. For a full list of specs and information, please visit:

The XM-8ES will be available in the Middle East and Africa from 18th August 2023. For a full list of specs and information, please visit:

The XM-6ES will be available in the Middle East and Africa from 16th June 2023. For a full list of specs and information, please visit:


Dubai: Hyundai Motor Company today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with two Korean government entities, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) and the Korea Fisheries Resources Agency (FIRA), in celebration of the 11th Marine Gardening Day.

This public-private partnership includes expanding the sea forests in national coastal areas where sea deforestation is severe and conducting joint research to secure a quantitative database for international recognition of seaweed as part of the coastal blue carbon.

Blue carbon ecosystems, one of the most promising climate change mitigation mechanisms, can efficiently store large amounts of carbon in soil and sediment. The partnership is expected to bring official recognition of the importance and potential of blue carbon ecosystems for carbon offset.
The collaborative effort emphasizes preserving marine ecosystems with the aim to achieve greenhouse gas reduction and biodiversity enhancement. By promoting sustainable practices and investing in carbon offset initiatives, Hyundai Motor strives to combat climate change and to protect the natural environment.
“We are proud to cooperate with our partners in recognizing the pivotal role of sea forests to nurture a vibrant ecosystem and safeguarding our oceans,” said Gang Hyun Seo, Executive Vice President and Head of Planning and Finance Division at Hyundai Motor Company. “Working closely with marine experts, we will strive towards a more sustainable future for our planet.”
Hyundai Motor will not only actively work towards the restoration and expansion of domestic sea forests through the partnership but will also be committed to taking a leading role in carbon offset activities within blue carbon ecosystems.

Hyundai Motor has set a goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2045 and is accelerating its transition to electrification while reducing carbon emissions in its supply chain. As part of its broader efforts towards this ambitious goal, the company has partnered with the non-profit organization Healthy Seas since 2021.
Together, they have been carrying out an ocean clean-up project to collect abandoned fishing nets and promote a circular economy by recycling them into sustainable products. With plans to expand its efforts in marine conservation, Hyundai Motor continues to lead the way toward a more sustainable future.

KUWAIT: Sony Middle East and Africa announced today the all-new second generation camera to the ZV-1 in the vlog camera ZV series, the ZV-1 II, which includes highly requested and popular market-leading features. With a wider angle than ZV-1, the ZV-1 II helps vloggers make more engaging storytelling with attractive photogenic image quality.

With the 1.0-type Exmor RS™ image sensor (approximately 20.1 effective megapixels), BIONZ X™ image processing engine, and ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T* 18-50mm F1.8-4 lens, the ZV-1 II allows for creators of many skill levels to enjoy sophisticated capabilities. From the 18-50mm wide angle lens which can frame everything from group selfies to narrow interiors or dynamic recordings of everyday scenes to the Multiple Face Recognition , which recognises multiple faces and automatically adjusts to keep all faces sharp and clear when taking selfie shots that include two or three people, the ZV-1 II is the advanced vlogging camera packed into a travel-size.

“The ZV-1 II is an exciting chapter for content creators and will be the go-to camera for many, including vloggers, social media influencers and short form video creators in the Middle East and Africa region. With the newest vlog camera in the ZV series, we have taken requests from various users and included features that matter most to vloggers,” says Sajeer Shamsu, Head of Digital Imaging at Sony Middle East and Africa. “We are striving to take feedback from our community to continue to expand and elevate our ZV series and the ZV-1 II does just that.”

