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Community News

Pakistan Crecent socity hosts Eid Festival on 15-Sep-2016 at Salah Afrah Jaleeb Al Shuaikh, Kuwait Click the link Full Album  
2016-09-19 21:50:24
Jashen e Azadi Program organized by Pakistani Community in Kuwait in colubration with Embassy of Pakistan to Kuwait on 14-Aug-2016 at Crown Plaza Hotel, Kuwait Click the link for full Album  
2016-09-14 21:00:00
PBC Hosts B2B Meeting for Gujranwala Business Delegation 4-Sep-2016 at Crown Plaza Hotel, Kuwait Click the link for full Album  
2016-09-03 21:00:00
Pakistan Christian society Celebrates Independence Day on 01-Sep-2016 at Pakistan English School & College Jaleeb Al Shauaikh, Kuwait the program was sponsored by Pakistan Business Counsal and Pakistan Business Center Click the link for full Album
2016-08-31 21:00:00
پاکستان بزنس کونسل اور پاکستان بزنس سنٹر کویت كے زيراهتمام ايك خوبصورت جشن آزادی پروگرام مارینا ہال جلیب الشیوخ کویت     Click the link below for full Album      
2016-08-12 21:57:43

Embassy News

The Embassy of Pakistan in Kuwait is holding an event to mark "Kashmir Black Day on Thursday 27th October, 2016 at 1530 hours at Embassy. Pakistani community can join the event.
2016-10-24 06:29:11
Embassy of Pakistan to Kuwait: They discussed ways and means to enhance bilateral cooperation with special reference to employment of Pakistanis in Kuwait. The Ambassador underlined the need to lift visa restrictions on Pakistan nationals. In this regard, as a first step Minister proposed that a bilateral area specific MoU can be worked out between the Labour Ministries of the two countries whereas professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Managers, Teachers and Lawyers etc., can be hired to work for different companies and projects in Kuwait. The Ambassador also briefed the Minister on the prevailing situation in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, highlighting gross human rights violations and atrocities being committed by the Indian ...
2016-10-13 13:11:57
Embassy of Pakistan in Kuwait: The Ambassador gave detailed briefing to the Speaker on the latest developments in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and the evolving situation in the region followed by gross Line of Control ceasefire violations by the Indian forces. The Ambassador highlighted gross human rights violations in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The Ambassador also briefed the Speaker on Indian subversive activities and State sponsored terrorism in Pakistan especially in Balochistan and FATA.   The meeting also focused on ways to enhancing bilateral cooperation specially between the two parliaments.
2016-10-13 07:18:13

Pakistan News

QUETTA: Two more Congo virus cases were reported as two patients were found affected with Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) today.   According to details, two patients, one hailing from ...
2016-08-26 10:18:18
اسلام آباد (سٹاف رپورٹر+ نیٹ نیوز+ نوائے وقت رپورٹ) دفتر خارجہ نے کہا ہے کہ بھارتی وزیراعظم نریندر مودی نے بلوچستان کے بارے میں جو نازیبا بیان دیا تھا صوبے کے عوام نے بھرپور احتجاجی مظاہروں کے ذریعے ...
2016-08-26 10:12:36
  Pakistan Army soldiers have won an international sniping and shooting competition in Beijing, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said Thursday.   According to an ISPR statement, the team ...
2016-08-26 10:03:41

International News

RIYADH (AFP): With pumping hip hop beats and electrifying dancers, Saudi Arabia has launched what’s being hailed as an entertainment revolution for the ultra-conservative kingdom, which usually ...
2016-10-10 07:01:55
DUBAI (RTRS): An air strike on a funeral gathering, widely blamed on Saudi-led warplanes, poses more trouble for a Western-backed Arab campaign against Yemen’s Houthis that has long been criticised ...
2016-10-10 06:58:21
WASHINGTON: The United States is ready to send around 600 troops to Iraq to train local forces for an upcoming offensive on the Islamic State group stronghold of Mosul, US officials told AFP on ...
2016-10-02 10:32:12
CHARLOTTE: Streets appeared calm early yesterday in downtown Charlotte after a second night of violent protests over the deadly police shooting of a black man, although at least three major ...
2016-09-23 12:18:14

Sports News

RIO DE JANEIRO: Six-time Olympian Fehaid Al-Deehani battled wet and blustery conditions to win the gold medal in the men’s double trap event yesterday. The 49-year-old Kuwaiti, competing under the ...
2016-08-11 08:01:13
LAHORE: Pakistan's sporting decline has left the nation that once prided itself on producing the world's best hockey and squash players facing up to an Olympics for which none of its athletes have ...
2016-07-15 12:37:23
LAHORE: After a long delay of around eight years owing to lack of consistent policies and complete indifference, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has finally launched its own biomechanics lab that ...
2016-05-24 08:31:26

Cooking Recipies

Ingredients 10 chicken legs (whole) with barbeque cuts (skin off)1 cup yogurt2 to 3 tbsp. red chili powder (or to taste)Salt to taste6 to 8 tbsp. lemon juice½ tsp. ajwain (carom seeds) roasted and ...
2015-08-05 12:28:13
Ingredients 3 to 4 lbs. mutton (leg meat)3 mugs basmati rice6 oz. to 10 oz. oil2 ½ to 3 large onions, sliced4 teaspoons freshly chopped garlic and garlicSalt to tasteRed chillie powder to taste10 ...
2015-08-02 11:08:22
Beef when combines with spices, yogurt and lemon juice it makes a perfect treat for everyone. Warm up the family and friends with scrumptious Beef Malai Boti. Ingredients Beef boti ½ ...
2015-05-23 12:50:59

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