Comprehensive Features for Vloggers & Video Content Creators
The ZV-1 II has a number of new and popular features that will empower creators to capture better content.
• Ultra-wide angle and Zoom - 18mm2 wide angle of view makes it easy to capture attractive photogenic image with the entire scene – especially when shooting selfies at arm’s length. The 18-50mm optical zoom and the Clear Image Zoom smoothly enlarges images while minimising loss of image quality to create a variety in videos by changing the angle of view.
• 1.0 type sensor with Bokeh Switch which gives beautiful bokeh by defocusing the background with a single touch.
• Intelligent 3-capsule microphone - In Auto mode, the camera recognises human faces or objects and automatically switches the direction of the built-in microphone ([Front] or [All Directions]). In Manual mode, you can select [Front] for selfies, [Rear] when shooting with narration or [All Directions]. The supplied windscreen ensures a clear recording of the speaker when outdoors. Easy to use cableless attachment to Multi Interface Shoe and a 3.5 mm microphone jack makes it easy to connect external microphones.
• Cinematic Vlog Setting function responds to the demands to easily take ambient images using a vlog camera. It enables impressive imagery at a touch. Simply tap the on-screen function icon and the camera will automatically set a CinemaScope size (2.35:1) and a frame rate of 24 fps , the same as for a cinema movie. Then finish off the work with the on-screen buttons to select from five LOOKs and four MOODs.
• Creative Look which supports 10 preset looks to suit your creative preferences and pro-level imaging features.
• Face Priority AE and Soft Skin Effect automatically and immediately detects faces and adjusts the exposure to optimise facial brightness, no matter the lighting. Soft skin effect smooths skin and facial features when filming.
• Fast Hybrid AF System - Even in high-definition 4K where precise focusing is required, the camera will keep the images sharp with the same Fast Hybrid AF system seen in α series cameras. The camera is equipped with AF Transition Speed to select the focusing speed during video recording, and AF Subject Shift Sensitivity to control the focus in line with the subject's movement and environment. In addition, the Real-time Eye AF can accurately keep focus on human or animals for both stills and movies.
• Product Showcase Setting - which delivers convenient shooting of product review videos with smooth focus transitions from your face to the item you are highlighting.
• S&Q shoot mode which allows a selection up to 5x slow or up to 60x quick motion to add impact to everyday scenes. The combination of shooting and recording frame rates can now be set on a single screen.
• ISO sensitivity spanning from 125 to 12800– allows the camera to record sharp images with less noise, even in low lighting. • Active Mode electronic image stabilisation - content can be captured while walking or in motion and is especially useful for handheld shooting . Useful for handheld Movie and Slow & Quick motion shooting.
• Built in ND filter – to reduce exposure by three stops and allow for beautiful background bokeh even in the brightest situation.

Compact and Lightweight for Easy Portability, Operability, Connectivity
The ZV-1 II is perfect for on the go; its compact and lightweight design can be easily carried in a pocket or small bag, even with its optical wide zoom lens. The ZV-1 II supports different filming styles with the vari-angle screen suitable for selfies, easy to hold body grip (or with an optional GP-VPT2BT grip), user-friendly key and control layout and the recording indicator on the front face of the body. The monitor display has been redesigned with a bold, clearly visible red frame that makes it obvious when recording is in progress. Power charge easily via a USB Type-C® connector.

For easy high-quality live streaming, simply connect the ZV-1 II to a PC or smartphone with a commercially available USB cable (not included) to use it as a webcam. Make your video more attractive in online meetings and live streaming by using Creative Look to improve the skin’s appearance and adjust the hue. Faces will appear clearer and brighter (Face Priority AE) and the eyes will be kept in focus (Real-time Eye AF).

Environmentally Friendly and Accessible Design
In addition to Sony’s commitment to a sustainable future with global initiatives like Road to Zero and the 2030 renewable energy goal, the ZV-1 II has been specifically developed with sustainability in mind. Recycled materials, including SORPLASTM , are actively used for the camera body, reducing environmental impact without sacrificing functionality. Sony's unique recycled paper "Original Blend Material", which does not use plastic and is easy to recycle, is used for individual packaging. Using materials such as bamboo, sugar cane fibre, and recycled paper collected from the market, it is both environmentally friendly and high quality.

The ZV-1 II includes accessibility features that facilitate operation in several ways, including screen reader functionality for people with visual impairments. Accessibility features allow anyone to enjoy shooting and playback. When the screen reader function is activated, text on the menu screens is read aloud. The screen reader function can be activated by turning the [Screen Reader] function in the [Setup] tab ON. Screen reader volume can be adjusted via the [Sound Options] settings. In addition to the above, the ZV-1 II includes a number of functions that assist in achieving pinpoint focus on a variety of subjects. The Real-time Eye AF can automatically recognise and focus on [Human] or [Animal], or the Real-time Tracking function. Focus Magnification, and Peaking functions make it easier to focus manually, and features like Touch Focus, Touch Tracking, and Touch Shutter let the user focus, track, and shoot simply by touching the subject on the monitor screen. ZV-1 II accessibility features (items listed in the specifications): Screen Reader, Touch AE, Focus Magnifier, Peaking Display, Real-time Eye AF, Real-time Tracking, Touch Focus, Touch Tracking, Touch Shutter, Vari-angle LCD screen and Custom function.

Pricing and Availability:
Customers can get a free wireless shooting grip (GP-VPT2BT) on prebooking now. The new ZV-1 II will be available in Kuwait from the week of June 12, 2023. For a full list of specs and information, please visit:

GROHE brand part of LIXIL, a global leader in complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, has expanded its offerings to Kuwait through its premium sub-brand GROHE SPA and GROHE Blue Pure, enabling a new level of individual expression in the bathroom and kitchen environment. Dedicated to progressive designs, fused with carefully selected colours, materials and finishes, the collection of GROHE SPA offers versatile customization options.

Mr. Alexy Bykov, Leader, Middle East, LIXIL EMENA said: “We are absolutely delighted to bring this signature range of world-class products and smart solutions to our clients in Kuwait. Transforming the bathroom into a home spa is all about creating holistic experiences that embrace the positive effects of water on the body and mind. Driven by redefining solutions, the GROHE SPA range features premium quality, cutting-edge technology, unrivalled precision, and progressive design.”

The GROHE SPA portfolio ranges from elaborate faucet collections, customizable ceiling showers and intricate ceramics to complementary accessories. It was launched at the GROHE Digital X Summit held in mid-March this year and it was presented with a water-inspired installation concept of ‘Health through Water’ in the Pinacoteca di Brera at Milan Design Week in April this year.

GROHE is also introducing GROHE Blue Pure to the market, the perfect solution for those who appreciate the natural taste of still water. The unique GROHE Blue filter technology transforms ordinary tap water into fresh clean drinking water, removing the substances that can impair the taste and quality of the water like chlorine, biocides, pesticides, limescale, microplastics, bacteria or heavy metals. Separate internal waterways keep filtered and unfiltered water separate at all times. And there is another plus: The days of lugging around heavy bottles of water are finally over.

With GROHE Blue Pure, consumers need zero plastic bottles. This is not only refreshingly easy and convenient but also helps the environment. The different GROHE Blue Pure filtration sets fit easily under the sink, and the faucets, available in different designs and finishes, still offer all the usual functions of a standard kitchen mixer, including a pull-out option.
GROHE Blue water systems is one of the GROHE product categories that showcase the commitment of the brand to saving water for a more sustainable future.
GROHE launched GROHE SPA and GROHE Blue Pure in a private industry event held at Radisson Blu in Kuwait. The event was attended by regional brand representatives including designers, architects and project developers. GROHE Blue Pure and GROHE SPA collections in limited colours are available across official retailers in Kuwait City.

Dubai, UAE: As Dubai gets ready to welcome the summer, QD’s is tenting up and preparing once again to become the ultimate fan zone of the season. When it comes to watching live sports against the stunning backdrop of the city, nothing comes close to what QD's has to offer. Standing out as the unparalleled realm of live sports, this hangout spot serves as the perfect place for sports fans to convene while they delve into a delicious feast and enjoy unique drinks while catching their favourite game.

Situated on a spacious waterfront terrace that offers a breath-taking scenery of the scintillating creek, QD’s features multiple screens that are strategically placed across the venue to ensure guests don’t miss any of the action, making it an impressive destination to impress every sports fan.

Popular amongst both residents and holiday-goers, QD’s is ready to continue welcoming guests as the weather starts to warm up. The venue is complete with a tent to keep the heat away, delectable food being served left, right, and centre, as well as signature drinks to ensure QD’s is the place to be.

Anticipate a fusion of delectable Arabic mezze, Mediterranean cuisine, seafood, and grilled dishes while catching all the latest games happening around the world at QD’s all summer long.

One of the most extravagant brunches in town, the iconic Traiteur Brunch is bringing back its summer edition due to popular demand. The Le Petit Traiteur Brunch promises an exquisite experience with unrivalled views of the city skyline on the grounds of the astounding Brasserie Du Park in Park Hyatt Dubai. La Petit Traiteur will be serving up an array of gastronomic delights with its exquisite cuisine, stunning waterfront views, and lively atmosphere, making this ideal brunch to visit all summer long.

Le Petit Traiteur Brunch boasts the same culinary excellence with a flavoursome variety of dishes with a 4-course meal served on the table starting from ‘The Beginning’ with dishes such as Comte Cheese Beignet, Angus Beef Carpaccio moving on to a unique selection of mouth-watering starters, with signature items on the menu including Le Petit Signature Cold Seafood Platter including freshly shucked Dibba Bay Oysters, Raspberry and Black Pepper Mignonette, Clams and Mussels to start the journey on the right foot.

Mains include the freshest selection of Sushi & Sashimi, as well as authentic ASADO, all paired with Truffle lemon butter sauce; or their award-winning cheese room, which is a soul-satisfying feast, making this brunch rich in culinary delights. Guests can take a stroll to the award-winning “Le Petit” Cheese Room with a selection of artisanal cheese hand sourced weekly from Europe and end the Le Petit journey in the best way possible with Traiteur’s opulent dessert bar which has any treat the heart desires.

Guests will be charmed by the live entertainment as they indulge in the lavish brunch and tuck into delectable cuisine with their loved ones. Regardless of the rising temperatures, the summer edition of Le Petit Traiteur Brunch promises a memorable afternoon in one of Dubai’s most beautiful properties, transporting guests to another world of majestic serenity.


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